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Orwell Meets Vonnegut In The Simultaneously Hilarious And Chilling Masterpiece From The Man Who Invented The Word Robot This Legendary But Previously Hard To Get Novel Is A Hilarious Dystopian Satire About The Choice Between Ecological Catastrophe And Making Your Quarterly Financial Goals As Both A Commentary On Capitalism And The Rise Of Fascism, As Well As An Early Work Of Science Fiction, It Is One Of The Most Important Books Of The Twentieth CenturyWhen The Curmudgeonly Sailor Captain Von Toch Discovers A Breed Of Large, Intelligent Newts In Far Off Polynesia, He Realizes That, With A Little Training, They Could Be Used As A Virtual Army Of Complacent Pearl Divers In Shark Infested Waters Then Von Toch S Financial Backers Realize That The Newts Can Be Trained For All Kinds Of Underwater Civil Engineering Projects, Or To Build New Islands, Even To Defend Shorelines Wielding Weapons, No Less There S Only One Problem Released From Their Previous Environment, The Newts Replicate Like, Well, Aqua Bunnies And Soon They Aren T So Complacent AnyAcclaimed By Many As The First Dystopian Novel, And Others As The Best Book Of Science Fiction Ever Written, Karel Capek S Masterpiece Remains All That And Smart, Funny, And Relevant

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    Faking News Newts Trump Humans I d become rather blas when it comes to apocalyptic science fiction I thought I knew them all, those brave new worlds that writers invent to symbolise the immediate danger of human self destruction out of sheer stupidity Think again, Lisa The newts invited me to the ultimate, unexpected, completely logical fantasy, containing it ALL Welcome to a roller coaster of the hilarious kind Does it start with the end of the world as we know it, with the destruction of Earth to give way for a space highway like The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy Not quite, but we are heading there Does it contain human scientific hubris, like The Island of Dr Moreau Oh yes, and a lot ridiculous naivety, if possible What humans can do, they will do No matter what the results will be.What about genetically modified plants that fulfill no purpose except for showing us our irresponsible use of natural resources, like in The Day of the Triffids Actually, the specialised and well equipped newts make sense, and are useful, and potentially dangerous What about weapons of mass destruction, used against unknowing humanity, like in The War of the Worlds Well, humans gave the newts the weapons, and they were not to be beaten by bacteria in the end, despite an internal discussion between the author and the writer yes to consider such a possibility.Best of all, it even suggests a bleak future in Atwood s spirit, showing a drastically reduced humanity in search of new myths, like MaddAddam and his people.All this, and much, much , is contained in a small unpretentious book, starting off as a mere farcical adventure story It changes its shape as the story itself changes, from narrative, to report, to discursive essay, to newspaper clippings and back to farcical narrative again Not once is it boring, even when you have to go back and forth to read the several pages long footnotes explaining the one sentence you read two pages before Or when newspaper clippings are published in languages nobody has ever been able to translate Or when Not once is it boring It is the funniest road trip to destruction I have ever read, despite the fact that it is a chillingly truthful allegory on the political developments in the 1930s.It is one of a kind And universal Yes, universal Salamandrism is the natural effect of human hubris and stupidity It was nobody s fault, really Everyone just did what they needed to do, to earn money, to expand territory, to show off power, to do whatever it is humanity does on a daily basis without thinking.That the newts were able to take over and to start changing the world according to their needs, thus creating a mythical flood that reset humanity in a state of pre biblical, pre Gilgamesh history, was ultimately the direct consequence of humankind s delusion that they would always be stronger, clever, less vulnerable than all other species Beaten by the mediocrity and homogeneity of a species with less extravagant desires, humanity now has to wait for centuries in remote mountain villages until they can start their comeback A new myth about a world flood will arise which God sent for the sins of mankind There will also be legends of submerged and mythical lands which were the cradle of human culture perhaps there will be a fable about a land called England, or France, or Germany And then I don t know what comes next Thus ends the final dialogue between author and writer, and despite highlighting three quarters of the book, I will not add any quotes, for it is my honest opinion that every human being and newt on earth should read this excellent tale firsthand

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    It s war Humans versus newts And odds favor a newt victory since a number of key factors work in their favor newts can continue fighting even after losing two thirds of their internal organs newts are absolute realists and make highly disciplined soldiers since they are not bogged down by things like fantasy or humor or lofty ideas the current population of these creatures standing four foot high when walking upright on their hind legs has reached over twenty billion, outnumbering humans ten to one Twenty billion That s a lot of well armed, fighting newts.Such is the crisis in Karel apek s 1936 novel, War With the Newts, a highly entertaining satirical dystopian alternate history that s, in turn, fascinating, humorous, a tad unsettling and occasionally downright creepy The Czech author has addressed similar themes in his most famous work, RUR Rossum s Universal Robots , a play where the word robot appeared in writing for the first time In the play its humans versus robots, in the novel Karel apek traces the history leading up to the newt wars, beginning with the discovery by one Captain van Toch of these giant salamanders living underwater off the coast of a remote Indonesian island.The captain s dealings with these amiable creatures starts off innocently enough the newts trade pearls for knives whereby they can better open oysters, their main diet Ever the opportunist, van Toch rekons these newts can be his pearl hunters all across Indonesia Sharks have always kept the newt population in check So, to increase their numbers, the captain arms the newts with anti shark guns More newts, pearls, money And as soon as the good Captain recognized these tireless workers so eager to please are especially fit for underwater construction and could effectively be put to use for human engineering projects, he shares his vision with a leader in the world of industry and commerce Bingo It s not long before the formation of The Salamander Syndicate, owning and trading millions of newts across the globe Newts boost the world economy utilizing a newt workforce, nations claim ownership of the oceans and seas Meanwhile, after subjecting newts to extensive tests and experiments, scientists write articles explaining now that newts have expanded their habitat, the coiled up spring of evolution has been provided an opportunity to unwind Philosophical issues arise Does a newt have a soul The answers are mixed A Colonel Britton discoveres newts have no sense of honor or patriotism Arturo Toscanini observes newts have no music Mae West can plainly see newts are devoid of sex appeal, thus, on all three counts, newts have no souls On the other side, a spiritual teacher from India, Sandrabharata Nath, is quoted as remarking They have a soul like every other creature and every plant as does everything that lives Let the Newts receive a proper education Many are taught French, literature, rhetoric, etiquette, mathematics and the history of art Some of the salamanders can even quote Cicero One journalist observes newt comprehension of the newspapers is at the level of the average human Prompts us to wonder about those men and women below average Human intelligence begins to sound like an oxymoron The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and other pro salamander organizations attempt to insure newts are not treated cruelly or inhumanely not only in their capacity as workers to advance human economy but in all areas of their salamander lives These goodhearted people must fight ongoing battles on many fronts since the gullible newts willingly play the part of lackey and toady such irony in this amphibian term for their brutal human overseers Big theological question could newts be baptized The Catholic Church says no since newts are not Adam s descendants However, Protestant churches distribute many millions of copies of Holy Scripture for the newts on waterproof paper and a few eccentric Christian sects attempt to baptize newts One philosopher even goes so far as to compose a special religious system for newts including faith in the Great Salamander Where s Christopher Hitchens when you need him most Years pass Millions upon millions of newts are everywhere Young newts want to make football, fascism, sexual perversion and other things human part of their everyday lives Old newts advocate sticking to traditional newt ways Well, sort of those old newts don t mind reading the daily news in human newspapers Comrade newts Bourgeois civilization has enslaved your souls Newts are the new working class newt labor should be prohibited So shouts pesky liberal agitators But governments and commercial interests quickly point out how newts have special skills underwater and that the overall standard of living for humans have risen dramatically Equally important actually, important profits have risen If no working salamanders then twenty percent of all factories worldwide would be forced to shut down precipitating economic disaster.Do you detect the entire face of planet earth has been radically altered Karel apek masterfully lampoons and satirizes how we humans can so readily sacrifice decency, compassion and respect for the balance of nature in our quest for self aggrandizement through the worship of nationalism, economic power and military might And to think this novel was written on the cusp of the rise of Hitler and Nazism Karel apek 1890 1938 from Czechoslovakia, novelist, playwright, essayist, literary critic, photographer, art critic Much influenced by William James and American pragmatism, he unceasingly campaigned for free expression and against all forms of fascism and communism.

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    This is one of those bizarre masterpieces that nobody could ever get published today It s a really bleak but clever and thoughtful take on an idea that then sees that idea allllll the way through And its sharp politics mostly hold up I admire the commitment here to thinking a scenario out so fully Like seriously it thinks it all the way through, even jumping styles through international newspaper stories that tell short and touching human life stories that also advance the general story At some points it s like an accessible nonfiction book but about this bizarre and escalating global newt situation, and even those parts are great to read.It s amazing.Imperial European racism, the rise of fascism, and corporate profiteering are in full focus, with a brief comical chapter about wannabe movie star Americans There s some unfortunate racism and casual Orientalism, but that also makes sense in terms of the story itself not a justification There are also profound and sometimes sly critiques of the slave trade and the racism of colonization.Read this if you re into evolutionary worldbuilding, critiques of imperialism, snark attacks on Europe, that kind of thing Or if you re looking for something really thoughtfully weird Or if you just want to know what is up with the newts.

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    We re Here Because You Were ThereNot many go unscathed in the comic sarcasm of The War with the Newts most European nationalities Dutch and Czech in particular , Americans especially Hollywood types and Yale alumni , most Asians, religious enthusiasts including Jews, Catholics, and militant atheists , and all seamen, academics, and newspapermen are castigated by apek without mercy But his primary target is the emerging global capitalism of the early 20th century I doubt any other work of fiction has captured either the process or the consequences of unrestrained commercial exploitation better than apek consequences for the exploiters as well as the exploited.By teaching a peculiar species of aquatic lizard to protect themselves from sharks in exchange for pearls, modern industrial freebooters unwittingly create a competitor civilisation The hapless capitalists do not realise that there are what economists call externalities or unintended secondary effects of their passionate but ultimately pointless ambitions The resources they acquire from the newts are worthless except to produce products to be sold to the newts Give a newt an oyster and he gets a meal give him a knife to shuck oysters and he gets a weapon of global domination apek is endlessly witty and his translator is a master at capturing that wit in English Describing the tribal chief of an isolated village in Indonesia He was an elderly gentleman and naked, but far thinner than mayors are in Europe And the tenacious clinging of oysters to their rocky beds as Shells that stick fast to the stones like the Jewish faith And he knows his differentials when it comes to Catholic piety Then I shall have a Catholic mass said too, decided Jens Jensen For Captain van Toch But I shall have it said here in Marseilles I think that in that big church they ll do it cheaper, cost price It could be but an Irish mass is the real thing In my home, man, the Jesuits are devils they can nearly do wonders Just like witch doctors or heathens And apek is not averse to the odd important sociological observation such as Fossil reptiles prefer blondes In his introduction, Robert Adams says apek writes like G.K Chesterton He s wrong apek is much entertaining His wry commentary on sex, business, and the ironies of human ambition could never emanate from Chesterton And the cosmopolitain apek makes Chesterton look like a provincial hack His attack on European colonialism is as relevant as it ever was in our era of continuing global exploitation of the poor by the rich, not least because of his insight that it leads to massive population movements that are universally destructive.

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    Satire is my favorite genre And this book is a gem.Nowhere have I ever found a better description of homo sapiens s boundless greed, bigotry, stunning thoughtlessness, and utter stupidity.This book leaves no parts, levels or facets of society unscathed Karel Capek satirizes science, academia, education, business, politics, fascism, communism, militarism, law, religion, philosophy, racism, journalism, and just about every trait of human nature one can think of Yet it isn t all funny It is also sad and scary The centre topic of the book is how discrimination leads to exploitation, violence, and cruelty This will make you cry instead of laugh And it will make you cry when you realize that little has changed since 1936, when the book was written.I wish Karel Capek were still alive and could shoot his satirical arrows at targets in our present world He wouldn t have to look very far to find plenty This book is a must read for everyone who is interested in the future of our planet And I can assure you In order to achieve an apocalypse, newts won t be necessary.I am surprised that this book and its author are quite unknown outside of Czechoslovakia War With the Newts should be a classic The author s other works and his life story also deserve attention I recommend reading what Wikipedia tells about Karel Capek Here is the link I also recommend reading Charley Ada s, detailed review of War With the Newts Here is the link

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    A Dutch sea captain discovers intelligent, human sized newts in a remote island bay So he does what anyone would do and tells somebody with money The Newts are then put to work building harbors and extending coastlines, and hilarity ensues Well, for the most part There is a war at the end of this book Racism is also a major theme, both directly and allegorically through humanity s treatment of the Newts The humor is sarcastic and in a few places dark It skewers all elements of society industry, academia, the media, law, political activism, religion, etc None of the characters stay for very long, and unfortunately, we don t get to know any of the individual newts very well The character studied in this novel is humankind, and all of its foibles In a way, I thought the events were a realistic prediction of what might happen in this situation in the real world Some parts of society were to blame than others, but ultimately it felt like there was no one really steering the ship just a series of independent self interested decisions and predictable social and economic trends leading humanity toward inevitable disaster At times, some of the jokes made me feel like I was watching a Simpsons episode At least, they had that kind of intelligent, absurd, undercuts everything type of humor My absolute favorite was when by the time it should have been obvious the Newts were intelligent , someone asked at a corporate shareholder meeting about increasing profits whether the company s newts were edible All in all, a great read that I d recommend to anyone.

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    M t ki t t c c a th k 20 Th t ng c nhi n l l i qu t ng i bi t t i Karel Capek nh v y T c ph m ch m bi m g n nh t t c m i th tr o l u c a th k 20 ch ngh a ti u th , ch ngh a ph t x t, ch ngh a th c d n, ch ngh a c ng s n, b i Do Th i, c c lo i gi khoa h c, ch y ua v trangCh m t lo i l ng th c t n l sa gi ng m ng i ta c th h nh dung v t ng lai v nh l i v qu kh c a lo i ng i S ph n c a sa gi ng, khi th l m ng i ta nh t i ng i da en, khi th l th n ph n ng i Do Th i d i ch c ph t x t o n m t c c th nghi m v i sa gi ng c a c c nh khoa h c r ng r n kh ng k m g c c th nghi m v i ng i Do Th i trong th chi n th 2 m t i u th c t x y ra trong ch a n 1 th p k sau khi t c ph m n y ra i , khi th gi ng nh c c c m y s n xu t phi nh n t nh, ni m m c c l l c a c Henry Ford v Karl Marx c m t nh ti n tri r t gi ng Karl Marx c ng xu t hi n trong ti u thuy t nh n y v i l i ph n truy n v m t th gi i sa gi ng i ng h u con ng i Kh ng ch ti p n i truy n th ng c a nh ng ki t t c ch m bi m nh Gulliver s Travel c a J Swift hay Ngh nh n v Margarita c a M Bulgakov, t c ph m n y c a Capek c n l ti n phong trong th lo i sci fi v t n th C th th y sa gi ng r t gi ng v i robot, nh ng th lao ng gi r do con ng i t o ra v c th trong t ng lai e d a tr l i s t n t i c a con ng i i u kh th v l ch nh Capek l ng i u ti n s d ng t robot trong m t t c ph m v n h c m t v k ch c a ng Tuy nhi n theo ng th cha c a t n y l anh trai ng, m t h a s n i ti ng c a Ti p.Capek ch t n m 1938, ch hai n m sau khi ki t t c n y ra i C i ch t c a ng c l c ng l may m n ng kh ng ph i ch ng ki n nh ng th m h a c a nh n lo i n ngay sau C ng n m , hi p c Munich c k k t v m t v ng t c a qu h ng Ti p Kh c c a ng c c c c ng qu c c ng cho Hitler b t ch p s ph n i c a Ti p Kh c, m t t nh hu ng r t gi ng vi c c c qu c gia trong ti u thuy t em Trung Qu c nh ng cho lo i sa gi ng m kh ng ai quan t m i bi u Trung Qu c n i g M t n m sau , qu n c chi m Ti p Kh c v ng i anh trai c a ng b b t v o tr i t p trung v ch t y n m 1945.

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    1985 was the worst year of my life The previous summer our family had moved from Calgary to Saskatoon and I had left behind a group of very close friends I had just graduated high school and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life I did know that I would rather go to school than get a job, so for perhaps the first time in my life I really applied myself academically in a last ditch effort to get accepted into University I pulled off a 99% in a summer school Chemistry class, which must have impressed somebody because that September I found myself a chemistry major in the University of Saskatchewan The only problem was I didn t like chemistry As the year progressed I did less and less work in my science classes, and found myself spending and time in the library reading fiction I couldn t find the science fiction I favoured among the literary selections at the University, so I was forced to expand my horizons One day while browsing the stacks I came across this book by Karel Capek Capek was a name I was familiar with as Asimov frequently mentioned him in his essays as the man who devised the word robot Picking up the book, I was surprised to see a blurb from my favourite author, Kurt Vonnegut, on the back Of course I had to read it It was a revelation Capek had, if possible, an even jaded view of human nature than I did, but his cutting sense of humour transcended the hopelessness The message I took away from the book is that Man is a greedy and vain creature who will destroy the world in pursuit of small comforts With a message such as this, why did I find War With the Newts so uplifting Perhaps because it awoke the slumbering optimist in me to recognize a second message the best weapon against the vanity and greed of Man is humour Religion, capitalism, fascism, celebrity, and even social reform each take their turn in Capek s dunk tank A brilliant social satire.Why this book is not widely recognized as one of the great novels of the Twentieth Century has always been a mystery to me.

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    Great fun The story of mankind s downfall and destruction as caused by human hubris.The tensions and ambitions of Imperialist Europe find new expression once a species of super newt is discovered This is expressed in Oswald Spengler style musings and a re imaging of the super newts as having the characteristics of the empires that employ them To the surprise of all the newts eventually turn against the humans, but in a nice touch they hire human lawyers to represent their interests at the peace talks required once the newts start making the world fit for newts and so unsuitable for non amphibians.There is a thematic overlap here with the abuse and revolt of labour in Capek s RUR, possibly an allegorical comment on the rise of Bolshevik Russia and communism as well.Recommended.