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A Unique Story Of Separated Twins And The Unexpected Consequences Of Their Reunion Sunny Skyland Longs To Be Reunited With Her Twin Sister, Starr With Only An Old Photograph, Taken A Few Days Before The Girls Were Separated At Age Three, To Guide Her, Sunny Begins The Cross Country Journey That She Has Dreamed Of During Her Ten Years In Various Foster Homes Sunny Manages To Locate Her Twin, Only To Be Faced With A Whole New ChallengeAward Winning Author Peg Kehret Combines Suspense And Action With Reflections On The True Meaning Of Family As Sunny Learns That Sometimes We Must Let Go Of Our Dreams In Order To Embrace A Different, Better Future

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    Your dad left when you were born, your mom and grandma died in an auto accident and you got split away from your twin sister when you were only three In the book Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret Sunny Skyland has to go on a highly dangerous adventure to find her twin sister Starr Sunny has always dreamed of being reunited with her sister She will stop at nothing to find her.Ever since Sunny s dad left when her and her sister were born, her mom and grandma died in an auto accident and her and her twin sister were separated she has gone through living ten years in foster homes She has been to seven different homes, but she is very comfortable at the one she is in presently, which would be Rita s house Rita is a big health freak but she is super kind to Sunny and treats her like a true child of hers One day while Sunny is taking a casual walk through the trail she finds a cloth bag with a zipper that blends into the landscape It was her lucky day, no one had claimed the money so she remained with eight hundred and twenty dollars to spend Sunny came up with a great plan, she wanted to go find Starr She could use the money she found for food, hotels and bus tickets She had a long trip ahead of her, all the way to Enumclaw, Washington.On her adventure she finds a dog that she has a special relationship with The dog decides to tag along for the rest of the adventure Sunny named the dog Snickers after her favorite candy bar because he has dark chocolate fur with perfect caramel color shades.While her and snickers took a walk for a while a storm started to roll in Snickers barked uncontrollably while hail the size of gumballs pelted them Her and Snickers ran through an open field to find shelter They found a big tree to sit under so the hail would slow down before it hit them Then after the hail stopped lightning streaks light the sky up with a roaring thunder to follow Sunny thought it was just a storm right before she saw a huge twister coming her way Ahead of them was a large, out of shape barn The roof of the barn flew off along with a bunch of tree branches Snickers got so scared that he tugged on his collar and ripped it out of Sunny s hands Snickers tried to run the storm out and when a flying branch came out of no where, Snickers went down.When the storm passed Snickers and Sunny got help They were sent to a Shelter until Snicker s head swelled down As they continued their journey Sunny finally reached Starr s house and knocked on the door A girl that had so many similarities with Sunny answered, it was Starr Sunny was so happy to see her but did not get the same feelings back, after Sunny told her she was her twin sister she gave her a confused stare.Mr and Mrs Anderson adopted Starr after the girls got separated Starr was unaware of their relationship but Mrs.Anderson seemed to know everything Sunny stayed over a couple nights with them, Starr just kept avoiding her Sunny then realized that living with Rita wasn t so bad.

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    Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret tells the story of an orphan girl who has been yearning all her life to meet her twin Her mother and grandmother died in a car accident when they were only three years old, and her father had left them when they were even younger The two girls were separated, each going different directions The twin who tells her story is named Sunny, and her twin is named Starr Sunny had a difficult childhood being passed from one foster home to another She is now with Rita, who has been very nice to her, and Sunny hopes to stay with her One day, Sunny is strolling in the neighborhood park when she finds a backpack full of money 800 She decides to post an ad in the newspaper and online for someone to claim it She gets several calls, but they aren t legitimate Sunny then decides the money is now hers and decides she will use it to help her find Starr She takes buses, taxis, and even walks from Nevada to Washington She encounters several problems including being caught in a tornado She manages to find her long lost twin, but what she finds is not what she is looking for Starr is not the same person she remembered from her past I give this novel 4 stars and not 5 because the story was not as thrilling as Peg Kehret usually makes her stories Genre Suspense

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    I found this book at a garage sale of my friend s neighborhood It s one of my favorites to find cheap books at garage sales in America I like reading children books in English, and I bought it only for 25 cents I really think I did a good shopping.The book was good for reading The main character is a low teenager and an orphan Her life before meeting her current foster mother was really miserable, and she escaped from her foster houses a lot Only her sweet memory was to meet her twin sister whom she separated after her mother and grandmother were killed by a car accident One day she found over 800 dollars and she planned an adventure to find her sister I love the ending part of the story She found her sister after she met a lot of troubles However, her sister was really mean to her, and she didn t have the same sweet memory that the main character has The book has been teaching us that we can t handle most of things what we want in our life She explored to find true love, but she already had it It was her foster mother

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    Runaway Twinby Peg Kehret You feel bad for me You re the kid nobody wants, is one of the quotes in Peg Kehret s Runaway Twin This is what someone tells Sunny, the main character This was a great book There are many great moments and lessons in this book, and Sunny learns alot when running off without telling Rita, after finding a bag with lots of money.Sunny lost the location of her twin sister, her best friend, at just age 3 Now she s on a mission to find her long lost sister, with the help of Snickers, the dog nobody wanted Sunny and the dog feel the same unwanted But together, they accomplish some pretty amazing things, like surviving a tornado, which is my favorite part of this great book Sunny has grown up with many different foster families She is on a mission to find Starr, her long lost sister Will she make it with the help of many nice people, including Snickers and my favorite the funny cab driver.The plot was very mesmerizing Once you start reading, you can t stop Will Sunny find Starr Will everything be the way it was before Sunny has been through terrible homes, but will Rita be her REAL home Sunny gets caught in lots of hard situations, like not being able to board a bus because of Snickers You can really picture the scene where the bus driver tells her she can t come on, and you can almost hear his voice Although someone tells Sunny that nobody wants her, nobody loves her, She realizes after running away, that Rita wants her AND loves her You ll have to read to find out what happens to Sunny, Starr, Snickers, Rita and the cab driver I recommend this book to anyone, because of all the adventures and intensity I give this book 5 stars because it was very, very good

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    I was really disappointed with this book There was a total disconnect between the time setting of the story and the story itself Most of the actions of the characters were in keeping with mid 20th century ways, but this was placed in current times Let me explain 1 No adult in right mind these days is going to come upon a teen traveling alone and not report it to child protective services The bus driver, for goodness sake, would have called it in The cab driver, would never have let her continue The Red Cross worker would have done something But I could definitely see that happening in the 1940s 1950s, even 1960s Just a different time She mentions Amber Alerts and everything, but the characters are in a time warp.2 No one seems to have a cell phone on them They make calls on pay phones as if finding a pay phone these days is really easy.3 The adoption issue was totally mishandled No adoptive parent these days would have maintained a secret like a twin later in the 20th century That was a 1940s 1950s thing again As an adoptive parent, that really bothered me.It just seemed to me as if this was an idea for a story that Kehret had a long time ago, and just decided to write it, but didn t update the details In fact, she seemed to spend a lot of sentences having the character explain inconsistencies and obvious continuity problems And that felt forced.But the theme of finding oneself, discovering that family means than genetics, and that home doesn t necessarily mean fancy things was a good one I just wish it had been framed and developed better.The tornado scene was good, however Very exciting.

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    This was an easy read adventure appropriate for both boys and girls The protagonist is a 13 year oldish girl who travels accross the US on her own looking for her twin sister It s full of adventure, and has a good ending that s unexpected but beleiveable.

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    This is Sunny adventure,as she seeks to reunitewith her twin sister.Listened with TTS.100% Clean

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    This book is about a 13 year old girl named Sunny who goes on a crazy adventure to find her twin sister separated at birth named Starr Early on the story, while Sunny is at a foster home with her guardian, Rita, on her way home she finds a bag with 820 in cash After discovering this, Sunny constructs a plan to reunite and live happily with her twin sister However, on the way to Enumclaw, Sunny faces obstacles She finds a homeless dog that she feels like she must care for, people trying to steal her money, and even a tornado Although all of this happens to her, she still manages to get to Enumclaw and meet her sister, Starr, for the first time in nine years However, when she finds her twin and her new family she doesn t receive the warmest welcome Although Starr s foster parents, Mr and Mrs Anderson are very nice to her, Starr acts like she doesn t want Sunny in her life and is very rude to her In the end, Sunny decides to go back with Rita and live happily with her and Snickers the dog I think that people who like to read short, adventurous novels would enjoy reading this book Also, I think anybody who is a twin or maybe has a sibling close to them would be drawn to the book because of the title I think that these types of people would be most into the book because they have something they can relate to and feel a connection with when they see this book This book cover and the title would attract many people in but I don t think that these same people would believe the book is that great because the connection fades while reading it I didn t really enjoy reading this book at all, the book seemed very intriguing in the beginning parts, however, the book becomes very unrealistic and quite boring as the book carries on The author throws in many random details throughout the book that aren t important But the part of the book that really makes this book unlikeable would have to be the ending When you re reading the book it seems to flow okay but then at the end it s a bad type of plot twist and nothing even changes from the beginning of the book when she goes back to Rita Therefore, this book became a lot worse.

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    BETTER THE 2ND TIME AROUND Reread count 2 Sunny Skyland is one of the twins who long to reunite with her sister Starr Finally then she prepares herself and sets of to a journey to find Starr Sunny encounters different kinds of people and meets a lovable dog what could go wrong THIS BOOK ENDED SO PERFECTLY I JUST WTFFI love the courage Sunny can hold and her kindness towards animals basically a role model except the running away part She s definitely mature for her age and has good KNOWLEDGE on such things like It made a good daydream, but I ve learned that if you want dreams to come true, you have to take action Lessons Learned Just be happy of what you have.Home is where you re happy.Reality isn t what you expect it to be.Life isn t about perfection.Cheating won t get you anywhere You ll eventually get caughtIt s best to learn the truth than never to learn at all view spoiler Starr is really rude She s the total opposite of Sunny She especially has the shit memory Sunny remembers who she was playing with but not Starr Kay she probably hit her head in a tornado or something that reference I still don t understand how the judges person who sent her an email didn t even bother to at least type in the poem title online I mean it came up in top results Thus, Peg was able to make a good hate able character Another thing I don t understand is how lucky Sunny went so far without any really skeptical persons turning her in or anything for running awayHonestly, the Anderson s should ve told Starr about having a sister especially a TWIN SISTER ignoring and believing Starr will forget is horrible parenting and spoiling them with clothes and etc too BTW Is it just me or is Sunny really good at burning people figuratively She makes really good comebacks and lies haha hide spoiler

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    I love the book Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret The way the author goes into details, makes me love this book the most Sunny is the main character in this book, Rita is her foster mother and Starr is Sunny s twin sister Don t forget about Sunny s dog, Snickers Sunny was separated from her twin sister Starr at a very young age, and now she lives with her foster mother, Rita Sunny is destined to find Starr, and one day she finds a pouch full of cash She decides to go to her original house in Washington, to see if they still live there Sunny comes across a stray dog named Snickers Snickers and Sunny travel through open fields and survive a tornado, my favorite part When Sunny finally reaches her old house, she finds that her family doesn t live there any She asks the neighbors if they remember them, and they said that they moved to another place in Washington Sunny finds her twin sister Starr, but she isn t how she imagined her to be Starr doesn t even remember Sunny.One life lesson in Runaway Twin that stood out to me, was that family doesn t always mean you re related Sunny is better off living with Rita, then living with her twin sister Starr doesn t remember Sunny, and get s frusturated when Sunny says that they are twin sisters I loved this book because of all the detail and suspense I read this book in less than a week because of how much I was hooked onto Runaway Twin My favorite scene was when Sunny and Snickers got stuck in the tornado, I love how Sunny and Snickers worked together and loved each other.