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It is the Summer of Love and Easy Rawlins is contemplating robbing an ard car It's farther outside the law than Easy has ever traveled but his daughter Feather needs a medical treatment that costs far than Easy can earn or borrow in time And his friend Mouse tells him it's a cinch Then another friend Saul Lynx offers a job that might solve Easy's problem without jail time He has to track the disappearance of an eccentric prominent attorney His assistant of sorts the beautiful Cinnamon Cargill is gone as well Easy can tell there is much than he is being told Robert Lee his new employer is as suspect as the man who disappeared But his need overcomes all concerns and he plunges into unfamiliar territory from the newfound hippie enclaves to a vicious plot that stretches back to the battlefields of Europe

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    An angrier than usual Easy Rawlins in order to raise uick cash for his daughter’s medical treatment in Switzerland agrees to work for a private eye based in San Francisco This is the mid 1960’s so enter Hippies He also chases down the titular flavored character who has connections to Haight Ashbury and helps the reader think of that Neil Young song that has the word “cinnamon” in the title about every half page or soAs in every decent Easy Rawlins book the strength of the story rests on well developed secondary characters and there’s none better than Mouse Rawlins’ dark broody violence prone pal A digression on the nature of the sidekickSidekicks offer many thingsThey can lug heavy stuff around and kill giant spiders When they whine they can help you appreciate that you aren’t an undersea based hero You can do all sorts of neat things together And they cause endless amounts of grief So where does Mouse fit in? First calling him a sidekick can get you a cap popped in your faceSecond he’s loyal to his friends but unhinged enough to feel like you’re carrying a scorpion around in your pocket Who’s gonna get stung? Maybe you? Mosley always presents this possibility Mouse turns on Easy but to my knowledge has never deliveredEasy leans a little too much on Mouse in this average entry in a fine series How many times can he evoke the name of Mouse to scare someone gain access to somewhere he normally couldn’t tread or get laid by exotic dancers? Plus Mosley loses the narrative thread once too often for this to be ranked as one of the better Easy Rawlins books

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    When I feel like a west coast version of Lawrence Block's Matthew Scudder series I turn to Walter Mosley's Easy Rawlins series and so far I haven't been let downScudder is a white middle aged New Yorker who's been through some shitRawlins is a black middle aged Los Angeleno who's been through some shitThe narration of both relates a world weary experience wise character with a plethora of baggage that keeps him simultaneously on edge as well as away from the edge for who will care for their children or at least pay the child support should they act rash and get their head blown off? Cinnamon Kiss is the tenth in the Rawlins series which is set in the '60s This one takes place in '66 so approximately a year after the Watts Riots and just as the hippie movement got going Rawlins heads north to San Francisco to take on a high money case that could keep him from having to take part in a lucrative but dangerous job a heist that he would do if he had to because his daughter is dying of a rare disease that would cost dearly to treat if it were even attempted As you see Mosley is great at putting his MC's back straight up against the conflict wall Human emotion and humanity's wide ranging behavior infest everyone who walks through his scenes There's barely a stiff to be found unless we're talking about the dead kind I loved the look back at the Haight Ashbury scene I enjoyed how Mosley portrayed the older war vet Rawlins as completely new to and somewhat baffled by these long haired free spirits The mystery and detective work Rawlins is tasked with is uite contentious and plays hard upon the character's moral indignation At times the book slides into heated romance that gets slightly pornographic to the point of feeling a bit out of place but really it's just taking the old detective fiction of the '40s and '50s one step further than they were already treading Every time I finish one of Mosley's great books I always end up telling myself I need to read Mosley

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    I think that one of the problems with most of Moseley's work is that it focuses far too much time and energy explaining to the reader the racial tensions between whites and blacks in the 1960's It isn't off hand and it isn't shown through dialogue or action but narrated in the first person and blatantly spelled out on the soapbox There's a way to work these observations into the narrative without taking detours but he hasn't mastered that art Not in this book at least Maybe that's because there is so little actual story here to be told that he needed to fill the rest of the book with commentary However preaching aside i think he crafts a detective novel just below Chandler and hammet on the ladder More akin to Ross Macdonald as a peer Grade D

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    I'd never heard of Walter Mosley til I discovered an entire SHELF of his books in a home that otherwise had no fiction collection Figured I ought to at least find out who this person was who warranted such devotion The story was interesting very noir but I enjoyed the look through the character's eyes black as they are and in that specific time in history It's worth a read if just to be reminded that it really was like that once not so long ago and it probably still IS like that in some places

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    Really enjoyed listening to this book I truly forgot how good his Easy Rawlings mysteries are; so much to enjoy You almost feel like you are that fly on the wall listening and watchingjust absorbing everythingI definitely will need to go back and read his very 1st in the series Devil In a Blue Dress

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    Probably a 15 stars actuallyMosley can write and I have been intending to pick up one of his Easy Rawlins books for ages and being in LA this past weekend with the need to purchase something from the local independent bookstore I settled on thisAlas reading most of it on the plane ride back and finishing the next night I have to say while he is a very talented writer of the hard boiled story and captures vantages and insights I was somewhat bothered by the hmmm overwhelming male perspective that pervaded this book I mean really Easy getting hot babes at every turn? Read some reviews on afterwards and apparently this is according to one reviewer who was bothered as I was one of his weaker books in the series So I guess I'll try another one at another point

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    2017 Reading Challenge A book with a eccentric characterI always enjoy an Easy Rawlins mystery This one is not an exception to that This mystery takes Easy Rawlins to San Francisco where an eccentric detective hires him to find a missing woman known as Cinnamon Cargill who is associated with the detectives main interest Axel Bowers This case comes to Easy Rawlins at a time in his life where he is almost willing to take any job if it ensure he gets a large pay day His daughter Feather is deathly ill and her only hope lies in an expensive clinic in Switzerland His relationship with Bonnie is on the rocks and his son Jesus is becoming a man With his life in turmoil and change we follow him through this mystery that is entertaining fast paced and laced with cultural and historical references that always add depth to this mystery series I recommend it

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    Awesome ride I’ve been an avid fan of Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins series ever since Devil in a Blue Dress Hands down Walter Mosley sure knows how to write a crime fiction novel that leaves you wanting and This time Easy is in dire need of cash and fast After deciding against robbing an ard car he gets a job solving a case involving an eccentric prominent attorney and tracking down the beautiful ‘Cinnamon’ Cargill who may hold the key to some unanswered uestions The case proves complicated but after enlisting Mouse Saul Lynx and others Easy wonders if robbing the ard car would have been easier Gotta get Blonde Faith and Little Green in the Easy Rawlins series and Mosley’s other work of fiction Debbie Doesn’t Do It Any Keep ‘em coming

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    Walter Mosley paints a magnificently vivid picture of Los Angeles “back in the day” in Cinnamon Kiss He can capture aspects of African American culture that is so spot on that I laugh out loud while reading oh should I have written lol? Does that show my age? That being said I do not like his books and did not like “Cinnamon Kiss” I hate being able to predict the end of a suspense novel and I did not predict this one However what I hate than guessing the twists of a plot is not caring about them; sad but true Mosley was unable to make me care about his characters; I cannot even recall their names and it has only been about 3 weeks since I finished the book I have tried a number of times to read Walter Mosley books and this will be my last attempt

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    Walter mosley doesn't disappoint