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Carmen Nguyen never knew her father Langston Blue an army sergeant presumably killed in Vietnam Enlisting the help of Denver's CJ Floyd a streetwise African American bail bondsman and Vietnam vet and Flora Jean Benson CJ's new partner Carmen charts a course to find her father—a complex dangerous course that untangles a decades old mystery involving the disappearance of Amerasian war babies illegal US paramilitary operations yellow journalism and governmental double crosses In the process of resurrecting and reconstructing her father's past Carmen CJ and Flora Jean find themselves facing a treacherous life threatening assignment as they follow a trail of double deals blueprints for genetic cleansing Vietnamese racism political corruption and power grabs that leads all the way to the halls of the US Senate

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    In Robert Greer's latest novel bail bondsman CJ Floyd journeys down Memory Lane to revisit the atrocities of the Viet Nam conflict CJ is retained by a recently engaged Amerasian to locate her father Langston Blue who has seuestered himself in the remote hills of West Virginia after his discharge from the Army nearly 35 years before Coincidentally a botched assassination attempt on Blue's life forces him to Denver to attempt to locate his long lost daughter at around the same time that the city mourns the recent murder of a popular congressman Floyd uickly discovers that the dead congressman is Blue's former suad leader from his old Army unit The plot thickens when the police connect Blue to the murder Floyd's role turns defensive as he searches for clues to prove Blue's innocence and discovers evidence of political corruption covert military death suads shady journalism and suspicions of ethnic cleansing The plot is further complicated by conflicts in Floyd's romantic relationship with long time girlfriend Mavis his desire to retire and a vengeful ex convict who blames Floyd for her brother's death and is out to exact her revenge on Floyd and his loved ones This was my first time reading a CJ Floyd mystery and I found the story to be engaging and suspenseful; albeit a bit lengthy and heavy on dialogue Nonetheless I think fans of the series will be delighted with this offering

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    Bail bondsman and reluctant bounty hunter CJ Hunter wants to know who almost killed him and also is ferreting out the details of who is trying to kill Langston Blue It seems to all be tied in to Langston's time in Vietnam Not a bad story I might have to read some of the books in this series This seems to be the first one according to his websitePICK NIT On page 376 what is up with Jimmy Moc replacing the timing chain in the middle of some acreage after his little fender bender? It seems to me if you damaged the timing chain you got bigger problems to deal with Maybe he just decided to do it while the radiator was out

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    Well written Relatively good mystery book Not great but Okay