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The Sea Holds Many Secrets Special Agent Joel Kenyon just out of the US Customs Academy has been assigned to the badlands of drug enforcement the Florida Keys In a short time he must adjust himself to lifestyle of sandals Jimmy Buffett and the uest for the perfect frozen drink Set in 1984 Mid Ocean will take you to the Caribbean wild west A place tourists never see where for centuries fortunes have been won and lost along the treacherous reefs; a haven divers and fishermen during the day; a conduit for smugglers at night With the lure of easy money and the temptations available to those in authority the lines of right and wrong are often blurred testing even the strongest moral compass in an atmosphere where navigating a bad course can be deadly In the end Joel will uestion everyone including himself in his uest for what is right and what is true Mid Ocean was inspired by real life events

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    I worked on the TV series and Movie Miami Vice with this author T Rafael Cimino Todd to us This book is so true to life I don't know where to begin A true talent Mr Cimino is an artist with his pen Amazing detail of a life that I've lived and miss so much

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    I didn't get it I know other reviewers rated it highly but I really struggled through this book There was lots of info about boats and a huge cast of characters some of whom seemed to have little or no relevance to the story It was a very intricate plot unfortunately most of it didn't seem to lead anywhere I couldn't see the purpose of much of the narrative When I got to the end it was all very ho hum and what happened to all those characters? I didn't know and didn't care

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    I'm surprised I finished it The writing was awful The editing was non existent There were misspellings The characters were not believable The plot was ok but there were irrelevant episodes and subplots that made no sense

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    Eh Lots of characters and character development that had nothing to do with the main story made it tough to follow who was actually connected to the plot Atlanta my home town being a setting for a small part of the book increased my interest but reference to it snowing in Atlanta on than one occasion during the course of the book soured that for me we are lucky to get a single snow every few years or so The author also attempted to inject light humor throughout the read that fell flat just not very connected and believable I wanted to like this book being a fan of the Miami Vice era and books associated with it I rarely give a 5 star or a 1 star this one pushed the envelope as close as it can get for me to a 1 star rating Some seem to like it greatly didn't happen for me

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    I could almost feel the salt spray coming over the bow of the boat as a read Mid Ocean by T Rafael Cimino The author's depiction of 1984 South Florida is flawless In an age that transformed this part of the country and defined a decade Mid Ocean hits the nail on the head with blow by blow prose that grabs the reader and doesn't let go until the last page Mid Ocean was written by ex Miami Vice TV Series writer marine director T Rafael Cimino and his in depth portrayal of the drug smuggling culture shines along side the backstory of love and betrayal Mid Ocean is a must read for anyone who has ever been to the Florida Keys or has a hankering for Jimmy Buffet and the lifestyle that singer embodies

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    Well there you have it only good looking girls like thisWhat proof do you need go get this book immediately pawn

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    Anything that gets me singing Smugglers Blues is good

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    My grandfather was a Venezuelan immigrant who came to Miami in the 70's As a result this is where I was raised I used to listen to all the stories of the drug dealing and smuggling and it wasn't until I read Mid Ocean that I had a truely graphic picture of what really happened My own father was killed on 88th Street in a drug deal and this specific part of crime drama has a special place in my heart Now I keep this book very close to me Thank you to Mr Cimino for writing it

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    Reading Mid Ocean was akin to jumping onto a movie set and becoming part of the story It usually takes me several weeks to read a book of this length but once I began reading it I couldn't put it down The portrayal of the drug trade era south Florida and the surrounding environment of the time was spot on When I finished the last page I was a little sadlike parting with new friends I hope a movie will be made from this book I just received Table 21 and will begin a new adventure reading Mr Cimino's latest

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    I was captivated by the first page and blown away with the ending I am very critical of American fiction writers but found this book to be very realistic and straight forward I understand that a film is in the works and cant wait for that to happen I strongly recommend this book