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There s a lot to Arthur Conan Doyle than the Sherlock Holmes stories The character of Challenger, unlike Holmes, is an excitable and passionate character, given to outburst of temper The best known Challenger story there were five all told was The Lost World, but the other four are equally entertaining Doyle seems to be stepping into Jules Verne territory here with these tales of disintegration machines and poisonous space gases This ones for ACD fans and those like myself addicted to the sorts of fantastic and romantic tales featured in Victorian magazines such as The Strand. Conan Doyle was a master at creating unforgettable, unique characters.Professor Challenger, like Sherlock Holmes or Brigadier Gerard, is a larger than life character who remains very much alive a century after this book was published Bad tempered but kind hearted Challenger and his friends another touchy professor, an adventurous sportsman and his very own Watson, journalist Edward Malone live adventures that deal with issues which remain interesting for today s reader dinosaurs, spirits,and even the consequences of not listening to the earth s needs A man ahead of his time in many ways, Conan Doyle shows it again in this book. Well, I am having a hard time rating this one I had very high expectations that weren t fully met I love Sherlock Holmes and being a scientist myself I had expected to love Challenger even However, the stories about Holmes already contain a lot of scientific details and though they often touch superstitions and fantasies in the end Holmes always figures out which scientifically explainable secret lies hidden behind each case.Arthur Conan Doyle uses a different approach for the Challenger stories which is exactly what put me off about them I was always waiting for the twist in the story, for the moment he discovers that everything can be explained scientifically I liked The Lost World and The Disintegration Machine was a nice short story, but the other three especially The Land of Mists do not contain much of what I like about Doyle s story setup It was not as straightforward as the stories about Holmes in which every single storyline serves a purpose and leads you to the solution of the case In Challenger s stories for example, I did not get where he was going with the Silas Linden part Okay, he was evil and pretended to possess the powers that killed him and let his children escape to safety However, in my opinion it does not help to make an additional point or advance the main storyline.Further, I was just not into the fact that all of this stuff about spirits and mediums was true and that the views of our protagonist had to be adjusted accordingly Of course, I do not object to this concept in general, I just like Holmes and Challenger to be the ones to solve the mysteries and riddles while the common folk is clueless. Once you get into it, it s hard to put down Slow to get started, but the second half of the book is fantastic aFor those readers who love a good lost world story, well told and with plenty of exciting action and detail, this book is a must One terrific scene follows another, and the principal characters, especially the incomparable Professor Challenger, are well drawn It should come as no surprise that this novel is far superior to the silent film of the 20s that was made following the book s huge success I won t even go into that recent popular dinosaur novel movie that ripped off Conan Doyle s title In short, hey they don t call these books classics for nothing This Is The Complete Collection Of Scientific Fiction Stories Featuring Professor George Challenger Along With Sherlock Holmes And Dr Watson, Professor Challenger Stands In The Front Rank Of The Immortal Characters Created By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle These Are Scientific Stories Rather Than Science Fiction The Stories Are Based Solidly On Scientific Facts, Not PossibilitiesContains The Lost WorldThe Poison BeltThe Land Of MistThe Disintegration MachineWhen The World Screamed Well written stories with colourful characters but some have sadly not aged very well. 5 star for the imagination very staid and one pacedAfter The Lost World, I expected but this was very staid and low key, never got off the ground for me I was left rather unimpressed by the four Professor Challenger stories that were new to me The Poison Belt was rather morbid for my tastes The Land of Mist contradicted character developments from The Poison Belt excused by some comment by the narrator about works of fiction being passed off as accounts of the professor , in my paraphrase The disintegration machine was an interesting one off, but Professor Challenger seemed rather unscientific at the end And When the World Screamed was okay, but nothing to entice me to read it again I d probably rate the five stories as a 5, a 3, a 2, and two 3s, so I ll give the collection as a whole 3.2 stars. It is perhaps difficult to believe that the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories could write these stories, which run the gamut from an adventure novel The Lost World to science fiction The Distintegration Machine, The Poison Belt to a philosophical tract, thinly disguised as a novel, in favor of spiritualism The Land of Mist Readers should prepare for wooden characterization, an extreme lack of female characters, and casual racism Readers of this edition should also prepare for numerous typos, including this speech, spoken earnestly at a particularly dramatic moment in the book We must kelp