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Gripping A First Rate Nail Biter Tampa Tribune James Rollins The Author Of The Doomsday Key, The Last Oracle, The Judas Strain, Black Order, And Other Pulse Pounding, New York Times Bestsellers Carries Readers Into The Heart Of Darkness In His Classic Thriller, Ia Lincoln Child, New York Times Bestselling Co Author With Douglas Preston Of Cemetery Dance And Other Agent Pendergast Thrillers, Raves, Ia Grabs You By The Throat And Refuses To Let Go Until The Very Last Page Is Turned

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    It s official I am going to read every single James Rollins book in existence

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    What a huge disappointment My rating now might change depending on my further assessment of the novel I m still contemplating whether I should give it 1 or 2 stars Most of my 1 star are for my dnf books, so I might go ahead and give this a 2 Lucky bastard, but like I said, it might drop down to 1star one day.The main problem would be the characters Almost all of them were flat and dull Dull to the point that you wouldn t mind them dying To be honest Kelly and her daughter were the only ones well developed That says a lot about this novel, she s not even the main character Nate was terribly boring, despite his knowledge of the and all No sympathy felt while reading this.Another huge problem would be the plot, or the substance of it This novel had huge potential, but wow, it failed big time.The That alone drawn me in to read this novel, and obviously I was expecting a lot I was expecting to read of the animals, insects, and other weird made up creatures, but instead I was shoved with plants, and a few mildly interesting creatures.

    Don t get me wrong, the plants mentioned in the novel were fairly interesting, but it wasn t adequate to make the novel as amazing as it should ve been Like I said, we re talking about the here, anything can happen It being a huge mystery, James Rollins could ve given us than what he did I can t further express how disappointed I am, because the list would go on and on if I am to talk about the inadequacy of the experience I was looking forward to

    Next issue would be the secret of the It was okay, but nothing to be amazed about view spoiler Sure the fact that his father was still alive was a little bit shocking, but I wasn t that impressed Even the cure itself was utterly boring for me Need I repeat myself, James Rollins could ve given us hide spoiler

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    How can you not have fun with a book like this Great adventure, twists turns, as well as interesting science behind the story If you enjoy some of the early books by Preston Child RIPTIDE, THUNDERHEAD, THE ICE LIMIT you re bound to have a good time with IA

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    3.5 stars.Not too bad It s just that towards the end it got a bit too crazy even for me I guess I have my limits.

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    Holy holes in the fence Batman I found another big time fun read on the rapidly growing favorite reads shelf that fell through the cracks Time for another short reivew Does two make a trend oh, I hope not. This was my first introduction to James Rollins and thank God for that She must have been listening All James Rollins stories, save two, that I can think of get the same opening statement Fast Paced This is no exception, however, in this one, I think the balance between speed of plot and details is handled better than in other Rollins Novels There is a character that I m sure becomes Joe Kowalski in later books that I just love, but he goes by a different name here similar background All action adventure stories need a Joe Kowolski typehe s great I don t like the Treasure they find at the end of the story as much as in other James Rollins books, but I loved the adventure to it and back and I like the Hero and Heroine, also better than in other books save Subterranean might have had a heroine whom I liked better There is a lot of action, a lot of scientific mystery and mysterious amazing sub plots and twists and turns And, of course, monsters wiht HUGE SNAPPING TEETH cough I mean. yes, quite frightening creatures that lurk in the depths of hte Amazaon basis cough The villains were cool, not as interesting as Ice Hunt, but close enough And at the end we see the begining of the Sigma Force Novels starting to get organized a foreshadowing of serial fun to come Starting with Sandstorm But I digress Summary Good book, well paced for action adventure, some violence but generally what I d call Made for TV Movie level violence, very managable If not a great plot, great execution of plot about the writing and of courseHUGEBigMonster with. these huge big Gnashing TEETH claws that could rip sigh Look at the Bones MAN and a guy who could be Joe Kowolski s twin brother everything a good adventure needs

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    With the intrigue,mystery and it s huge landscape of uncharted territory of the , Rollins takes you on a fun adventure With a good explanation s on the plant life, their different uses for healing by the natives, to all of the different critters that can be deadly, to the irratating insectsit s not a place I would like to spend a night in Add in the search for a miracle drug, a hugh pharmaceutical company that will stop at nothing to be the first to get their hands on it, the action is nonstop.

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    4 Stars I thoroughly enjoyed this novel The science involved was absolutely fantastic, and I loved every second of it Don t worry if you don t know much science though because it s all explained really well as you re reading I also love to come across characters with my last name Kelly and Frank O Brien for the win It definitely kept me on my toes for the whole duration learning about the native cultures and the different elements of the rain forest, not to mention all the crazy intense trials the characters have to go through It s brutal I think, for a thriller, this book took me longer to get through than I expected It s just over 400 pages, so it s really not very lengthy I also didn t fall in love with the characters Manny and Tor Tor being the exceptions I just didn t feel for them if no, when something terrible would happen to them I definitely recommend it, and I hope to pick up some James Rollins books in the future.

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    I bought this book because the author has a reputation for weaving geography into his writing, and being a geographer myself, I wanted to see how well geographic themes worked If you are familiar with Clive Cussler, then these novels will resonate Nathan Rand is this novel s Dirk Pitt, an intrepid scientist who sets out on an expedition to discover how a former soldier makes it out of the covered up in cancer yet, miraculously, has regrown a limb Said soldier was the sole survivor of an expedition to the whose members also included Rand s father, who never returned to civilization.I m not particularly picky about my fiction, especially fun fiction, such as novels like these.Action is fast paced, and the body count mounts early Episodes of violence reach nearly ridiculous levels, stretching the imagination a little These are not fantasy books, but yes, in a way, they are.Rollins definitely uses some literary license in pursuit of an interesting story, for sure That is where Rollins, Crichton, and Cussler sort of ride in their prose.Rollins also melds together many current themes, cancer research, deforestation, the loss of biodiversity and the impact on disease research, and the treatment of native peoples His characters are often found eloquently speaking about the dangers of cutting down the rain forest, how many species are lost, and the loss of research material that could potentially alleviate current or future diseases of mankind.And, in the process, people get shot, killed, eaten, shot and eaten, eaten and burned, shot and partially eaten and blown up, and turned into fertilizer.If you ve got a plane ride, bus ride, or an extended hospital stay, and you want something to keep your attention for a while, this book might do it.