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I m going through a lot of grief and have been for a long time, but it has been heightened by the loss of a special, very dear, close friend 6 weeks ago We shared an unique bond and I m crushed by her loss.I don t know when I won t be crushed.Add that to the grief I ve been living in for almost 2 years for the loss of my precious brother, and I m a grief girl too.I ve been reading a lot about grief lately, trying to find something to give some glimmer of help , and while this book didn t make me feel better per se, it did give some comfort in the fact that the author had a lot of the exact same thoughts and feelings I have.Thoughts and feelings that don t make any sense or are hard to relate to unless you are grieving yourself.And for that, I thank her.I m so sorry for the loss she and her siblings went through.It doesn t matter how long its been.It still hurts. Painful to read, but I guess that is what makes it good It really makes clear the confusing and contradictory feelings surrounding deaths that happen quickly, in this case, a car accident I have been closely effected by two quick deaths, one a suicide and the other a murder, and they really did effect me differently than the slow deaths cancer that have touched my life It is a small part of the whole, but I was glad she added the short section about not being able to relate to the girl whose mother had died after a long illness I actually read this a long time ago, and had forgotten to annotate it, so I re read the first part and skimmed the back half this time I am always glad for the afterward in books like this It is soothing for me to read that life went on with goods and bads. This story follows a teenager through the loss of her parents in a car crash that left her, her older sister, and their baby brother orphaned in the blink of an eye Granted, their mother dies right away and their father goes a month later as a result of injuries sustained in the accident Being a teenager is no picnic, but that does not compare to the loss and subsequent turmoil that Erin feels Now left to deal with growing up alone, Erin faces immediate and heart wrenching problems She feels guilt over her parents deaths, recalling how in true adolescent fashion she has wished them dead not too long ago And now they re gone and she can t help but feel partially responsible To make matters worse, her relationship with her sister takes an ugly turn She ends up feeling shunned and worthless, which is the last thing she needs Worst of all, their extended family does nothing to help or comfort them, but rather takes advantage of their situation As a reader, I appreciated what Vincent did for this memoir She channeled her inner teen and wrote this book with all the angst, defiance, self absorption, and every stereotypical teenage quality you can think of in a journal style recap of this tragic event in her life Being an older sister and the eldest of my family , I found myself relating to Tracy than to Erin The weight of becoming the parent of the family and the way she dealt with her grief was completely understandable to me I even found that it made sense that she took her anger out on Erin and threw herself into taking charge and keeping busy It also broke my heart that Trent was only 3 when this happened As a teacher, I d be careful about the profanity in this book, but I don t really see a reason not to teach it if you can tie it into your curriculum Dealing with loss, grief, and all of the other complex emotions that come with a situation like this are not strange or foreign concepts to students we may have Introducing a story like this, and a memoir nonetheless brings that reality into the classroom and allows an outlet for discussion, analysis, and implicit teachings Just like any other sensitive subject matter, I would caution teachers in their approach to such a topic Overall, it s a pretty good read and written in a very relatable way. In this memoir, Erin Vincent gives us the unvarnished truth of grief It s messy, it s not linear It attacks us all differently Not even sisters, facing the same loss, will respond the same When she was a young teen, Erin lost her mother, and then a month later, her father Both victims of an accident Tracy, her older sister, dealt with the loss by keeping busy, taking charge, being competent Erin felt pushed aside, useless, undervalued The girls each were trying to survive that horrible accident, and stay strong for their younger brother who needed them.This is a raw, honest, look at how two girls survived It s not a manual it s not glamorized or sentimentalized Erin DOES survive this loss That s what people do We survive.THis book will be valuable for several reasons it will show those lucky teens who haven t faced loss what it looks like and sounds like It will serve as a mirror for those young people who HAVE lost loved ones Erin and Tracy show we must find our own way out of the trap of grief Because if we don t, grief waits patiently to ambush us. This is not an easy read Grief Girl is the true story of Erin Vincent, a 14 year old Australian girl whose parents are hit by a speeding tow truck and die Her grief, and that of her older sister, is unbearable and they both struggle for years to find themselves, and each other, in the midst of this unbelievable sadness Erin s sister takes her grief out on Erin and, as a result, Erin struggles with feelings of unworthiness and depression Erin believes the accident is her fault because in acting class, she has a daydream that her parents are dead Erin s story was very difficult for me to read, and I found myself having to put the book down and take a break I think this is a good book for teenage girls who are struggling with self esteem and self worth. This book is a memoir about Erin Vincent s life, starting from when she was fourteen The whole book is based around the death of her parents and the aftermath of what happened Throughout the book, she believes that her parents deaths were her fault because she wished only a week earlier before their deaths that they would die After their deaths, her life is torture, as she is stuck with her moody sister who appears to absolutely hate her and with no money at all I thought this book was pretty okay The beginning was good and interesting, but as we hear about her life with her sister, I found it really repetitive Her sister was constantly cruel to her, but it kind of became annoying as the book progressed Other than that, the rest of the events in the book were okay. Loved this book Great for someone looking for an awesome non fiction read. Imagine That You Re Going Through One Of The Hardest Parts Of Your Life Being A Teenager When Your Parents Are Killed In A Horrific Car Crash Now You, Your Year Old Sister, And Your Three Year Old Brother Are On Your OwnImagine What That Would Be Like Then Read This Book And Find Out Excellent book Would love to read from this author. Erin lost her mom and dad.I lost my mom to the disease that starts with a mother fucking C.The type was cervical.I m not that fragile to death, but I never knew what was like until one lost my first family member.I go lost in my world as usual before she passed.Did some life threatening things.I like Erin s perspective of how when she talked about God, I believe in himI just feel like my love is not strong enough for the light but I want it to be.Erin taught me that I should just go out and grab what s mine when tragedy strikes.I ve done some things I m not proud of and I will never stop feeling guilty for it so I cover it up with what I love and move on.Erin s blunt mind about sex..really appealed to me, I m asexual so double the gross on that factor.Erin kept saying she didn t wanna be seen as this or thatI feel the same way because I ve got shit to do anyway.Life falls apart when folks dieand with one parent..the normal families don t get it.Don t think tragedy can t happen to you in some form because you ll find yourself trying to find a bandage for itjust like you stood back and watched the other person do itnow they ll enjoy seeing you fix your mistakes.I m one of the goth chicks..I have a keep sensibility for light and dark but dark.I can be so many things at once.