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This book has earned its way into being called a classic of children s early readers Still in print after than twenty years, it s a story that will never age Briefly telling the true story of a sled dog relay that travelled from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska to save the people of Nome from an outbreak of diphtheria in 1925 The story plays on the emotions by focusing on a family with two sick children and then telling the story of Balto, the lead dog of the last team which made heroic strides through a blizzard to go further than any other team to make to Nome just in time to save lives An exciting story with cute illustrations of the dogs showing them with a slight puppy look that is sure to delight dog lovers and impress readers with the fact that this really happened I have an old original copy of the book which is labeled Step 2, however the book now is published as part of the Step 3 line. 3.5 stars Last in the little stack of books I bought for my niece for her birthday A true story of a sled dog relay that brought urgently needed medicine to a town in Nome, Alaska in 1925 This is a Level 3 book in Random House s Step into Reading series When my niece s teacher said level 3 books, I think this level 3 is what she probably had in mind The writing style is simplistic, and sentences are often broken midway, making it feel choppy, but I think this style will benefit those just starting to read on their own, offering stopping points and the reward of finishing a line of text frequently than a traditional paragraph This book was originally published in 1989, and I think recent books have better flow without sacrificing text that s appropriate to new readers, but I still think this one is worthwhile.The story has some adventure and excitement, without being scary Relative to movies and TV shows, it will likely feel rather mild But the elements of a good plot are there high stakes, powerful motivation, and a series of adversities for the hero to overcome Plus, the hero is a dog Who can resist that Plus, as it s based on history, you can Google image search and find photos of the real Balto as well as Balto himself, whose remains are on display in a museum, so be prepared to explain taxidermy Balto Has A Quiet Life As A Sled Dog Until Tragedy Strikes Dozens Of Children In Nome Become Sick With Diphtheria Without Antitoxin Serum, They Will Perish And The Closest Supply Is Miles Away The Only Way To Get The Serum To Nome Is By Sled, But Can The Dogs Deliver It In Time Heading Bravely Into A Brutal Blizzard, Balto Leads The Race For LifeIllus In Full Color This is the first chapter book that I ever read and it still holds a special place in my heart During summer break, after kindergarten, I picked this up and struggled my way through it I was captivated by the setting and the character of Balto and, for the first time, I really enjoyed reading something by myself I owe at least a portion of my love of books now to this book from all those years ago. Easy to read and a good story The artwork was beautiful and well done. Yes, this is a children s book for learning how to read chapter books BUT this is definitely one of my favorite children s books What kid wouldn t want to be a part of a dog sled team This book is a good, very short, but informative about the sled dog, Balto. I enjoyed this book because I liked the part when Gunnar and Balto got the medecine I didn t like this book because I didn t like the part when Balto got stuck in the snow. A real page turner My almost 7 year old read the whole thing all at once She was familiar with the story from Magic Treehouse Next time we go to NYC we are going to visit the Balto statue This is not fine literature, but I usually find these learn to read books dull and this one tells a compelling story of a dog in Alaska who helps rescue a town by delivering medicine during a blizzard My dog fearing 4 year old enjoyed listening to it and the author does a good job of describing the dangers of diptheria the book is set in 1925 without scaring the bejeebers out of kids I wish early readers were as interesting to adults. A real hit for my early reader Mom enjoyed it too A captivating true adventure story, smartly written so it didn t feel watered down to a specific reading level.