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Book Of The Bestselling Love Comes Softly Series Belinda, Marty And Clark Davis S Surprise Child, Has Always Had A Tender And Compassionate Heart Toward Anything Hurt And Broken Her Parents Watch With Both Misgivings And Genuine Pride As Belinda S Older Brother, Doctor Luke, Influences Her Toward Nursing Will She Have The Inward Strength To Face The Hurt And Broken People Whose Bodies, Minds, And Emotions Need Mending Belinda S Niece, Who Is Also A Teenager, Comes To Live With The Davis Family To Finish Her Schooling How Will Melissa S Arrival Affect Belinda S Lifelong Friendship With Amy Jo And What Happens When All Three Fall For The Same Nice Fellow

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    I am very into this series Let me just forewarn you thet iffen you decide to give these here books a look see, it be likely thet ya start talkin or at least thinkin extry fancy like.

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    I enjoyed this one Just thought the ending was a little rushed

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    possibly one of the BEST Love Comes Softly booksI love Belinda Melissa and Amy Jo are just wonderful as well The next book after this I thought was even better next book spoiler, major view spoiler because hey Belinda is the first to not get married Although what on earth happened to the boy that she, you know kissed hide spoiler

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    Oh My Goodness.That was so utterly cute And I can t believe how it ended How can Janette Oke be so mean LOL I am absolutely dying to read the next book so this review probably won t be very long.The book is wonderful The characters are great, along with the setting, plot, drama, and everything else It was all really really good.I laughed and I cried.Everything about this book is super great I think it might be my favorite so far Either that or I m just psyched about this one because I just barely finished reading it Whatever the reason, this was a really good book And there s a really good book that follows this one and that book is currently sitting next to me, waiting not so patiently for me to pick it up Which I am as I said earlier dying to do.Goodbye SPOILER ALERT So, with excited energy coursing through my veins I know, I m dramatic , I ll tell you, who have already read this novel, about my opinion of the characters Marty s great, Clark s a sweetheart, Belinda s amazing, Amy Jo s vibrant , Melissa s endearing, Jackson s cute, Luke s wonderful, and Drew is absolutely positively perfect Now goodbye, I m off to the next book DYes I know I m not allowed to get away with so short an explanation I know I know sigh Marty was great as usual She was sweet, kind, motherly, attentive, compassionate, and I can not believe how old she is If I ve calculated correctly and Math s not my strong point so I could be wrong she has to be by the end of this book about 58 years old They grow up way to fast I can t believe it Time goes by much too quickly I can t believe it She was just 19 yesterday Clark And that sweetheart has to be even older than Marty I just can t see them that old My traveling buddies traveling through their lives are old enough to be my grandparents And I can t even keep track of all their grandchildren So sad that they have to keep getting older Belinda was really a sweetie She was so helpful, and sensitive, and thoughtful, and mature She seemed awfully wise for her age I really liked her and her quiet, gentle spirit At first I thought, as Marty did, that she was much to tender to be a nurse She d never be able to live through all the tragedies But I can see that she really is a great nurse.Amy Jo is so vibrant Her manner and attitude is really sweet She is just so bright, and energetic, and tomboyish She reminded me a lot of my little sister I m glad she found something that she can concentrate her energy and creativity into painting And she really is great at it too Melissa is also extremely endearing So sweet, and chattery, and passionate, and intriguing Some guy is going to completely fall head over heels in love with that girl someday Speaking of that was kind of cute how they all fell for the same guy And I don t think he even knew the extent of it.Jackson He was a sweet boy I can see why they liked him so much And how he paid special attention to Belinda, that would ve got me feeling jittery He was either clueless or just determined about Belinda For some reason, I think he s gonna be back in there somewhere.And speaking of guys, I know a really sweet and wonderful one that better be in the next book.Drew, Aah, what a sweetie He is so gentlemanly and romantic and endearing Oh, I love him That was so sad and touching when he let go of his grief and bitterness He and Belinda better get married I mean, I know they did in the movie but those are so stinkin different from the books I can t depend on them Goodness, in there Drew s a fancy lawyer that s from the East, he s well to do, he and Belinda barely meet, he has all his limbs, and is totally different Goodness, this review was supposed to be shorter because I want to read and instead it s longer than usual Oh well

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    Yet another great volume in this Christian historical romance drama series this one has a fun ending that I won t give away here.

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    Is anyone else confused about Melissa and Belinda s ages At the beginning of the book it says that Belinda is 11 and that Melissa is 9 months older than her, but on the way to pick up Melissa, Belinda and Amy Jo were talking and Belinda said Melissa was 14 Were several years snuck in the first chapters EDIT The top paragraph was from Oct 2012, and it s now Sept 2015 If you look in the comments, I explained this continuity error It really bothers me that it was never picked up, as it s very obvious I really enjoyed reading about Belinda s venture into medicine I wish Janette Oke included precise locations and dates in her books By my estimate, this book must take place in the very late 1800s or early 1900s, considering Doctor Luke know about bacteria causing disease and the fact that he used chloroform as an anesthesia by my googling, it looks like it was used in the mid 1850 s until the Depression As I read about the pioneer era, one thing that is starting to bug me about Janette Oke s books are her inaccuracies For example, the Davis family has never gone hungry in the 6 books I have read, despite living in small farming communities I am counting Missie s family in this as well in book 3 she apparently managed not to go hungry at all and survived off of canned foods even though she moved to a sparsely populated area In the books, the Davis family members are always eating cakes, cookies, pies, etc which is amazing considering on occasion their neighbors are going hungry The Davis have enough flour, not only for their daily bread, but for sweets In reality, if you read real accounts of farming families out west during that time even the best farmers went hungry some winters It was controlled by the weather This is just one of the things I wish Janette would discuss in her books.

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    Of the six different Janette Oke books I have read, this is probably my least favorite The majority of the book was from Marty Davis the mother grandmother viewpoint So the storyline at times was based on her her husband s slowing down at their age If the intended audience is young adult genre, I wonder how much the book would hold this audience s interest I did think Ms Oke did a wonderful portrayal of the power of prayer within the novel.

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    Would you mind if we talked a bit Belinda shook her head Drew looked up at her and laughed, Would you mind comin down off yer horse before I get a crink in my neck 217

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    I loved it

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    Another good oneA great continuation of the Love comes softly series The story continues with the characters still growing but still same as in the other books.