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Imagine A Life Of Virtual Reality A Childhood Contained In A Controlled Environment, With No Human Contact Or Experiences Outside Of The World Of Computer Generated ImagesCorgan Has Been Genetically Engineered By The Federation For Quick Reflexes, High Intelligence, And Physical Superiority Everything Corgan Is, Everything He Has Ever Seen Or Done, Was To Prepare Him For One Moment A Bloodless, Computer Controlled Virtual WarWhen Corgan Meets His Two Fellow Warriors, He Begins To Question The Federation Now Corgan Must Decide Where His Loyalties Lie, What He S Willing To Fight For, And Exactly What He Wants In Return His Decisions Will Affect Not Only These Three Virtual Warriors, But All The People Left On Earth

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    3.5 5 Below I m going to state the pros and cons of this book Cons 1 The characters weren t fleshed out enough I never connected with any of them, and this may have been because the book was so short under 200 pages 2 The pacing was way slower than the reviews on the inside flap had claimed Additionally, it took some time to get into 3 Lastly, some of the plot points seemed slightly convenient to the progression of the story, which may have accounted for some of the plot holes introduced So, you may be wondering why I gave this book such a respectable rating considering the amount of problems I had with it I mean after all 3.5 rounded to a 4 is pretty highPros 1 The book was just overall very enjoyable and fun 2 The world was fascinating and the whole war aspect was really compelling 3 Finally, the ending was incredibly executed and really made me look forward to the sequel.

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    I read this way backprobably close to when it came out in 1997 or 98 as a kid checking it out of my school s library And what is funny is that so much has stuck with me I had forgotten the name and author, and the characters names, but i vivdly remeber the war game, the three roles of the players the ending, the time when the main character broke the rules to see life on the outside of his box I look forward to rereading this soon, and to catch up on the sequels.

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    14 year old Corgan has sepent his whole life in his Box where he has been raised by Mendor, a computer program who appears as both loving Mother and stern Father He has been genetically engineered to have fast reflexes so he and his team can win the virtual war to settle the claims to ownership of the Isles of Hiva Sharla, also 14, is a code breaking expert and Mutant Brig has a genius intellect and is the Strategist Corgan has never has physical contact with another human being until Sharla breaks the code to open his door without anyone knowing The three meet and begin to explore the domed city and decide how they should proceed They discover secrets and must learn to trust one another When they are caught outside their Boxes, they are placed in Reprimand Brig decides to ask for a reward if they win the War This motivates the teammates to try their hardest but Corgan especially is sickened by what he sees in the war practice When the day of the War arrives, each of the three must makes decisions that have far reaching consequences I didn t like the book as much as I thought I would Sharla seemed a little too scheming and dishonest It felt like she was manipulating Corgan who was so innocent I found out I was right after I finished the sequel.

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    I really liked this book Gloria is from Salt Lake so I wondered if she was Mormon Her book was very much like what I want to do as well While she used ly words though very rarely actually I had to look for them almost it was her writing that was great it was succinct and to the point She didn t have a lot of miscellaneous stuff she stayed in the present which made everything easy to grasp Also, it was kind of like a mix of Enders Game and Brave New World, so it was a fascinating storyline She had really good explanations for why things were the way they were even when I wasn t wondering, she provided an explanation and she did it so seamlessly The whole book had a great rhythm to it only 150 pages, but unlike Indigara, it had a ton of substance and plot and it was extremely easy to read through It left everything answered at the end and at the same time, has just enough to get me excited to read the sequel, The Clones which is even tailored to what I am writing about.

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    This book gave me nightmares Another wonderful sci fi dystopia book I love it This book is up there with The City Of Ember, The Hunger Games, and The Giver for me It is sooo sad though.

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    Good guy book and a way to start into harder science fiction Good freshmen read.

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    A quicker, easier to read story in the genre typified by Orson Cart s Ender s Game.Suitable for tweens who may find the Ender chronology hard to read Despite it being already 20 years old, this look at a future world raises many relevant points for young people today to discuss and think about.

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    Virtual War is hard to categorize It s dystopian fiction in the sense that the main character is subject to an oppressive regime in a post apocalyptic world It s unclear whether that reigns true for the masses, who largely live in tight knit, utilitarian communities devoid of much luxury The main character, Corgan, has lived all his fourteen years in a gilded cage by comparison His days and nights are spent in a box, with virtual walls that can show him anywhere and be anything, including his holographic mentor and motherfigure, but can t connect him with reality Reality is purposefully distorted, visually and figuratively, to prevent Corgan from thinking, doing, saying or feeling much else besides what They want They is a colloquial term used for the ruling council of the city state in which Corgan resides, an important center for the upcoming virtual war for which Corgan is being trained, but They are used so frequently and bluntly in the story that They take on a personality of their own, distinct from the council It s a clever concept to dehumanize characters that never willingly show Their humanity to Corgan in the first place As the book has Corgan meeting his eventual teammates for the war ahead, his perfect world unravels by mischief of Sharla and the genius of Brig Corgan s interaction with them is both raw and realistic, and the he spends time with his new teammates, the the illusion built around him shatters The result is spellbinding, the author builds up enough of Corgan s world for him to tear down, and the process by which he does it carries the reader along gracefully without any hiccups Having read one of the sequels, I wouldn t recommend venturing further into the story, the writing quality suffers significantly after this book Still, alone this book is a towering masterpiece of middle grade fiction, and still enjoyable by adults for the clever riddle of oppression and disillusion it presents.

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    The premise had some potential, I think Had I been a kid in middle school, around 6th or 7th grade, I would have gobbled this up The story is weak, though, so even then, I don t think it would have held up to my preteen sci fi connoisseur scrutiny.I m often a bit annoyed by cliches in futuristic books, and this book had plenty of them Hovercars, special one piece suits, virtual reality, genetic engineering, synthetic foods, and futuristic material that molds itself into different shapes Sorry, I m going to need something a little imaginative and original On top of that, it reminded me too much of Ender s Game, and pales in comparison to it.Seriously, I just felt like it was a huge ball of cliches from greater sci fi books and movies Descriptions could have been better as well The games Corgan played were important to the story, and the war game was very important However, I felt like I couldn t picture it at all Such a shame.

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    I would describe this book as basically an easier, not as good version of Ender s Game It takes place in a future that has been ravaged by super diseases and where the three major world super powers have agreed to engage in a virtual war over some uncontaminated islands Three genetically engineered young people have been raised and trained their entire life to fight the war Corgan with super precision, dexterity, and timing, Sharla a code breaking wiz kid, and ten year old Brig who is physically deformed but strategically brilliant The three begin to discover the truth about the world they live in, learn to trust each other and fight together, and discover what is most important to them The novel is a short, easy read with interesting characters and some violence I d recommend it to upper elementary and middle school students that like dystopias or video games Also, the old cover for this one is pretty horrible, so try to get past that.