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ALL THE FEELS Towards the end of March I just felt like I needed to re read something on my shelves Crazy, I know Considering the piles of unread books I own But sometimes you just need to grab a favorite and revisit that wonderful world I wasn t entirely sure what I wanted, but I just knew I wanted something Sounds like me when I m hungry A few weeks ago I talked about some life changes on my booktube channel One of those being me becoming a live in nanny to two crazy, but also adorable toddlers.So I knew I wanted to re read, I ve been in the mood for a Karen Witemeyer book, and I wanted something with a governess or something in it BAM I was home last weekend so I grabbed the PERFECT match for me Head in the Clouds Every time I read this book it gets better I don t even know how it s possible, but I m so glad it is The plot The characters The banter The suspense The romance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes.A young woman who was so in love with the idea of love she threw cation to the wind, only to be heartbroken when reality hits her upside the head like a fryin pan Somethin about Addie just made me smile constantly Maybe it s the fact that she ALWAYS wears yellow Didn t know that many shades exist, but I m very happy they do Or maybe it was her quirkiness Or maybe her daddy didn t raise no hothouse flower attitude Whatever it was I adored it, and I want to be her best friend PLUS she was a bookworm, I mean c mon if that doesn t seal it I don t know what will Though she had so many FANTASTIC attributes ,she had one major downfall She moved to fast, and on her own terms She didn t wait for God s timing or will And honestly this is a downfall I share with her Sometimes I get so caught up in my day to day life, that I forget to slow down and listen To take time to simply WAIT This book, though light and fun and giggly and just all goodness, made me sit up and pay attention I love how Addie learned to wait upon God, and learned to trust Him no matter His timing, knowing it s ALWAYS perfect It made me reexamine and want to change how I wait I also LOVE Karen s use of the cloud in this story, her small take on the children of Israel in the desert It was such a great symbol, and was used marvelously Gideon Be still my ever beating heart Here s a quick tid bit about Alyshashe s not a fan of British accents I hear the gasps, I know HOWEVER If I had a Gideon stumble into my life, I d learn to love his accent Okay He was SUCH an amazing character, and he shall be my book boyfriend for eternity I CALL DIBS He took in a young girl out of the kindness of his own heart, and loved her like a daughter Though he was born an English gentleman a baron s son no less he still wanted to make his way in the world, and knew he d have to get his hands dirty to do it He loved God, his English family, his makeshift American family, his land, his horse, and his flock He was just so full of love, laid back and down to earth He was a protector, a knight in shining armor I just love him And the dimples don t bother me either On top of downright loving the main characters, I loved the rest of the cast save the bad guys They were fun relatable They just felt like a smorgasbord of a family It was great This book hit ALL the sweet spots, and I m so glad I picked it up It was the most perfect thing, thank you Karen This will forever be a favorite I know I will be re reading this and recommending for YEARS to come OF COURSE this was 5 5 star read Though I think it deserves all the stars. About the Book Adelaide Proctor is a young woman with her head in the clouds, longing for a real life storybook hero to claim as her own But when a husband hunting debacle leaves her humiliated, she interviews for a staid governess position on a central Texas sheep ranch and vows to leave her romantic yearnings behind When Gideon Westcott left his privileged life in England to make a name for himself in America s wool industry, he never expected to become a father overnight And five year old Isabella hasn t uttered a word since she lost her mother The unconventionality of the new governess concerns Gideon and intrigues him at the same time But he can t afford distractions He has a ranch to run, a shearing to oversee, and a suspicious fence cutting to investigate When Isabella s uncle comes to claim the child and her inheritance Gideon and Adelaide must work together to protect Isabella from the man s evil schemes And soon neither can deny their growing attraction But after so many heartbreaks, will Adelaide be willing to get her head out of the clouds and put her heart on the line My Review After finishing Head in the Clouds I only have one Karen Witemeyer book to read and then I will have read all her books I found this ebook on my Kindle Fire last night and I had no clue I owned it, so I decided to read it last night I started on the first page and didn t stop until I reached the last page at around two o clock in the morning Head in the Clouds tells Gideon and Adelaide s love story The story begins as Adelaide is hoping this guy Henry is going to propose to her but he in fact has to tell her he has a promotion and will no longer be riding the rails back to her town and therefore will not see her again But a month later Adelaide decides to go to the town Henry is in to find him and she does But she finds out something that Henry neglected to tell her She then discovers a job ad in the newspaper looking for a governess She answers the ad and gets the opportunity for an interview She s chosen for the job and then ensues the adventure She a governess for a mute child, she s falling in love with Gideon, the child s father, and she goes through a horrific ordeal.I absolutely loved this story It was cute, witty, and romantic And anybody who knows me knows my thing for cowboys, but this time we have a gasp BRITISH COWBOY Ya ll this was amazing I love cowboys, but then add in a British accent it gets even better Buy this book This is a story set in Texas in the late 1800s Miss Adelaide Proctor took a job as a teacher after her father died, and part of the conditions of the contract were that she wasn t allowed to marry for 2 years At the end of this time, the potential suitors who she met when she first came into town have moved on Adelaide has no family and she dreams of starting a family of her own, so she s been concentrating her efforts on a young man called Henry, whom she doesn t love, but likes enough to see as a potential husband Henry works as a travelling salesman, so Adelaide only sees him about once a month, and when he gets a promotion he tells her he won t be in the area again Adelaide believes Henry is too shy to propose, so she decides to give him some encouragement, resigning her job and followings him to a new town where she is met with disappointment.Adelaide needs a new job quickly, and is lucky enough to be given a chance of being a governess to Gideon Westcott s 5 year old daughter, Isabella The poor child lost her mother 5 months ago, and has been mute ever since She is absolutely crushed by her grief, and Gideon isn t so much looking for a teacher for Isabella, but somebody who will bring her back to a normal childhood Adelaide is no stranger to grief and she and Isabella immediately bond Adelaide also feels a strong pull towards Gideon, but she s getting her head out of the clouds this time he s her employer, the son of an English baron, and she s not exactly marriage material he s likely to be looking for In addition to this Adelaide is under the belief that Gideon s wife has just died, not realising that he adopted the orphaned Isabella.Adelaide is a great character, she is fun, hard working, brave, sensible and sweet Her father used to call her his sunshine, and it s an apt nickname, she is a very sunny soul She has a genuine affection for Isabella and is patient with her, trying to draw her out of her shell and come out from the shadow her experiences have cast on her short life Adelaide and Gideon s attraction towards each other is almost instant, but it s still believable, and you are rooting for them to get together when it becomes apparent that there is a very real danger threatening Isabella, and they have to work together to fight it off There is quite a bit of action going on in this book, and I was riveted to the page This book has a strong Christian theme, but I didn t feel it was too much Adelaide in particular has a bit of a spiritual journey in this book, starting off by being almost impatient with God for how her life is, and moving towards the realisation that rather than asking God to give her certain things in life she should instead have been asking for courage to do what needs to be done and patience to wait when needed This is the first book I ve read by this author but I would definitely read other books by her, I really enjoyed this read. These characters are the sort of people I might befriend in real life to watch my plants when I m out of town, if for no other reason but they re too perfect to be really interesting as fictional characters And since God makes all their decisions for them, they can t even really claim some of the virtues I enjoy in my heroes and heroines courage, intelligence, common sense Don t get me wrong I appreciate strong faith in my characters, but if God is going to send them signs and wonders to keep them on the right track, where s the challenge How do they grow as either characters or Christians And why aren t they studying their Bible instead of going on what they feel God wants them to do YMMV, of course especially when it comes to religious novels but this just isn t my sort of Christian fiction. Adelaide Proctor Is A Young Woman With Her Head In The Clouds, Longing For A Real Life Storybook Hero To Claim As Her Own But When A Husband Hunting Debacle Leaves Her Humiliated, She Interviews For A Staid Governess Position On A Central Texas Sheep Ranch And Vows To Leave Her Romantic Yearnings Behind When Gideon Westcott Left His Privileged Life In England To Make A Name For Himself In America S Wool Industry, He Never Expected To Become A Father Overnight And Five Year Old Isabella Hasn T Uttered A Word Since She Lost Her Mother The Unconventionality Of The New Governess Concerns Gideon And Intrigues Him At The Same Time But He Can T Afford Distractions He Has A Ranch To Run, A Shearing To Oversee, And A Suspicious Fence Cutting To Investigate When Isabella S Uncle Comes To Claim The Child And Her Inheritance Gideon And Adelaide Must Work Together To Protect Isabella From The Man S Evil Schemes And Soon Neither Can Deny Their Growing Attraction But After So Many Heartbreaks, Will Adelaide Be Willing To Get Her Head Out Of The Clouds And Put Her Heart On The Line When Adelaide Proctor finds herself in a new town, jobless and heartbroken, she decides to apply for a position as a governess After spending many years reading enchanting novels and dreaming about her perfect hero, she realizes that it is time to stop dreaming and start living a real life She does not imagine that sometimes real life may be fascinating and breathtaking than her books.The thing I always like when I read a Karen Witemeyer book is that I feel exactly all the emotions the characters are feeling I find myself smiling when the hero tells something sweet to his beloved one, I am scared when something bad happens, and I am upset when the villains do something that let me think they are going to win Every time I read one of Ms Witemeyer s stories, I know that I will enjoy it And it happened this time around as well I think she has a special way of conveying what she has in her mind and heart, and she is great at it.I really loved the sweetness in the relationship between Gideon and Adelaide They were a lovely couple Every time he smiled at her or simply looked at her, Adelaide s heart fluttered, and it was wonderful to read those pages and witness their friendship turning in something Gideon was the perfect English gentleman who could also fight to save his beloved damsel in distress, and that was just exciting Plus, his little daughter, Isabella, added something so lovely to the story that it was a real pleasure to see how her life changed as soon as Adelaide arrived in her house.Then why did I not give it five stars Actually, I wanted to But there was a scene that was quite distressing and, sadly, influenced my rating A man tried to abuse the heroine and I know that I am probably overreacting, but I did not expect that kind of scene in a book like this one Nothing bad happened in the end and the scene was not particularly descriptive, but I did not like how I felt while reading it and afterwards It left me sad, upset and a little disappointed.Overall, Head in the Clouds is a novel I highly recommend to everyone Not only to all those readers who enjoy love stories mixed with a little action, but also to all the people who like to read sweet, touching books Karen Witemeyer s books have a special power they lead you through a fantastic journey I absolutely loved this book It is so cheesy and fluffy maybe even too cheesy , but sometimes its good to get a little bit of a break from serious stuffI myself am a romantic, so I could completely relate to Adelaide in her longing for fluffy romantic relationship I loved how things that were sort of unclear in the beginning of this book made complete sense later on The story was so sweet and though it was obviously predictable, the sense of danger and suspense sort of propelled you through this journey of wondering if the heroine and hero will finally be together I also liked how Adelaide does exactly as the title suggests, spending her mornings and afternoons off with her head in the clouds, reading the love stories of Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre I also really loved how Karen incorporated the cover into her story It s something that isn t seen very often that I really loved.There was really nothing I really disliked about the book, although I did get a little bored reading from Reginald s point of view at times.Language CleanRomance Clean and sweet, though did mention several times about husbandly duties.There is mention of rape, and has quite a bit of violence spotted throughout the book I purchased this book myself All opinions are my own Possibly going to review this later This was a great story I have really enjoyed all of the books that I have read by this author and am trying to read those that I hadn t ever gotten to This story had a great blend of action, danger, family, and romance I loved it This book has been on my to read shelf since 2011 so when I finally spotted it at the library, I jumped at the chance to knock another book off that shelf I definitely had higher expectations for it A governess story written Jane Eyre esque Mmm, mmm, mmmpossibility Head in the Clouds is one of the most obtuse, self aware books I have ever read It would be an incredibly satirical novel if it didn t take itself so seriously PlotAdelaide Proctor I admit, I loved her name from the start seeks the perfect story book husband and family She head is full of Mr Rochester and Mr Darcy After a humiliating husband hunting debacle , she moves to middle over nowhere Texas to be the governess for a 5 year old girl named Isabella The girl s guardian is the hawt, British, noble blooded, very unattached Gideon Westcott, a sheep rancher I assume I don t have to tell you how that goes.However, to add some substance if not believability to this plot, Isabella s super evil, biological uncle shows up to claim her and her inheritance cue bad guy song ThoughtsBasically, the author decided to combine the hero from a British classic novel with the old West Which actually isn t such a bad idea In fact, my snarky irritation aside, this was kind of a cute read I really did like Adelaide and her dreamy outlook on the world She s always constructing new daydreams and it was fun to see her interaction with Isabella However, she s just soperfect Oh, she has your typical Christian romance heroine flaws She s impetuous which everyone apparently loves and stubborn and gets herself in trouble because she cares so much for those around her And she can ride a horse really well And she can sew like a boss And she loves to read And she loves kids kids love her.Adelaide was just too perfect While she could be adorable in that perfection, anything deeper rang false It was hard to connect with any of her emotions towards God because none of them fit her Gideon eye roll Insert typical dreamy love interest, give him a British accent, and you have Gideon Also, while I m talking characters, Isabella did not sound or act much like a 5 year old I suppose all the trauma in her life would make her act mature but still She was hard to believe Overall it was cutesy except that the themes running through the story were so irrelevant Like Adelaide s continual effort to leave behind her dream for a fantasy like prince She says she is going to drop it and then she picks it back up again And Gideon IS a fantasy like prince so she gets all she could ever want What are we supposed to get from this That you shouldn t stop dreaming for Mr Darcy because he is probably on a ranch somewhere On the one hand, the story says no one is perfect yet on the other hand it presents the perfect, flawless love interest for the heroine Well, which is it Also, all the Jane Eyre references IN the story made it hard to appreciate this as a Jane Eyre esque novel in general When the main character keeps comparing herself to Jane Eyre, the theme goes from subtle to wack you upside the head Overall I might have liked it better if our Princess Heroine had actually learned from her previous flights of fantasy and actually learned that men are human too But instead we leave her just as flighty and fawning over the hero as we found her, almost worse in fact She contrasts her life to stories and fairy tales, chides herself for being silly, yet exists in a fairy tale herself.