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Set During The Pioneer Days Of The Late S And Early S, Laura Ingalls Wilder S Books Chronicle Her Life Growing Up On The Western Frontier Come Along For The Adventure With This Collector S Set Of The First Five Little House Books, Featuring Garth Williams Interior Art In Vibrant Full ColorThe Little House Books Have Been Cherished By Generations Of Readers As Both A Unique Glimpse Into America S Frontier History And A Heartwarming, Unforgettable StoryThe Story Begins In In A Little Log Cabin On The Edge Of The Big Woods Of Wisconsin Laura Lives In The Little House With Her Pa, Her Ma, Her Sisters Mary And Carrie, And Their Trusty Dog, Jack Pioneer Life Is Sometimes Hard For The Family, Since They Must Grow Or Catch All Their Own Food As They Get Ready For The Cold Winter But It Is Also Exciting As Laura And Her Family Celebrate Christmas With Homemade Toys And Treats, Do The Spring Planting, Bring In The Harvest, And Make Their First Trip Into Town And Every Night They Are Safe And Warm In Their Little House, With The Happy Sound Of Pa S Fiddle Sending Laura And Her Sisters Off To SleepAnd So Begins Laura Ingalls Wilder S Beloved Story Of A Pioneer Girl And Her FamilyCorrelates To The Common Core State Standards In English Language Arts

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    I really enjoyed my reread of Little House in the Big Woods for the Book For all Seasons challenge to reread the first chapter book we read as a child Like so many kids of my generation, I loved these books What struck me most as an adult rereading this classic besides the delightful and familiar illustrations by Garth Williams, which were engraved on my brain from so many readings as a girl , was how much work Ma and Pa had to do to survive in the isolated Big Woods of Wisconsin Everything eaten and worn had to be raised, made or hunted adults had to have a large skill set, farming, hunting, making tools, furniture, clothing, linens, cheese, baking, cooking, etc also, everyone, child to adult had to help out if possible, and get by with so much less than we have today Even for adults, this is a delightful book I put it aside for several days to dive into a library book I couldn t renew, but enjoyed diving back into Wilder s lovely, warm world.

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    Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder is an exquisite set of books that I cherished growing up Read until they were dog eared, this series has to be one of my childhood favorites A story about a young girl growing up on the frontier, it was so popular they made it into a T.V series even though the series didn t do it justice Stories as a young girl I could relate to, the mean girl in town, fights with my sisters, and just the struggles of everyday life of any family The love Ma and Pa had for each other showed through so much so, that even today I can still see Caroline s eye s sparkling bright blue as Pa whirled her around the dance floor This series is a perfect example of a story well told When you re there in Laura s life so much that you can feel her fear when in trouble, or you can taste the penny candy on Christmas, that s a story I have no doubt this will be a children s classic for years to come I highly recommend it ClassicsDefined.com

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    Dit was de collectie waar mijn moeder mij altijd uit voorlas Als kind kon ik de zinnen afmaken Mooi beeldend verhaal waar is als kind hele fijne herinneringen aan heb.

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    7 1 15So I just finished Little House in the Big Woods I can t say I ve read all the books I had a book of some of them when I was a little kid but I don t remember what they were or really remember the TV series well but I think this book might have been my favorite I don t know what it is about it but I just really liked it I will continue in the series after I ve finished The Raven Boys for the Traveling Book Project.7 12 15I just finished Farmer Boy this morning I really enjoyed it and I m pretty sure this was the one book that I hadn t read when I was little or seen in TV form if there is a TV version of it I think I might actually like Almonzo s side of it all than Laura and Mary s I ll have to read further to decide but I really liked how Farmer Boy explained how they did things I m really into knowing how exactly things work so it was just AWESOME and all the animals involved and such I ll probably be forced into taking a break from the rest of the books since I m moving in a few days and then I m going camping for a week and a half but hopefully I ll finish it all soon

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    Such marvelous children s stories Some of the content is definitely from a different understanding of the human person like the notion that children shouldn t cry but these books afford glimpses into life before industrialization, globalization, electricity, canned music and the internet.

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    Having read and enjoyed Little House in the Big Woods, I bought a box set of the next five books in the series While I did experience the pleasurable and comforting experience that reading a good series of books always brings me, I can t say that I m all too eager to seek out the remaining four books in the series although if I came across some copies in a used bookstore, I d probably buy them and read them happily enough After the third book or so, I started to feel that the world of these books was a little too static for me I realize that consistency is part of the charm of any good children s book series, one does not want too much variation or complication, but I got tired of reading about the same blameless thrifty pioneer life, page after page after page Also, while Laura Ingalls Wilder writes with great tenderness about food and animals and the changing of the seasons, she s not much of a creator of strong, juicy characters There s something a little blank and pat about everyone except Laura herself Nevertheless, I wouldn t be surprised if I didn t reach for these books again during some snowy weekend, if only to read about venison and mashed turnips and cornbread and maple candy and apple turn overs and all the other lovely caloric things they re forever eating.

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    I m just in love with this book series I love this type of writing, which brings me back to the old times in USA when their lives were much simpler but fun By 3 21 2019, we finished reading book 1, and we are eager to read the next book in this collection I love every story that Laura wrote in such detailed manner I wish I could ever once in my life live in the Big Woods and enjoy God created nature.

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    Read this series as a young adult and they taught me what a real family was all about This was also my first introduction to racism and tolerance Charles Ingalls reminded me so much of my own father and Caroline was what a perfect wife and mother should be I purchased two volumes years later hoping to share them with my granddaughters one day.

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    I love these books they are really worth it to get them