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I decided to read this book because I absolutely loved the other books in the series The category on the bingo board that this completes is a book that has been made into a film What I liked about this book was the way that the author wrote it to make the reader feel the characters mixed emotions when different things happened e.g when one of the characters left her childhood home to live on a ranch with her husband she felt sad, happy, excited and nervous at the same time What I didn t like about this book was the parts that made my eyes fill with tears e.g a part when one of the characters dies and leaves her widowed father, her husband and her friends behind I would recommend this book to anyone aged 12 100 because it is a romantic tale with a touch of humour and tragety added to it Younger people might not understand certain scenes in the book. If you enjoy The Oregon Trail game, you will enjoy this This one started out great, but 25% in to it, I lost interest I m beginning to realize that I m not enjoying Janette Oke s writing This is a historical read One of my gripes about the writing is Janette Oke doesn t make it interesting It comes across as repetitive and..boring I ve read historical reads before so I know they can be made engrossing.I don t really desire to own her books I may not be a fan of her writing style but I m invested in her characters and settings I will continue reading this series and her other works my library owns Who knows..They might get better Reviewed for THC Reviews Love s Long Journey was another wonderful story in the Love Comes Softly series that is so reminiscent of the Little House on the Prairie books The author really brought to life the stark reality of the hardships on a wagon train and how sometimes people died along the way There was also the sheer boredom and monotony of doing the same things and eating the same things day after day Even once Missie and Willie get settled in a temporary home on the frontier, dangers and boredom still factor in, especially during the winter months In between the wagon trip and getting settled, Missie and Willie experienced a long, difficult separation as she stayed in the closest town, which was several days ride from their ranch, awaiting the birth of their baby, while Willie went on to get things set up for them And of course, there was the homesickness of being separated from their families who were so far away with very little means of communication It all makes me really thankful to live in modern times, and also thankful for those courageous souls throughout history who braved the hardships of the frontier to expand our nation.Much the same as with her mother, Marty s book, this one is told entirely from Missie s POV She was a brave young woman who obviously loved Willie a lot to want to help him pursue his dream of cattle ranching Although the journey itself and living in such an isolated area was often difficult and brought disappointments, Missie rarely complained She just set her mind to doing what needed to be done and eventually she adjusted quite well Her attitude was admirable, but that s not to say that I always agreed with her decisions to keep certain things from her husband I understood that she was trying to avoid adding stress on Willie by not telling him at first about being pregnant or about her severe homesickness, but as someone who shares nearly everything with my husband, I felt like she should have trusted that he could handle it Once she finally fesses up, Missie comes to that same conclusion herself, but later in the story she still keeps a couple of things from him, including an incident where one of the ranch hands menaces her I really felt like she should have told Willie about that and allowed him to share her burdens a little Even though I sometimes didn t agree with Missie, overall, she was still a very relatable heroine with all of her emotional ups and downs Missie is a keen observer of people and seems to have an intuitive sense about how they might be feeling or what they might need, and was always ready to lend a hand, which is something that I can really identify with.I do kind of miss having the male perspective in these books, but the reader can get a pretty good feel for Willie through Missie s eyes He is a kindhearted man toward others, a good husband to Missie, and a loving father to Nathan He is a hard worker, a great provider for Missie and his child, and very protective of them both, always doing what was in their best interests even if it was difficult Willie is a bit of a dreamer with his aspirations of starting a cattle ranch, but still pretty practical, and doesn t really take chances I think what I liked most about him is the way he comforts Missie in times of sorrow and truly wants to share her burdens, and also his quiet faith and optimism.There are many things to love about this book The young love that Willie and Missie share and the way they can hardly stand to be apart from one another is so sweet and tender The faith message is not at all preachy, but instead is a gentle one of relying on God to sustain you through difficult times There is a full compliment of secondary characters, other pioneers, ranch hands, townspeople in Tettsford Junction, and , who all give the story the flavor of the Old West and the sense of oneness as a community Everything just came together to make Love s Long Journey a very enjoyable read, or perhaps I should say re read, since I m pretty sure I first read it years ago as a teenager In any case, it was every bit as good today as it was back then, and I m really looking forward to continuing the series I can tell that there is story for Missie and Willie, and I m eager to find out what happens next for them. Where can I find my Willy please Love s Long Journey is mainly about Missie and Willie s trip to Willie s recently purchased ranch, where they travel by wagon train to their new homestead At first I thought that a whole book about traveling on a wagon train sounded pretty uneventful, but once I started reading I realized this was not the case as there were many mini adventures that happened during the trip For me the biggest reason why I just loved this book is because of the relationship between Missie and Willie and the wonderful picture of what a godly marriage looks like through the example they gave Now days there aren t many books written that promote a wife being submissive and joyfully obedient to her husband, but this book was the perfect way to sum up the essence of the godly wife model based on Scripture passages in the Bible But over and over there were parts where Missie openly submitted to Willie and not only did she submit, but she willingly and joyfully submitted and put her husband above herself Such situations were the scenes where she offering to live in their tiny one room house for another year so the house money could go towards cattle, and by giving up seeing her family and living in the town she had always known to move out to the cattle ranch with her husband so far away from her family It was such a beautiful picture of marriage and for that alone I gave it a firm 5 stars.Another thing I liked about this book is how when reading it, it lead me to gain a deep respect for the people who lived during this prairie time period, as it was not an easy life and there were not any of the modern conveniences we have today Through the sorrows and hardships of this story, it opened my eyes to how difficult, but fulfilling it was to live in that time. Books like this make you really appreciate the spirit and tenacity of the pioneers It s incredible the trials and tribulations that they willingly faced in the pursuit of bit of land and the promise of a future My favorite thing about these books is the simplicity Sometimes that s all you need. I enjoyed this book a lot I read this book as an audio book, so my experience may be different than others This is the story of Missie, her marriage to Willie LeHaye, and their adventures together creating their life out west The first third of the book or so are their adventures on the wagon train going west It takes them months to reach their destination and many things, from birth to death and everything in between, happen throughout their journey Once they finally reach the town where their wagon train ends, Missie and Willie s new land is still a week or wagon ride away Missie being pregnant, of course, is forced to stay in town until the baby is born since there is a doctor in town When the baby is finally born and Willie comes back to town to retrieve Missie and baby, Missie is finally able to see the land that her husband has talked about for so long At first, she is disappointed, but could never let him know However, as time goes on, Missie learns to love the new land and homestead she and Willie have set up A beautiful story of new adventures in the west The author doesn t go into too much detail about any one thing, but instead keeps the story moving along to tell of the new family s adventures. This was my second time reading this book March 2015 This book can be divided up into 2 sections the travel to Willie s land, and then everything that happens once they arrive I m re reading the series this year with hopes of finishing all 8 books this time around unlike in 2012 when I read only 6 They are quick reads and nice brain candy I think books 1, 3 and 4 are my favourite from what I remember What I especially like about this book is the attention to detail and the day to day aspects of travel and living in the Canadian West In books 1 and 2 I found holes in the stories book 1 with regards to Marty s conversion to Christianity, book 2 with Owateeka see my reviews for details and once again I found another hole In reality, I don t think Missie wouldn t have been so accepting of Maria s religious differences she is Catholic, although this is not mentioned by name as protestants and Catholics were known to fiercly disagree during this time. After the second book which really just felt like a bridge between the first and this one I was really excited to actually get back to the story I loved seeing Missie as an adult and building her life I look forward to the next book Amazing Ebook, Loves Long Journey Love Comes Softly 3 Author Janette Oke This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Loves Long Journey Love Comes Softly 3 , Essay By Janette Oke Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You