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Book Of The Bestselling Love Comes Softly Series Leaving Her Little Prairie Town, Belinda Davis Never Dreamed That The Excitement Of Living In Boston Would Leave Her Restless And Empty Inside Wealth, Literature, Travel, And Romance Touched Her Life With Choices And Decisions That Brought Dissatisfaction Rather Than Joy She Discovered That Only When God Had First Place In Her Life Was Her Peace Restored Belinda Once Again Faces Decisions About Her Life That Are No Less Difficult Than Before A Very Unexpected Responsibility Makes The Choice Even Harder 3.5 stars I m finally done with this series, I feel like it probably could of ended several books ago and I enjoyed Marty s point of view better than Belinda s in the last few books but it s such a light hearted story that will inspire anyone to look at the good in life and always be grateful for what you have. This eight volume Christian historical fiction series ends on a high note I ve enjoyed reading these books, and look forward to books from this author, even if they don t feature the same characters. End of a wonderful journey, a bit disappointed with this last book, though Marty Clark Davis were married after each had lost a spouse Nandry and Clae were 2 sisters that they adopted into the family after their mother died Missie was Clark s daughter She had married Willie and moved West Clare was Marty s son Clare married Kate and lived in the first house of Marty Clark Their children were Amy Jo, Dan, David, and Dack.Arnie was their 1st child together He was married to Anne and their children were Silas, John Abe.Ellie married Lane Howard and moved close to Missie Brenda, William and Willis were their children Luke was a doctor and married Abbie Their children were Thomas, Aaron and Ruth Belinda was the youngest and a nurse now living in Boston with Mrs Virginia Stafford Smythe Belinda had been in Boston for 3 years now She now called her employer Aunt Virgie She was accepted by the staff at Marshall Manor but they were not friends Aunt Virgie had a bout of the flu in early summer but was better now She had a dinner party and one of her friends invited her to New York for 6 weeks Belinda hadn t known that she was expected to go along and made plans to go home Aunt Virgie was disappointed but allowed her to go on the promise that she would come back to Boston in 6 weeks time Luke met Belinda s train She had told only him that she was coming to visit She surprised his wife and children who were very happy to see her, especially Aaron Young Ruthie didn t remember her but the boys did They took her home to the farm to see Marty Clark She felt Marty s disappointment when she realized that Belinda s return was just a visit Belinda was told that Jackson was marrying the new nurse, Flo, that had replaced her when she left town Rand had gone back to where he had come from He had met a girl there and they were married now Amy Jo was expecting her second child Clark mentioned that Drew had come to visit his parents Belinda recalled that she had liked him as a child and he was the first boy she had kissed Did he become a lawyer and had he married Did he still have any kind of feelings for her Belinda was feeling nostalgic She went by the first home of Clark Marty, where Amy Jo had grown up Clare and Kate had built and moved into a new house The memories were painful when she realized how much had changed and that she couldn t go back She didn t feel like she fit in any The visit came to an end and she returned to Boston when the 6 weeks were over She found that Aunt Virgie was open to the words of Bible when they were back together and by Easter Belinda found out that she had accepted Christ as her Savior They had another dinner party where Mrs Smythe explained her new found faith to her friends Belinda knew that she was where she was supposed to be.It wasn t too much longer before the butler accepted Christ as his Savior A short time later, Mrs Stafford Smythe died in her sleep Belinda was preparing to go back home when she found out that she was left the bulk of the estate Belinda didn t want the responsibility and felt the weight of it She cried it out and then the maid found a letter written to Belinda The letter said that she didn t mean the house to be a burden but rather a ministry and Belinda was determined to find a use for the house with the approval and acceptance of the staff She first went to the attorney who told her of the will and he suggested selling the house and giving the proceeds to charity Belinda knew that wasn t what Mrs Smythe had in mind and rejected his suggestion.Belinda received a visit from the church parson and she asked him if he might recommend an attorney to help her find something useful to do with the house Belinda and the butler, Windsor, had tried stopping by a few attorney s offices to ask for help but were refused They were told that they didn t take clients from off the streets They would have been than willing to help if they had realized who she was and the size of the estate An attorney finally came to call and he suggest an orphanage but that was rejected because there would have been too much remodeling that would be needed He suggested making a home for patrons of the arts but that was rejected too As the talked, Belinda came up the with idea of letting elderly homeless people live in the house She spoke with the staff and they all agreed to stay with the exception of the cook She was leaving to get married Belinda didn t know that the senior partner of the firm Keats, Cross and Newman was her attorney She just knew he worked there She was singing papers one day when she ran into Drew Simpson He was now an attorney for the law firm she had hired to handle the estate She was excited to see him again and they met for a quick tea break He called that evening to see if she was willing to attend a concert with her that weekend She quickly accepted Belinda met him at the concert and they made arrangements to go to her church together in the morning They walked to the house for lunch and talked about their years apart from each other Neither had known the other was living in Boston and that they were so close to each other Belinda didn t know it but Drew felt like he had the wind knocked out of him same as the fall he had taken off a horse many years ago He felt that Belinda s wealth put a barrier up between them.Drew hesitated to get too close to Belinda due to her wealth Belinda feared getting too close to Drew because once things were arranged, she planned on going back home She thought that Drew would remain in Boston Yet they still continued to see each other The pull they felt toward each other was getting stronger and they couldn t remain apart Belinda had been told by her parents that Drew s father back home had died She learned from Drew that her mother wasn t happy there and wanted to move back to the city so his brother, Sid, could continue his education Belinda talked with Drew about asking his mother to come work at her home for the elderly and bring his brother so that he could attend university in Boston Drew agreed to talk to his mother and they soon came to live at Marshall Manor.A board was set up to run the Manor and Keats was on it Everything was in place and residents had been found Belinda was hoping to get home for Christmas but that wasn t realistic so she made arrangements for to have another Christmas in Boston She wondered if part of the reason for the delay was Drew His family was in Boston now so there would be no reason for him to return home to even visit any All they needed was a resident nurse She arrived on Christmas Eve She had come to the house because her husband had recently died She wasn t ready to leave him alone in his grave so soon She was readily accepted and was very qualified Drew asked her to ride home with him on Christmas night and he told her that he loved her too much to continue their relationship They were heading in different directions and he couldn t remain just a friend any longer She cried herself to sleep that night and started packing to go home the next morning She had a hard time telling everyone good bye Windsor told her that he would miss her and that she had gone over an above her duties as a nurse in her care for Virginia He admitted that he had loved Mrs Stafford Smythe for years He couldn t have declared his love because they were from different stations in life She was his employer Thomas, the gardener, gave her a rose to take home that he had grafted and created himself It was a rose that went from cream to a dark apricot that he had given the name Princess Belinda She carried it home with her on the train.She went to see Luke and found out that her mother was sick with the flu She stayed home with her for three weeks until Marty was back on her feet and able to resume her chores She then moved back into town and took a room at the boardinghouse She was an adult now and didn t want to live with her brother and his family She accepted a position nursing the wife of the postman She had arthritis so bad she couldn t do anything for herself any She stayed with her during the day so her husband could work He brought her some mail one afternoon and there were legal papers that needed signing She thought she would have to take a trip out of town when the postmaster mentioned that there was a new lawyer in town He come home early that evening so she would have time to go see him Belinda went to the lawyers office and ran out crying when she saw that it was Drew Luke came to see her that evening to talk to her He explained that Drew had broken things off with her because he thought she planned to remain in Boston and he had always planned to return home Luke let her cry on his shoulder and then told her that he was waiting outside to talk to her She let him in and they talked about the things that they had mistakenly thought about each others plans They worked things out between them and they were married in August Belinda wasn t destined to live her life alone after all. I really liked it as an ending to the series but I was a little disappointed with the end I felt like it was rushed and didn t give much detail or justice to the story line. I really enjoyed the final book in this series, I really liked the irony and also how realistic the characters are I am excited to see that there is another series following Belinda s children. hafjdvjijfd I can t believe that the entire series is OVER And it ended off beautifully, too Note that most of my review is in the spoiler encased safe lock of text until you click it xD view spoiler OH MY GOODNESS The feels I mean, seriously I think Aunt Virgie dying was sad and a little too sudden and then a lot of time passed within a few pages I just think that overall it was a little too rushed But as soon as Drew came back onto the scene I knew immediately that him and Belinda were going to get married I was disappointed in the last book when Drew was nowhere to be found, because HE IS JUST SO CUTE OK But they are perfect for each other and it gets my Lydia stamp of approval I also love what they did with the estate I think I would have enjoyed it if they had turned it into an orphanage, but I think the home for the elderly is really nice, too hide spoiler I have to admit that I didn t like reading from Belinda s view as much as I did Marty s or Missie s I m not sure why Probably because she seemed restless and independent Either that or it had nothing to do with that at all It might ve just been because she lived in the city and I prefer the country I m not quite sure.I believe I laughed and cried a little bit.I can t believe I am finished with the series I wish it didn t have to end No Marty or Clark or any of their wonderful, and very large, family I wish so badly that Janette had written or would write a reunion of the entire family I would absolutely love to see that.So I have to now leave the wonderful characters that have become best friends To all you pondering about whether this series, I say go for it It is well worth your time and energy They are excellent books And then when you re finished with them, we can mourn together SPOILER ALERT Belinda was a sweet and loving character I enjoyed her through every book, though I must say her going on house calls with Luke was my favorite part I am glad about what she did with Mrs Stafford Smyth s manor She really is a great girl.Drew I am so happy he and Belinda ended up together For a time there, I thought they wouldn t I still think it was a bit strange how he wasn t mentioned once in Love Takes Wing Drew was wonderful Though I have to note that he s matured a lot since I last saw him I almost can t believe it s the same guy.Mrs Stafford Smyth was a great woman I am so glad she accepted Christ before she died She sure was bold in her faith I m glad she left the estate to Belinda I know she would ve been proud of her.Marty and Clark Though sadly not in this one much, the have been wonderful friends throughout this series Out of everyone, I will miss them the most.Missie and Willie I sincerely wish I had been able to know about them, and their children, and lives, and everything.Nandry and Josh I am glad I was able to know that they re safely settled and enjoying life.Clae and Joe I really wish it had them involved as well From what I knew, they were an adorable couple and I wish I knew about their children.Clare and Kate I m glad they stayed close to home They ve been a great blessing throughout the books and I hope they continue to bloom.Arnie and Anne They were always so sweet Though I m thankful for what I know of them, they weren t involved as much as I would ve preferred.Ellie and Lane They really were such a cute couple I kind of wish a book had followed them Ellie s view, and showed me how the people out west were doing.Luke and Abbie Though they were pretty significant in the last couple books, I wish I d known about them I knew nothing about their romance or Abbie s family and background That was a bit disappointing.Belinda and Drew I am so glad they re together I hope that they are greatly blessed with children and joy, and I wish I was able to follow along and see it.One reason why I enjoyed the series so much is because of the faith They were quite a bit spiritual than most, which I am very grateful for People need to know what we believe and why.I ve also enjoyed the togetherness These books had a beautiful sense of community that I really enjoyed I found it declining a bit in the later books as he children and grandchildren grew up and away But nonetheless I am very glad it was there. Once again, the reminder that God has a plan, and if we wait for His leading, we can fit into His perfect plan Once I didn t but He still wasn t finished with me, and in time, brought me back to a wonderful, and happy, life and family I love this series, the author s faithfulness to what might have been possible in those days, and the stedfastness of the Davis family They ll now go back on my shelf for another read in a few years, when my circumstances have changed yet again April 2015 and once again I come to the end of this wonderful series, and once again agree that they are some of the best books I ve ever read Maybe not the greatest literature, but certainly stories that are easy to follow and fun to ponder, and lessons for a happy life that are a great blessing.