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When Gregor Follows His Little Sister Through A Grate In The Laundry Room Of Their New York Apartment Building, He Hurtles Into The Dark Underland Beneath The City There, Humans Live Uneasily Beside Giant Spiders, Bats, Cockroaches, And Rats But The Fragile Peace Is About To Fall ApartGregor Wants No Part In This Conflict, But Again And Again, He And His Family Are Drawn Into The Underland Gregor Must Find His Place In The Frightening Prophecies He Encounters, The Strength To Protect His Family, And The Courage To Defend Against An Army Of Giant RatsIn This Action Packed And Masterful Series, Suzanne Collins Unfolds The Fate Of The Underland And Its Great Warrior, Gregor The Overlander

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    Yep Not even sorry These books are delicious, addictive, bite sized reads Gregor is basically Katniss and Peeta s tween son, living in present day I think NYC The books are fun and action packed, and also packed full of morals and deep thoughts for the young uns She deals with heavy issues like war vs peacekeeping, self preservation vs the common good, fighting evil internally as well as externally, brotherhood, loyalty, etc They tested my fantasy limits with all the talking rats and spiders and stuff, but in all honesty I was fully invested in these characters by book 2 It s all very Neil Gaiman for kids My least favorite was book 4, and I was prepped to hate book 5 because it had Mockingjay written all over it seriously, this book is clearly where she worked out her Hunger Games plotline , but it was so much well done than Mockingjay Everything felt fully fleshed out, and even the relationship between the 12 year olds had meaning and resolution than the Katniss Peeta trainwreck Reading this series makes me even angrier about Mockingjay, because she could have done so much better.

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    This set of books was a great surprise I wasn t really confident when i read the plot somewhere, but i am glad a friend told me to read it.After the first few pages I was hooked.The writing is really engaging and the story is full of new twists, interesting plots and suspance I could be clear but i don t want to spoil anything.It seriously a book that surprised me and kept me turning pages eagerly.A must read for lovers of the genre.The only bad thing is that we leave this world too early, books would have been welcomed

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    I bought this set years ago with the intention of gifting them I m not sure if the intended recipient will ever be ready for such reading and, after deciding that the set had been taking up space for too many years, I thought I might as well read them myself.Let me point out that I had NO idea that they were written by the author of The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset until just now If I had known, I probably would have cracked the seal long ago The Underland Chronicles was SO good And unlike Collins famous series, got better and better with each book.The story revolves around Gregor, an eleven year old that lives in New York City with his struggling family He stumbles upon a hidden world miles below ground, a place where humans, rats, mice, spiders bats and other creatures live as equals The different species don t always get along, and Gregor plays a pivotal role as the prophesied warrior come to the humans aid.If you don t mind reading dark novels intended for sixth graders, I highly recommend this series

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    I ve had this lovely box set sitting on my shelves for a bit now, and when Christmas rolled around I decided it was time to dig into Suzanne Collins first series of books As millions of others, the Hunger Games rocked my socks off, so it was a natural progression to want to read the rest of her work It was ridiculously hard to get your hands on it until the movie buzz started, but now you should be able to find the series loose or in boxed sets almost anywhere.From Goodreads, Gregor the Overlander Book 1 When eleven year old Gregor follows his little sister through a grate in the laundry room of their New York apartment, he hurtles into the dark Underland beneath the city There, humans live uneasily beside giant spiders, bats, cockroaches, and rats but the fragile peace is about to fall apart.Gregor wants no part of a conflict between these creepy creatures He just wants to find his way home But when he discovers that a strange prophecy foretells a role for him in the Underland s uncertain future, he realizes it might be the only way to solve the biggest mystery of his life Little does he know his quest will change him and the Underland forever.The series has a slow start, introductions to the brutal and bizarre Underland are a bit complex and strange I suppose this will seem odd, but I found the history of the Underlanders stranger than the giant bugs and rats Supposedly they were lead underground by the Earl of Sandwich No real explanation why the Earl of Sandwich or why they felt the need to go underground but that s the set up Also, the Earl was a bit of prophecy teller, and none of it was positive, which makes me really wonder why he thought this whole relocation was a good idea, however once the story starts to get past the intro and into the adventure proper it does take off.Gregor is very likable, but it s his little sister Boots that sold the whole series for me Especially her affinity with the Cockroaches She s funny, lovable and than anyone else she s what I stuck around for in the first book Boots, who loved any kind of compliment, instinctively knew she was being admired She stretched out her chubby arms to the giant insects I poop, she said graciously, and they gave an appreciative hiss Be she princess, Overlander, be she Be she queen, be she Asked the leader, dipping its head in slavish devotion.Gregor grows, character wise, quite a bit in the first book but he really doesn t start to hold his own until book two, Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane.Like many debuts, book one isn t the strongest of the series By book two Suzanne starts to dig into the meat of the story and really start to look at war, segregation and prejudices Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane is also when I started being intrigued by her other characters, Ripred was one of my favorites after Boots, but Gregor, the bats and the underlanders all start to have much depth.Between the Hunger Games and the Gregor series its obvious war, violence, prejudice and the struggle to live are of major interest to Collins It s intriguing to see how she presents it for a middle grade audience versus the young adult audience The edge is still there, but there s a softness to it that is definitely lacking in the Hunger Games The humor is one of the biggest differences, but the ability to return to the safety of his family at any time is also a big change I was the most impressed by the fact she doesn t dumb down the brutality for the younger crowd, she pulls all the same punches of loss, betrayal and the struggle for survival that she does in HG.By the end of the series I was very attached to all the main players, and I was on the edge of my seat to see the outcome of the violence And although the prophecies were a bit of a contrived way to keep dragging Gregor and his family into the Underlanders issues, I was willing to forgive it because the rest of the story was strong.An adventurous romp through a truly bizarre fantasy world, Gregor the Overlander has a slow build but it s well worth the effort of getting through the first slightly bumpy patch It s the sort of story that s not only enjoyable, and often funny, but it also has great things to say about heavy topics not regularly broached in middle grade lit If you re one of the die hard fans whose read the books, are about to see the movies and have been dying to dig into Suzanne Collins goodness then you won t go wrong grabbing the Gregor series.

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    I read all of these books except the last one I need to read the last one because the series was amazing.

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    This series was recommended to me by my 11 year old son s best friend I m glad I read them, even though I neglected my children and sleep and everything else to do so I breezed through five books in five days I highly recommend them to all kids from about third grade and up There are many things I love about these books 1 The pacing is just perfect for younger readers It has a quickly moving storyline but is never too suspenseful or frightening as to induce nightmares 2 Suzanne Collins brought these characters Gregor, Boots, Luxa, and all the rest to life without overusing blatant description I know their personalities but not the color of their hair of the humans, anyway she always told us what color fur the rats and bats had If Gregor the Overlander had been written after Hunger Games cinematic success, I would think that she left her characters deliberatly under described to leave wiggle room for the casting when they make the movies For they should make the movies 3 There is not even a hint of bad language or sexuality The last book makes a faint stab at a mild romance, which actually felt really out of place, but nothing that made me not want to let my kids read it 4 The ending, while not exactly a happy ending, leaves possiblilties open It is realistic than a perfect fairy tale ending, which kind of bums me out, BUT She could go on to write a book number six And she should I want to know what happens to Gregor s family and everyone in Regalia.

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    The first four books were good fun books I rate it three stars as an adult reading it but I probably would have rated it higher if I had been eleven years old I wasn t such a fan of the fifth book for two reasons First because it is violent than the previous ones it s a war so obviously there is going to be some violence but I don t think it s appropriate for a kids book to talk about ripping out throats Before I read the last book I thought it would be a good one for my son to read in a few years but now I don t.The second reason I did not like the fifth book is because I just finished reading Mockingjay by the same author It s practically the same book Main character goes off to battle, comes back and recuperates repeat 3 times Main character is used as a pawn by the war leaders, is even given a special uniform to wear that makes him look cool and be an inspiration to the fighters Has a character that is leading the war supposedly for good but is really cold and calculating and doesn t care about personal casualties I think I figured out why I didn t like Mockingjay The author couldn t think of anything new to write for the final book so she just copied what she did in the previous series Overlander book 5 is better than Mockingjay though Probably because it was written for a younger audience so it s not as depressing.

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    Gregor the Overlander Box Set Underland Chronicles, 1 5 Collins, Suzanneoverlander the kids adored boots, this was a pretty scary and exciting book about a boy whose father is missing and he finds himself lost in another world that he is concidered a hero even before he came because of the prophey of the gray.Prophecy of bane boots is still the kids favorite character but they did not like fo fo or many of the other grousing characters, geoger has found that he again is drawn into the intrege and danger of the underland, his sister has been kidnapped and taken into the underland, by his friends in an attempt to save her, and that is just the begining of another dangerous and imposible adventure Warmbloods force by circumstance to again go down under and save underland gregor has to bring his little sister to save the people and animals and his bond from the plague only to find that sudition is the source of all his problems Marks of Secret A haunting tale similar to the holocaust in theme and meaning showing how hatred and intolerance brings out the worst in manCode of the claw what do you do when you find out that the words say you will die to save others whould you be willing to pay the final price if you knew your sacrfice will save an entire world this one is a tear jerker through out, i was in tears the kids were not.

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    I hadn t realized that this series was written for kids when I started reading it I m guessing 11 12 year olds are the target audience but since I didn t have another book lined up, I decided to give it a chance and I am so happy that I did It could be my unresolved issues stemming from my early adolescence or it could be Suzanne Collins captivating prose but either way I was lured deep into the Underworld along with Gregor and I held fast to each page before moving on to the next Each one of the books explored not only fantastical lands filled with remarkable characters but also the very human struggle of discovering and fully accepting the complexity of the self My only problem with this series is that it ended to quickly.

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    Book 1 First it tells Gregor s Dad is disappear so his mom have to work a lot to keep this family wealth One day,Gregor s mom said she is going to comeback late so Gregor have to take care of his sister His small sister fall into a conduit that connect to the underground and Gregor have to follow his sister to the underground Gregor meet the people who live at underground and they call here underland He also find his sister.They say Gregor is the overlander he is come to save underland But Gregor just want to go back to home ,but there is no way to go back except for be an overlander Than Gregor meet the queen of the underland Gregor have to defend the army of giant bats.Than Gregor the overlander save the underland and he find the way to go back.