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Book Of The Bestselling Love Comes Softly Series Marty Davis Had Thoroughly Enjoyed Her Visit With Daughter Missie, Even Though A Tragic Accident Had Extended It Far Longer Than Originally Planned But Now She And Clark Are Home Again, And There Are Changes To Make The Family Begins To Adjust To Clark S Crutch, And Clark And Marty Recognize Their Children S New Maturity And Independence But Nandry Seems Unable To Come To Terms With Clark S Handicap Is She Blaming God For The Accident The Baby Of The Family Is Going To Be A Doctor Ellie Has Blossomed Into A Lovely Young Woman, But Is There Any Fellow Around Special Enough To Ask For Her Hand Clare And Kate Eagerly Anticipate Their New Baby, But Has Life Prepared Them For What Lies Ahead

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    Fifth in the Love Comes Softly series about a family in the pioneer days in the USA In this book, Marty and Clark return from their long visit out west to see Missie and family, after a terrible accident that left Clark with only one leg Marty takes a long time to recover from the journey, prompting her family to worry about her Meanwhile, their son Clare and his wife Kate anticipate the birth of their first baby, and their youngest son Luke prepares to leave for medical college Only Ellie is left at home, and when Ellie falls in love she can t imagine how she could ever break her mother s heart by leaving too.It s very light Christian fiction, but the characters somehow get under my skin and I found myself with tears in my eyes two or three times as I read this book Easy reading that s somehow difficult to put down.

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    This starts off right where the last book ended The family has to come to terms with Clark s new predicament and the exciting twist that awaits Marty and Clark a few months after they arrive back home Faith will be tested, tears will be shed but the Davis s never give up They always know how to keep on going no matter what life throws at them.

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    Loved this book in the seires, back at their home I loved seeing the characters all again and Marty s little plot twist 3 Can t wait to read book six

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    I enjoyed this story It chronicles the life of a growing family and has a small amount of romance The story is clean, easy to read, and touching My only complaint would be that some of the problems are overcome too easily I love that the book talks about relying on God, but even when you are able to rely on Him and accept that your trials are for your good, there is heartache and struggle Nandry in particular struggles for so long, then is able to completely accept everything after one conversation.

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    Finally getting back into this series I had missed it.

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    This is probably my favorite in series, because this book is about Clark, Marty and their children that are still at home When I was reading the books that were about other family members, I found myself wondering, What is happening at Clark and Marty s house Not that I didn t like the other books, I just missed reading about Clark and Marty I love how Clark and Marty are so in love, because at first, Marty didn t even talk to Clark I LOVE the movies, but I LOVE the books .

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    Another book where I m not offering a full review It was a pretty good book, and fairly realistic as well It covers a large time span and jumps sometimes, but it is done very naturally.I love Lane, and I felt so bad for Kate I loved Ellie and her dedication as well.

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    Marty and Clark Davis returned home after having been gone for a year The had been to visit Missie and Willie Clark had an accident which caused him to lose a leg They were met in town by their extended family and had dinner at the hotel They returned home after dark and Marty s exploration of home had to wait until the next morning She seemed very tired lately and wondered that the trip had worn her out so much She went to visit Clare and Kate who had moved into the old house to see what changes they had made and she was waiting to meet Arnie s girl She went to see Wanda and saw that there was no change in Rett He was still an adult with a child s mind but seemed to care for animals of many different varieties They were introduced to Anne who Arnie asked to marry after she had met his parents His announcement was made on Sunday when he returned from taking her home after Sunday dinner Clare announced to the family at that dinner that Kate was pregnant That was when Marty realized the reason she was so tired lately She also was pregnant but embarrassed to tell anyone since she was now 43 Clark and the family were worried about her being so tired so she told him when he said that he had made an appointment for her to see the doctor He was a happy man to have another child with the others so close to all being grown and gone.Willie s father had gone to visit Willie and Missie and they heard that he had made it safely Missie had her a new baby Marty felt guilty that she wasn t very excited about her new baby but learned to love it after it started moving All the family seemed excited Nandry seemed to have something bothering her and it was wondered about Luke left to go back east to start learning to be a doctor He had put off his leaving until Clark and Marty returned and now it was time to go He would be back at Christmas to be the best man at Arnie Anne s wedding.Ma s husband, Ben had a heart attack and died Marty took the time to visit her and provided comfort as her friend Zeke LaHaye had decided to stay longer out West with Willie and Missie and had the rest of his family join him there He sent Lane Howard to look after his place near Clark and Marty s Lane came to see them and first saw Ellie in the barn with the new puppies Lane was instantly taken with Ellie and she seemed to care for him too Christmas came and Luke came home for a visit He was living near Pastor Joe and Clae and their daughter He was often busy and didn t see them too often Luke talked to Clark about the advancements being made it artificial limbs and thought that Clark might be a good candidate to try one out Nandry walked outside during this discussion It was clear that something was still bothering her Arnie was married and the family was together for Christmas with the exception of Clae and her family and Missie and hers Lane bought a locket for Ellie but she refused it She told Lane that she couldn t accept it because he would soon be leaving and she didn t think she could leave her family After everyone went their way after the holiday, Marty noticed that Ellie didn t seem happy and thought that is was because she was overworked in taking over the care of the house because of Marty being pregnant She was determined that Ellie should have time to rest.Neither Clark nor Marty noticed that the problem with Ellie was Lane and that Lane was staying away due to Ellie s rejection of his interest It wasn t until the middle of January arrived and Marty went to see Kate that it was suggested that they might have had an argument Marty thought that it might be possible and the she would talk to Clark before approaching Ellie to talk about what was bothering her Marty thought it might be that Ellie was afraid of leaving home.Clark had a talk with Ellie and told her that her mother would rather have her happy and Ellie was relieved She thought that she had lost her chance with Lane but Clark told her that he didn t think that Lane would give up so easily Ellie hoped so because she wasn t confident in herself to approach him first She would sort it out in the morning but felt she could finally get a good night s rest Clark and Marty were woke up early in the morning and Marty felt it wasn t for good news Kate had gone into labor and it was too early Clare was crying and Clark left to get the doctor Marty went to see Kate The doctor arrived and told them that there was no heartbeat Ellie woke up to an empty house and went to fix breakfast at Kate s Kate delivered a stillborn girl just before noon Marty felt guilty for having prayed that God take her child rather than Clare Kate s She couldn t bring herself to visit Kate because she didn t know how Kate would accept her still being pregnant Nandry came to visit and this caused Marty to see the error in her thinking Nandry still had something bothering her and she finally talked to Marty about it She felt guilty for blaming God for allowing Clark to lose his leg She also blamed God for taking Clare s baby girl Ellie arrived to hear what Nandry said and they both explained to Nandry that it wasn t the fault of God Good things had happened as a result of everything that had happened and they had come to accept it as God s will Clark was no less of a man than he was before the accident Ellie told Nandry that for a while she had thought that she would be embarrassed to be seen with her father an invalid but she prayed about it and she no longer felt that way Nandry felt better for having confessed her feelings and went home feeling much relieved for having rid herself of the burden of guilt Marty went to see Kate Kate was feeling much better and had missed seeing Marty She told her that she wasn t bitter that Marty was still pregnant She had felt something was wrong for a couple of days before the miscarriage She still had her health and the doctor told her that she could have another child She was looking forward now to seeing Marty s child Marty insisted that it would be another girl She invited Kate and Clare to dinner and Lane came along too.Lane and Ellie worked out their problems when Ellie told Lane that she had talked to her mother and was told that it was acceptable for her to leave home They began seeing each other regularly again They received a letter from the LaHaye s telling them that they wanted Lane to stay until they could sell the farmland in the spring Ellie and Lane decided that Ellie would remain at home until the baby was born in February She and Lane would be married when the baby was a month old at the end of March This would give them all time to adjust to her leaving and for Marty to be able to recover from having a child and take over the running of her household once again The baby came and Ellie ended up delivering the baby while Clark went to get the doctor Ellie said she was scared beyond herself but she did well Luke sent some baby shoes, Clae sent a gown and Missie sent a sweater Ellie got to name the baby, Belinda May The time came for Ellie to get married and they arrived at the church where Fran took charge of the baby Clark kissed Elvira Davis for the last time knowing that she was soon to be Elvira Howard He couldn t be prouder to have Lane for his son in law.They had a Sunday dinner soon after the wedding and Arnie announced that Anne was pregnant Marty was concerned how Kate would feel about it and was surprise when Kate announced just afterwards that she was pregnant too It was short time later that everything was sold on the LaHaye farm where Lane and Ellie were staying Lane needed something to do and Ellie suggested finding a job in town Lane began working at the livery An attorney paid them a visit and Lane found out that the man who had married the aunt who had raised him had left him everything he had They were given a legacy They were so excited and began dreaming of what they could do once the farm was sold The farm was sold during the summer months and they headed West They had money now to purchase their own ranch Lane wouldn t have to go to work for someone else trying to earn enough money They bought an organ for the church and left money to be used later on before they moved on Clark explained to Marty that they had their own legacy It began when Christ sent his son to die for us Then in follows that a man and a woman are determined to follow his ways Then those two people are willing to give their child back to the Lord This seems to happen over and over again to become a legacy that has no end.

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    Book 5 in the Love Comes Softly series Marty and Clark has just returned home from their long stay out west with Missie A few surprises are in store for everyone Including births, unexpected deaths, marriages, kids leaving home and someone receiving quite an inheritance The moral of the story is that the best gift you can leave your kids is good values It was neat to learn about some of the other family members I truly love Ellie and Lane

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    4.5 stars.