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Some really good stories, and some not so good Did like the country of the blind, not overly long though it could have been made into a novel There are hints of themes and ideas in his later and longer works.Have to admit I prefer his longer works. Country of the Blind is one of those what if stories that sci fi is so great at In this case the question is what would you give up for love The answer apparently is not my eyes. Another foray into my attempt to get to grips with audio The Country of the Blind was a good story with an excellent ending, 4 stars However Under the Knife was a load of wanky musings on death and the ether in typical Victorian style Because H.G Wells was a very good writer, the story merely seemed adolescent and pompous in the way Pink Floyd s music could sound If he hadn t been able to write, then the adjective pompous would have sufficed 2 stars. Twenty three short stories from H.G Wells, written early on in the writing career of Herbert George Wells was the quintessential Englishman and this Penguin Classic collection of stories, mostly with English settings are late nineteenth century creations Even so, over a century later, they have a timeless quality that sustained my interest.I m not a great reader of fiction but The Country of the Blind Selected Stories are so very well written and concise that in these tales of mystery and imagination there is something of interest for most.Wellsian characters, some glimpses of his later science fiction novels, futuristic visions, tales of horror, the fantastic and some purely tongue in cheek fun narrative. This edition has a strangely truncated table of contents, so I ll have to expand it myself.I ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS by the editor, who also wrote the Introduction.II BIOGRAPHICAL PREFACE I wish I hadn t read this I don t really want biographical information about an author, unless it s a literary biography, covering only the stories in the book, and the circumstances under which they were written.III INTRODUCTION with footnotes Again, most of this stuff seems to me to fall under the category of none of my business.IV NOTE ON THE TEXT While this is a traditional part of classical literature, I would say it was than a little nitpicky V SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY Is this edition intended as a class text If it s not, why all the researcher s info VI A CHRONOLOGY OF H G WELLS Here, too Falls under the heading of too much background.VII YET ANOTHER MORE DETAILED TABLE OF CONTENTSVIII THE JILTING OF JANE This story at least admits the humanity of household servants But it seems unable to recognize that there could come a time when nobody but the very rich would have any servants.IX THE CONE This is an ugly story, in many respects It smacks of the style of architecture known as Brutalism , in which all the undergirdings are emphasized and outlined Such techniques may have a sort of grandeur, but no true beauty Endoskeleton on the INSIDE, please Also, the murderer is a particularly cruel psychopath.X THE STOLEN BACILLUS More slander against anarchists The terrorists of their day, it was simply necessary to use the word anarchist to stereotype all of the derogated class as unthinkingly violent, if not downright stupid.XI THE FLOWERING OF THE STRANGE ORCHID Audrey II XII IN THE AVU OBSERVATORY At the time, it may have seemed plausible to posit unknown large vertebrates in some parts of the world Not so plausible nowadays, or course.XIII AEPYORNIS ISLAND So what s an AEpyornis A now extinct as of 1773 ratite bird, aka the elephant bird The notion that it might not be quite as extinct as described isn t quite so farfetched as all that or wasn t at the time Now, with its native habitat of Madagascar losing soil at such a rate that from space, it seems to be hemorrhaging, it s rather less likely As for whether the creature would be implacably violentwell, some ratites are known to be hostile, and some are not In Australia, for example, I was told that an emu CAN kick you to death, and a cassowary WILL Was the AEpyornis as aggressive as a cassowary Maybe.XIV THE REMARKABLE CASE OF DAVIDSON S EYES Was Davidson actually seeing a sunken ship thousands of miles away Personally I prefer Zenna Henderson s version, but then I usually DO prefer her version, if there is one.XV THE LORD OF THE DYNAMOS This is pure racist and imperialist propaganda XVI THE MOTH Is the moth only Hawkins can see a vengeful ghost, an equally vengeful reincarnation, or just his own guilty conscience XVII THE TREASURE IN THE FOREST Botaniphobia the fear of plants seems, for some reason, to be commonest in the British Especially this is true, it seems, of the fear of TROPICAL plants.XVIII THE STORY OF THE LATE MR ELVESHAM Think Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin in All of Me Except that in this case, the transmigration of souls is reciprocal and is part of a plot for immortality.XIX UNDER THE KNIFE The sort of near death experience one has varies, based on what is known This astrogation story has not aged well, because we now know much But at the time, it would have made a handy little lesson in what was known astronomically.XX THE SEA RAIDERS I never have understood what people find so fearsome in cephalopods There never has been, so far as I know, any authoritative account of violence against humans by octopoids In fact, except for a few grainy photos and films, no one has ever even SEEN a living giant squid Interesting sidenote when I googled the supposed species name, one of the images was of a suspended sculpture I ve walked under many times.XXI THE OBLITERATED MAN The man in question is in serious need of a shrink, I d say And fast, too.XXII THE PLATTNER STORY This is the story Dorothy L Sayers was referring to in her short story The Image in The Mirror Plattner is said to have had his internal organs rearranged by travel through an alternate dimension But where are the previous records XXIII THE RED ROOM The Red Room is said to be haunted, and few observers disagree But the question is, haunted by WHAT XXIV THE PURPLE PILEUS By golly, you were right They ARE toadstools Or magic mushrooms, maybe Note, by the way, that what s troubling the man is that the women are behaving like human beings, and not like footstoolsXXV A SLIP UNDER THE MICROSCOPE Talk about your high stakes testing A man makes a mistake, confesses it, and is ruined thereby.XXVI THE CRYSTAL EGG Is, it seems, a remote imaging device But what if it s two way XXVII THE STAR A fairly implausible Doomsday scenario Not that it couldn t happen, of course Just that it wouldn t be a surprise people would have known about it centuries ago, and would have had quite a bit of lead time to work out a solution Now if it were an impactor we re still cataloging the PHOs Potentially Hazardous Objects , and there s still a substantial risk that we d miss one It only has to happen once, after all Or a couple of times, for subcritical, Tunguska size objects.XXVIII THE MAN WHO COULD WORK MIRACLES So why doesn t he just ask for what he needs an understanding of what the consequences of actions are ahead of time XXIX A VISION OF JUDGEMENT It s not the grand, destructive sins that cause people the trouble it s the petty, embarrassing ones Sigh Anyway, Game Over and let s try this one time, okay XXX JIMMY GOGGLES THE GOD I kept trying to make goggles a verb Another bit of racist, imperialist trash I see this, and raise it with a picture I once saw balloonists were making descensions into and ascencions out of sacred cenotes in northern South America The local people had never seen a hot air balloon yet the children were coming out to act as ground crews and they were wearing Incredible Hulk T shirts.XXXI MISS WINCHELSEA S HEART Miss Winchelsea is the leader of a village women s group from the UK who are traveling abroad on a once in a lifetime trip She s looking for romance, as well as Italian art One out of two ain t bad, I suppose.XXXII A DREAM OF ARMAGEDDON A man dreams that a fatal battle is or will be his fault Classic responsibility dream, I d say I often dream myself that the universe will end if I don t do something I m not sure I can Does this mean it s likely to happen Well, it hasn t so far As for the notion that a society civilized enough to have abolished war, but that still hasn t abandoned apparently meaningless relationship taboos, to the point where they will strip someone of influence and power if the transgressor fails to conformI d like to say I think that it s absurd And it is, of course But that doesn t necessarily mean it won t happen.XXXIII THE VALLEY OF SPIDERS Arachnophobia redux XXXIV THE NEW ACCELERATOR Many of these stories are the sort of It makes a hell of a mess, and we don t have to clean it up ourselves type Why SHOULD people take a drug that enables them to move much faster than before Leaving aside the problems with navigation All right, you can GO faster You may even be able to THINK faster But what about inertia and momentum , what would be GAINED thereby We re ALREADY doing things too fast, as it is.XXXV THE TRUTH ABOUT PYECRAFT This is much about the emotional problems of the sadistic, fat shaming narrator than anything about Pyecraft Out of interest, if the narrator s family has an antigravity formula, why aren t they USING it for things like spacecraft XXXVI THE MAGIC SHOP I m less worried about the existence of the shop than about the judgmental attitudes of its keepers.XXXVII THE EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Well, Kendrick, still think I m an alarmist Actually, I do About a dozen gorillas marching with clubs isn t really that scary, come right down to it And in this story, army ants are already scary enough But if they can communicate by gestalt, and develop into intelligent colonies tell me again why that s sure to be a bad thing XXXVIII THE DOOR IN THE WALL A boy begins having visions of a door in a wall Except for the first time, he can t go through into the Elysian community on the other side of the door, because he has duties in our world But finally, he chooses the door right in the middle of a political campaign The surprise ending isn t, much.XXXIX THE COUNTRY OF THE BLIND In said country, the one eyed man is a freak, of uncertain value There are two versions of this story in this volume the second is Appendix 2 In both versions it s argued that the natives of the Country of The Blind have lost something irreplaceable Around the same time the original version came out, Tesla was arguing that intelligence is a product of light, because we learn about the cosmos almost SOLELY by means of sight Tesla himself was a little uneasy about this argument, because after all, was Homer not intelligent Was Helen Keller Tesla was only tentatively able to resolve the conundrum by arguing that, all right, blind people CAN be intelligent but only because they re the descendants of people who could see not a particularly convincing argument Cf Varley s Persistence of Vision, for example And I myself realized pretty early on that people with hypersensitive perceptions might not be able to distinguish signal from noise or at least, not easily There s a story in that, but I ve never been able to finish it The intolerance is not all on one side, of course The inhabitants of the Country of The Blind ALSO don t seem to be able to tolerate difference.XL THE BEAUTIFUL SUIT The man who wears the beautiful suit seems to be a little less than fully topped up He s fatally delusional and I m not so sure it matters whether he dies happy.XLI APPENDIX 1 WELLS ORIGINAL INTRODUCTION TO THE COUNTRY OF THE BLIND, AND OTHER STORIES 1911 Wells discusses the problems with short story writing, and his selection process for the first edition of the anthology.XLII APPENDIX 2 THE 1939 VERSION OF THE COUNTRY OF THE BLIND In a late life bid for kingship, Wells introduces a massive rockslide avalanche to the story Given the timing, it s not surprising Wells was a bit paranoid In fearful situations, sensible people are afraid What IS a little surprising is that he assumes his own fore sight is significantly better than other people s Having read other essays, stories, etc from the time, I think he may have been underestimating people Anyway, a warning s not much use unless you can propose a solution, even if all that amounts to is a Pythonesque Run Away , surely Like Edgar Allan Poe, the imaginative and eerie plot lines of Wells astounds me And if his story lines don t get to you, then his writing style might He is a master of science fiction, as these six stories attest to The title story deals with a group of people who have become isolated from the rest of the world in a secluded valley Over time they have lost the ability to see After many generations they have forgotten all about what it is to see it becomes a ability that is nonsensical to them Their world however becomes challenged when an explorer stumbles upon their little world.The Star deals with a space disaster that sends Neptune hurtling towards the sun Will it hit earth The Accelerator is a comical story about what it would be like if we can move faster than everyone else, and The Knife is a vivid description of a near death experience The other two stories are good as well This little Dover edition is edited by Martin Gardner He has always been a favorite author of mine, with many books dealing with science and the debunking of junk science He has a nice Afterward. A slim little collection, quick and fun, done before I got tired of them I ve never read Wells before I know , and I was pleasantly surprised There is a little bit of adjustment required style so different from modern writing , but once I settled in I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.There s a good chance I ll pick up some Wells in the future Holds up remarkably well given the date of origin Excerpt from the introduction by Wells no short story of mine of the slightest merit is excluded from this volume Many of very questionable merit find a place it is an inclusive and not an exclusive gathering It s nice of Wells to warn us that these stories are of variable quality, which is true My favorite stories in this collection were The Country of the Blind The Story of the Late Mr Elvesham The Magic Shop The Lord of the Dynamos