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Errol is awakened again by a strange prank caller asking for him by name and claiming to be his father who has been dead for several years It feels like a surreal call from the grave until Erroll hears the unmistakable sound of a handset being put down on a table Curious and not a little unnerved he sneaks into the graveyard where his father is buried What he finds there will change his life forever But once Errol's been touched by the Wave a presence infecting the planet can anything be the same again?With the bold imagination that made Blue Light a bestseller Walter Mosley returns to science fiction with a novel both eerie and transcendent

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    I hadn't picked up a Walter Mosley book in about a decade having read trough a few early Easy Rawlin's mysteries Devil in a Blue Dress White Butterfly etc but moved on When I found this in a bookstore I couldn't resist seeing how Mr Mosley would tackle science fictionEarly on I had a problem digesting his prose style I thought it was strange and forced as if he was fighting off his hard boiled schtick but Mosley's prose is nothing if not propulsive and after a while you let it pull you through the bookThe form on display is the type of science fiction that is allegorical than science based soft science fiction like Phil Dick's or Ursula LeGuin His main character Errol finds that his father has returned from the grave but as a young man who claims he has emerged from the wave The Department of Homeland Security will have nothing of this and captures Errol suspecting he may be 'infected' by the wave You see while the inhabitants of the wave look like us they are almost indestructible having a very different cellular makeup and communicate on a cellular level making them de facto dangerous to the head of the DHS team an insane plastic surgeon Don't let my description send you running the other way while it seems like a clunky premise and sometimes it is Mosely truly does have a way with words and characters and while The Wave is a bit thin in every respect it is an engaging dramatic and fun readThe other notable fact is that Mosley is one of the increasingly less rare African American writers currently tackling science fiction another practitioner the great Octavia Butler sadly passed away a couple of years ago

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    A different take on an old science fiction theme The writing was a bit of a mess though

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    Walter Mosley is an author who is known for his crime and mystery fiction I had read a couple of his crime books back in the day and had no idea that he wrote science fiction until I heard about it on a podcast I think it was Christopher Golden who mentioned his genre work on Three Guys with Beards I am not sure I got the book he suggested as an example but I saw the The Wave on the shelf at the library so I jumped on itThe Wave is a strange sci fi novel and I went into it totally cold not even reading the dust jacket before starting I think the mystery is the best part of the novel and for the first 80 pages I was super into it The I learned the less interesting the story was for me The main character is Errol who is one year into a divorce while he has a new love he is still fragile The novel opens when he is getting a mysterious series of phone calls It's cold Naked He thinks he knows the voice and the mystery deepens when he hears and word The voice that sounds like his father calls him by the nickname only he used The reason that is strange is his father has been dead for nine years The voice wants help and asks him to come to the cemetery the same one he had buried his father in nine years earlier When he gets there he finds a young man naked and alone Without basic skills the thing about this man he calls XT is he is a dead ringer for his father but younger That mystery was masterfully set up with a raised eyebrow I was very interested in what was happening in the book Once the details were laid out in the story I was not as interested in the concepts that drove the storyMosley tells a tale that doesn't have much science in it the themes are allegorical which is odd for a book that is told with a minimalist prose style The biggest weakness to mean are the characters like Errol whose is our voice is paper thin the most interesting character is his resurrected father GT who falls out of the story for way to long At this point we have to suffer through a government conspiracy story line that was far less interesting None the less I still enjoyed the book over all and want to read Mosley The characters and the general voice were interesting and carried me through It is a short book that is overloaded with ideas Without spoilers the concept mixes hippie like Gaia worship with supernatural elements that might have benefited from a wider scope

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    The phone rings waking you in the middle of the night The voice on the other end claims he is cold and lost The connection is broken Next night same thing but the words are repeated several times The voice sounds familiar The next night a longer conversation with a few complete sentences The voice sounds familiar He claims to be your father He knows things only your father would know But Nine years earlier you held your father's hand and watched him die after a long struggle with cancerSo begins Walter Mosley's sci fi novel The Wave Rather than go in the obvious direction of zombies or vampires Mosley constructs what appears to my totally amateur science mind to be a plausible scenario involving a meteor DNA and an ancient life formHow he develops his characters and moves the narrative along is pure Mosley always literary always insightful never boring But far far from his usual Easy Rawlins post WWII LA based murder mystery

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    The first 100 pages of this short book are really compelling and tightly focused on Erroll his new girlfriend and his mystery caller I was totally hooked And then it just explodes into this high concept not really alien invasion plot line with kidnappings murder trippy dreamscapes and body snatching It feels like just too much stuff for the other 100 or so pages and my brain to handle and makes the book feel unbalanced there's definitely an interesting message I just wish the author had taken time to develop it

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    It is a short and pleasing science fantasy almost an extended comic book that puts an ordinary man into a fantastic situation adds in some evil government scientists some soldiers and an extra terrestrial ancient power to create one wild battle of wits Highly enjoyable

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    For the past few nights Errol Porter has been harassed by strange crank phone calls One night the caller says that he is Errol’s father In the middle of the night Errol breaks into the cemetery where his father was buried several years previously There he finds GT who looks talks and acts like a younger healthier version of his father Errol takes him home for a shower and a change of clothes if nothing else Errol’s girlfriend Nella thinks that is a bad ideaAlong the way GT tells Errol things about his family and about growing up that no one else could know Errol’s first thought was that his father had another family and this is his illegitimate son GT also points Errol to a handwritten confession written many years previously Errol’s mother was having an affair with a local man Errol’s father murdered the man and buried him under their garage where his body is found Slowly but surely Errol is convinced One night GT disappears and Errol thinks that this is the end of the storyThat is until Errol is kidnapped by government agents and taken to a secret facility There he is shown hundreds of people risen from the dead all with amazing powers of recuperation He watches as what looks like a six year old girl regenerates an arm that has just been amputated The head of the facility Dr Wheeler is convinced that this is the beginning of some sort of alien invasion GT returns and Errol learns that millions of years ago a cellular intelligence came to Earth via a meteor It recently found a life form it can use dead people and wants to peacefully coexist with the people of Earth It also wants to give humans a storehouse of ancient wisdom which looks a lot like a pool of black slime But all Dr Wheeler can hear is Alien InvasionMosley may be better known as a mystery writer than a science fiction writer but this is a really good science fiction story It’s a very contemporary tale with just enough Stephen King and Arthur C Clarke in it This is a pretty fast read that will keep the reader’s interest

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    Maybe there is a rule to it that when a male author reaches a certain age he no longer feels any compunction about hiding his sexual fantasies loosely tied to his stories Or maybe it has to do with how established the author is Or maybe it is just a sign of the times Mosley thrusts erections and climaxes into a thinly written story for no plot driven reason and without an ounce of character developmentThere may be something here but Mosley loses most of his credibility by having a narrator who admits to not having the skills to describe his adventure and experiences Seriously Walter? Then why let him tell the story? The Wave reads like a second draft of an ambitious story that instead served to fulfill a book contract Mosley keeps fighting his own pacing throws in female characters to either desire the protagonist's penis or be forbidden from doing so as family and does little to fulfill the promise of his premiseOn the other hand it is short Takes almost no time to read

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    If you think Walter Mosley only writes mysteries and period pieces think again His 2006 title The Wave is billed as SF but I found it closer to absurdist literature both in theme and style In this contemporary story Errol Porter is awakened by phone calls and the caller sounds like his deceased father Amazed concern leads him to find this person and then Errol is involved in mysterious circumstances that alienate him from his real world As with absurdist pieces I've recently read Field of Honor and American Desert the death aspect is prominent as is the threat from the official American military and important scenes taking place beneath the earth Mosley's writing is his usual high standard with well drawn characters The ending seemed a bit rushed

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    Errol Porter gets phone call from someone who sounds like his long dead father This sets off a bizarre and deadly chain of events that is a little hard to swallow I know it's Sci Fi but usually I can conceive of the concept being purported I couldn't uite see it in this book because how could the little entities have seen the dinosaurs and the cavemen and the whole development of the earth when they were in the earth emerging towards the top of the earth but still traveling in the rock? I didn't uite get it although I liked the ending where the friend became the enemy and the enemy the friend