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Lovely But Tough As Nails, Lael Click Is The Daughter Of A Celebrated Frontiersman Haunted By Her Father S Former Captivity With The Shawnee Indians, As Well As The Secret Sins Of Her Family S Past, Lael Comes Of Age In The Fragile Kentucky Settlement Her Father Founded Though She Faces The Loss Of A Childhood Love, A Dangerous Family Feud, And The Affection Of A Shawnee Warrior, Lael Draws Strength From The Rugged Land She Calls Home, And From Ma Horn, A Distant Relative Who Shows Her The Healing Ways Of Herbs And Roots Found In The Hills But The Arrival Of An Outlander Doctor Threatens Her View Of The World, God, And Herself And The Power Of Grace And RedemptionThis Epic Novel Gives Readers A Glimpse Into The Simple Yet Daring Lives Of The Pioneers Who First Crossed The Appalachians, All Through The Courageous Eyes Of A Determined Young Woman Laura Frantz S Debut Novel Offers A Feast For Readers Of Historical Fiction And Romance Lovers Alike

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    This is a hard one to review It is both wonderful and exasperating all at once The writing is lovely, the story a good one It captured my attention immediately and kept me coming back There were really only two flaws but they were significant enough to cause problems 1 May or may not be considered a flaw, depending on personal preference The author takes an inordinate amount of time describing surroundings and writing about the daily chores of living Life on the 18th century frontier is eloquently portrayed and very interesting to a point When the descriptions drag on and on and over and over, one finds themself skimming to get back to the original story I did this a lot as the book progressed By the second half of the book, it became frustrating I wanted the story to continue, I KNEW about the life already 2 The heroine drove me insane I loved her but wanted to smack her upside the head She NEVER says what she thinks, wants or feels Every single time a problem arises, rather than say anything to clarify or improve a situation, she stays silent and misjudges or waffles forever because she is uncertain This is understandable at the beginning from the fourteen year old s perspective but come on Seven years later and she hasn t learned a single thing If we are to sympathize there needs to be some growth In this area, I found myself pulling my hair out and rushing ahead because I couldn t stand her any longer.So why the 4 stars Because even though it drove me crazy, I still loved the overall story and message The Christian aspect was subtle and perfectly done, the voice of the story was charming and, even though I thought it drug on, the descriptions were incredibly enlightening I would highly recommend the book as long as a caveat it attached.

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    When I wasn t bored, I hated it Lael was very flighty, and falls in love with three different characters and jumps around between them throughout the novel Loyalty and good judgment are qualities that she is severely lacking Alot of questions were left unanswered, which is surprising considering the length of the book I would have loved for the book to address what happened to Captain Jack, it was hinted he died, but never confirmed I thought it indicative of Lael s character that she had Captain Jack promise he would come back for her, but then she ran off to Scotland with the doctor before he could come back to claim her.Overall, Im glad the book was free from Barnes and Nobles, otherwise I would of been severely dissapointed.

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    4.5 Stars I really liked the way this book was written and how it went through different stages of Lael s life It started out with Lael as a thirteen year old and went all through her life until she was around twenty three or twenty four I loved how we got to see her grow as a character especially near the end of the book Lael did have many love interests throughout the story around 3 4 , but with a time span of about ten years, I think that was reasonable Although I did get really annoyed by some of them Particularly, Simon ughh I just could not stand him at all I didn t really trust him from the beginning, but I did also feel a little sorry for him at times only a little though lol other times he made me want to punch him I don t want to spoil anything though so I cannot say too much P But I am surprised by how it ended and I didn t think it would go in the direction it went, but I am happy with it and am really glad I decided to give this book a try _ There were so many characters that I grew to love Ma Horn, Ransom, Susanna, and Ian are a few I also enjoyed the Indian Shawnee side of the story But I think my favorite parts were toward the end of the book That is all I can think of to say without spoiling anything so you ll have to go and read it to find out _ Thank you Revell and Baker Publishing Group for providing me a copy in exchange for a honest review

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    It s hard to believe that this was Laura Frantz s debut novel This book has been on my Kindle for some time, often calling my name but I found myself so caught up in Laura s recent releases, that I hadn t carved out the time to go back to the very beginning and open the pages of this beauty I am so glad that I finally did Having read The Frontiersman s Daughter, it is absolutely no surprise why Laura holds such a special place in Christian historical romance Her writing is superb and her ability to pen a gripping love story always seems so effortless Truly elegant prose to linger on This story really did a number on me So many paths Lael could have taken in life Not like a steady river, but little rivulets to run down the mountainside, leaving the reader to wonder which course she ll follow The story line held me in it s grip until the final word and it was with a satisfied sigh that I closed the cover I will add that there was a particular character who s presence remained of a mystery than I would have likedbut that in no way detracts from Laura s skillin fact, in only builds upon her ability to pen heartrending characters that are so real and captivating, the reader is simply left wanting A beautiful, beautiful tale.

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    I had heard wonderful things about this book, but really wasn t prepared for how blown away I was going to be THE FRONTIERSMAN S DAUGHTER has it all Adventure, romance, grudges, war, a gutsy heroine and not one, but two awesome heros From the first page where Lael let down her hair in the presence in a war party of Shawnee I was hooked Usually in a romance I can ultimately tell who will be the heroine s choice I had no idea in this novel It kept me completely entranced in the story The waterfall scene was gripping and had me gulping air like a fish out of water At another point in the novel, I was so shocked I couldn t believe what I was reading and was turning pages until they were warm beneath my fingers Lael is an amazing heroine Her strength and determination in life make her seem invincible in the world of Kentucky of the 18th century But it s the grudges she has buried deep that make her human And her gentle discovery of Christ s love make this story touching and real.This isn t a novel to blaze through It is meant to be savored, each page read thoroughly and enjoyed to its fullest potential Because each page holds a treasure, a key to unlocking the tapestry of Lael s life I would whole heartedly read this book again and again and highly recommend it This debut novel by Laura Frantz is incredible and she can only get better from here I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of her second novel, Courting Morrow Little Laura Frantz has found herself a new fan

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    This is a book that really touched my heart It s an epic story spanning the years, a time of harsh struggles, where joy is found in simple and lovely things a close friend, the beauty of nature, the excitement of dancing Throughout the story as she grows into a young woman, Lael yearns to know and understand her own heart, and find peace It s gentle, sobering, gritty, and realistic I appreciated the historical details and I loved learning about this time period and setting in our country s early history Such a sweet romance as Lael grows and matures and gains faith to match her strength I received a copy of the book in a giveaway all opinions in this review are my own

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    This was my first book by Laura Frantz and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it I had seen this book at bookstores, and to be honest, the cover really put me off But, trust me, this book was so well written The book starts out with Lael being 14 16 years old and ends when she s around 24 years old Obviously, there s a lot that goes on, and I loved that It wasn t a perfect arch of a storyline, it was just her life The characters were realistic and sometimes even made me want to strangle them, especially Lael But even though I found her to be frustrating, I loved her After I finished this book, I just sat there and thought about the character development and the descriptive writing I was in awe, to be honest The Frontiersman s Daughter was a book that impacted me and I will not soon forget it I think Frantz did a wonderful job, and this book is a 5 5 stars for me I will definitely be picking up other books by her To read of my reviews visit my blog I was not sent this by the publisher or author All opinions are my own I was in no way compensated for this review.

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    This book was Chock a block full of beautiful descriptions, I couldn t get enough In style it reminded me of Lady in the Mist, because of those charming word pictures I would love to see what Kentucky looks like now, I never cared to before Congratulations to the author for making me want to camp out there And this won t be my last of Laura Frantz s books, she has made her mark I especially liked the attention to details, the herbs used for healing, the doctoring of the time and a little bit about dress, it was never in your face It was put in such a way that you felt like you were there too Two things I ll never forget are the blue beads, and the rose pink sack dress Every feeling came alive The snapping cold, the immobilizing fear of Indian attacks and the worry that one day Lael s long, long blond hair would be stolen, scalped, or trimmed I loved ever minute of the adventure Lael was strong, she didn t let finishing school steal away the wildness in her, she only became like her Pa Her Pa, by the way, was one of my favorite characters I think it was the mystery that shrouded him and his quiet, undemanding ways And it was his friend, Captain Jack, a Shawnee Warrior, that I liked next best Several characters were jerks, Chiefly among them was Simon I took a dislike to him from the first words out of his mouth I wish Lael had seen what he was sooner.I admit that I do not like love triangles, I do not like them, Sam i am Because, I am always the poor slob that falls for the wrong one As I did in this one Not that I ever knew much about him, but I wanted to a whole lot than any of the others That brings me to my spoiler, I ve tried not to spoil the plot too much If you want to know about the ending and loose ends, go ahead and read this spoiler view spoiler What would have made this five is if Laura Frantz had answered several questions Number One Did Lael s Pa die in the river Or did he runaway to be with the Shawnee again Number Two When Lael hurled the cameo at her Pa s feet, did she ever retrieve it It was his last gift to her Number Three What happens to Captain Jack I m dying to know the answer to this His elusiveness made him every bit as irresistible as Mr Edwards, Wild Cat from Tennessee in Laura Ingalls Wilder s books I feel that I couldn t love the man Lael chose, because Captain Jack stood in the way, I was never even convinced that Lael no longer cared for Captain Jack the Shawnee warrior Number Four What was Captain Jack s past All we know is that he was originally from North Carolina Number Five What happened to Ezekiel Click when he was prisoner to the Shawnee I m sorely tempted to ask the author, but then I d probably just look silly Maybe if I were to reread this book those questions wouldn t matter, but right now I dearly wish I could know hide spoiler

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    I just devoured the last half of this novel without even realizing that time had passed I wish it had a better cover Honestly, this one is pretty, but it doesn t do the contents of the novel justice Full review to come later I don t like to review immediately after I ve finished a book Once again I m surprised that this is the author s debut novel.Review time I was a bit thrown by this book What I expected to be light and fluffy was actually full of depth Frantz does not shy away from difficult subject matter The main character Lael felt so genuine to me, so human and real I ve found that sometimes in Christian fiction, the main character is just too good to be true or just too good, in general, but that wasn t the case with this novel.The plot of the novel was fast paced at times, yet it seemed to flow along in keeping with the tone of the book Life for settlers was often slow and weather driven I could really feel Lael s reluctance at a winter shut up in the fort Frantz portrayed her feelings so well, that by the time Lael could leave the fort, I was longing for escape too The best thing about the plot is that it wasn t predictable I wasn t sure what type of life Lael was going to choose for herself and Frantz kept me guessing until the end It was certainly refreshing.The historical setting was also unique and well done In a genre that seems to be swimming with regency settings not that I m complaining, that s another favorite of mine, hehe , it was refreshing to read a novel in this setting I felt fully enmeshed in the Kentucky wilderness, and Lael s love for the land was lovely One minor issue I had with the novel was how abrupt the ending was although I find that I can be quite picky about ending How Lael felt at the end was told to the reader, rather than shown.I already have The Colonel s Lady on my shelf to read, and I really look forward to reading it and Frantz s other novel

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    I received a free copy of this book This isn t the type of book I normally go for, though I do enjoy Christian romances from time to time.Set in the 1700 s in the wild territory of Kentucke, Lael Click is the daughter of a rather famous frontiersman who was captured and spent time with the Shawnee, learning their language and some of their customs One day, a Shawnee warrior known as Captain Jack appears, making it pretty clear that he wants Lael At first Lael is afraid, sure that she is in love with a childhood friend Her father sends her away for five long years to finish growing up and to learn how to be a lady When she returns, the childhood friend is nothing like she remembers and Captain Jack is all she wants, though he appears like a dream and rarely shows himself to her though she often thinks he s watching her Then a new doctor moves to the settlement, upsetting the delicate balance Lael has achieved between her civilized side and her wild side.I was than a little disappointed with this book While it s well told, it s billed as a Christian romance, even though there is really very little romance in the book The story is about the hardships of frontier life The different elements of the book didn t mesh well for me The book starts with a scene between Lael s family and the Shawnee Indians, which I interpreted as a foreshadowing of events to comeevents that never occurred I kept reading on and on, through pages of descriptions and feelings, hoping to finally get to the meat of the book, yet the events I expected never happened As a reader, it s sometimes comforting to know what to expect, and the way this book was set up, I felt like I knew what was going to happen.In the end, Lael just seemed so fickle and unsure of herself, despite the strong character the author tried to depict She jumps in and out of love so often, that when she finally settles on one man, it was hard to care much And once she s made her decision, that s that The book is over, leaving multiple questions that the author never bothered to answer There is very little closure in the ending to tie it all together The author also had a bad habit of jumping between scenes within the same chapter, often causing confusion, and I found the first half of the book to be incredibly boring before things started to pick up The author introduced two possible love interests that I found myself caring for, so it was difficult to really root for just one I liked them both equally.Finally, I didn t care for the message this book seemed to have I know this is a Christian romance, so of course Lael would probably end up with the man who believed in God, but up until the very end of the book, I really thought she would run away with Captain Jack therefore becoming a heathen, I guess Even the doctor makes notes of this that Lael would have to worship the Shawnee gods I couldn t really see how this would be a bad thing since at one point she really did love Captain Jack Isn t love the most important thing I guess not when you want your character to conform to the Christian religion and become a believer.