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This is one of those books I looked forward to ever since I saw the cover art last year The I read about it, the I wanted to read it It didn t disappoint.I know you shouldn t judge a book by a cover but how many of us do just that We either are drawn to the gorgeous dress like on this one or repelled by what we don t like on another It s like that in life too Jericho Tucker has done just that in this book He takes one look at Hannah Richards and sees all the things he hates and fears He certainly doesn t want to get to get entangled with the seamstress himself no matter how nice she seems.The two of them are like watching an old fashioned bumper cars at night They slam into each other and seem to be causing quite a fuss but beneath all the noise and clamor you see the sparks flying.Jericho is a wonderful hero He is two parts stubborn and three parts generous Add in a little bit wounded, handy with his tools, protective, and thoughtful He looks out for his sister, the widow that works next door to Hannah, his assistant, Tom, and even Hannah He may not want to get involved with her, but he doesn t want her to get hurt or not have what she needs.Hannah can t understand why the livery owner is so grouchy and mad at her and yet helps her so often Even worse, she finds she likes him far than she d like to admit When she finds out he objects to her job and thinks she is trying to lead women astray by appealing to their vanity, she knows there is no hope he ll ever like her.Hannah is great She s determined, independent, kind and trusting She is a little insecure and fearful, but she is willing to work hard to overcome any difficulties that come her way She was a really like able person I found myself wanting to have her for a friend Maybe we could meet for hot cocoa in the morning after she went for her constitutional o When you want to sit down with the characters in the book then you know the author has done an excellent job This was one of my favorite books so far I have to thank the author and the publisher for providing my copy of the book I am very thankful, but it in no way influenced my review. Sometimes I m in the mood for a sweet, gentle romance with a dashing hero and this book, A Tailor Made Bride fits the bill Too boot it s a debut novel for author Karen Witemeyer All I can say is if this book is that good, what s her next one going to be like This story, set in the late 19th century, features beautiful seamstress and dressmaker, Hannah Richards and rough, sometimes gruff liveryman, Jericho J.T Tucker If you like a thoroughly modern heroine and a stubborn hero look no further than these two If you re a fan of damsel in distress rescue scenes there are a few of those as well While not the most thought provoking book, an important message of seeking God to better understand oneself and beauty are prevalent throughout the story Remember don t judge a book by its cover However when it comes to books this time you can The cover of A Tailor Made Bride is beautiful as well as the story on the pages between it I received my free copy from the publisher as an influencer for the author. Jericho JT Tucker Wants Nothing To Do With Coventry, Texas S New Dressmaker He S All Too Familiar With Her Kind Shallow Women Devoted To Fashion Than True Beauty Yet, Except For Her Well Tailored Clothing, This Seamstress Is Not At All What He Expected Hannah Richards Is Confounded By The Man Who Runs The Livery The Unsmiling Fellow Riles Her With His Arrogant Assumptions And Gruff Manner While At The Same Time Stirring Her Heart With Unexpected Acts Of Kindness Which Side Of Jericho Tucker Reflects The Real Man When Hannah Decides To Help Jericho S Sister Catch A Beau Leading To Uproarious Consequences For The Whole Town Will Jericho And Hannah Find A Way To Bridge The Gap Between Them This is officially my favourite book from Karen witemeyer She has a talent rare to find in this world Many of her other books were amazing, but this one just takes the cake Who knew she could bake so well Maybe I could snatch her recipe for myself Maybe my books could turn out just as good as hers with the right ingredients. What a fun, sweet read I needed just such a book at the time that I read this one The characters are endearing, and the romance is sweet.The main character, Hannah, is opening a dress shop in Texas, and I really liked her determination to succeed in that business Despite his misgivings of dresses and fancy attire, J.T finds himself falling for her and their mishaps and bungling of situations were charming I do feel that they fell in love a bit quickly Although the progression of their relationship was a bit rushed, it was still heartfelt without being too cheesy or overdone.J.T came across as painfully stubborn, but that made it so much better when he finally does come around I enjoyed the relationship between Hannah and J.T s sister immensely, it was very well done.Although some aspects of Witemeyer s ideas were a bit on the nose, I love how ultimately the characters depict how important the line between vanity and appreciating beauty feeling beautiful really is.I so looked forward to reading this novel and am so glad I read it when I did I look forward to Witemeyer s other novels as well and recommend this one for someone interested in sweet, light romances with a historical setting. Another rip roaring good time by Karen Witemeyer With a prose that stands up and grabs the reader s attention, this debut novel did not disappoint this reader I found great delight within the pages of TAILOR MADE BRIDE Jericho, Hannah and Cordelia, even the villains and secondary characters were brought to life I loved the word usage, the character portrayal, their interactions, it all shouted to me that this book is one to be remembered.Jericho and Hannah s relations are funny and romantic What a hero And what a romantic chemistry, it made me sigh and my heart give little jumps.The struggles and faith of the characters are well portrayed without feeling stilted or overdone Each one had growth and changes and through some had it to grow than others, it was done in a well written manner My favorite scene was one of the first in the book when Hannah falls through the floorboard and into Jericho s arms What a visual image And this whole book was like reading in a dream I was there No doubt about it, this novel is extremely well written.I thoroughly enjoyed every minute in this book and almost wished it to go on and on A great read, don t miss it It s 2 am and I just finished A Tailor Made Bride and oh my goodness Just like every other story Karen has penned, I LOVED it Utterly worthy of than five stars A full review to come soon. First of all, this is a Christian Romance I m annoyed at the people who left one star reviews because of that Do your homework people You wouldn t walk into a dress store and pull out something cause you liked the color You d check to see if it fit you The story is published by Bethany House Bethany House is an inspirational Christian publisher.That aside, the story itself does leave room for criticism Pacing is painfully slow and there is very little happening in the story Even the moments meant to inspire tension are sadly lacking Look, we know the heroine isn t going to die two thirds of the way through the book And the bad guy , well, the author goes out of her way to make excuses for him and to try to paint him as young, misunderstood and confused She even makes a silly attempt to redeem him at the end which doesn t work.The characters are fairly uninspiring on the whole The hero is a sanctimonious twit most of the book worried that a few bits of lace will make women go mad with temptation cause his mother ran out on his pa for a rich man who could buy her things Really Dude needs to see his prairie shrink to get over his momma issues.There is a message in this book that shouldn t be in a book period, but definitely not in a romance novel The story carries a message that a woman needs to pretty herself up and loose those nagging 10 lbs for a man to like her, or she ll end up with the sociopath down the street cause he s the only one who could like her I get the heroine is fitness obsessed, and yes we are talking about a historical novel here She spends half the book exercising But to have her take the hero s sister who is described as a bit plump and make her do these exercises and starve herself to lose weight so the guy she likes will like her back is ridiculous and a bad message Of course there is a lot of lip service to the oh, he like her just as she was, nonsense, but the kicker here is the hero s sister doesn t get the guy until the heroine puts her through prairie boot camp. What an enjoyable read This book was light and fun with some well deserved giggles, but also included depth and some very on my seat action parts.They way Hannah and Jericho turned to the Lord when they were faced with some hard truths, is a great example I wish to be able to also do when I m facing situations I don t like Even when Jericho fought against seeking the truth because he was afraid of the result, he at the end submitted to God.The romance was sweet between the characters and I found myself with a big grin most of the time.This is the second book I have read by Karen Witemeyer and hopefully not the last.Definitely recommended.