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At A Different Time, In A Different Place, Under Different Circumstances Could Two People Fall In Love Once Again Ten Years Ago Kathryn Jennings Made A Vow For Better Or Worse And That Promise Still Holds True, Even Though Her Marriage Has Not Turned Out As She Expected When Her Husband Fails To Return Home One Stormy Winter Night, She Struggles To Keep Their Ranch, But Her Efforts Are Blocked At Every Turn After A Shocking Glimpse Into Her Husband S Past, Kathryn Uncovers A Hidden Truth What She Wouldn T Give To Turn Back Time And Be Able To Love Her Husband For The Man That He Was, Not For The Man She Always Wanted Him To BeLarson Jennings Has Spent His Entire Life Running From A Broken Past, Unable To Trust, Reluctant To Try Again One Fateful Night, His Life Takes An Unexpected Twist, And Soon He Is Forced To Make A Choice Whatever He Chooses, His Decision May Cost Him His Life

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    Oh wow I read this book in one night I cried countless times What a beautiful book and great reminder of God s love I m speechless over it actually Tamera Alexander is one of my new favorites.

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    by Andrea Renee CoxFrom the very first chapter, I was disappointed in this book The amount of sexual tension and sexual innuendo was way too much for me, not even including the prostitution that was touched on in several scenes throughout the novel I was further disappointed to see that child prostitution was featured without resolution.The themes of forgiveness, love, hope, and perseverance were beautiful Those were main reasons why I continued to read this book, though they could not in any way hide the previously mentioned things that bothered me.I was not compensated for this honest review.

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    I m not sure if I can really give this one a fair review I enjoyed the overall story, but I did skim or skip over a lot of the book I think the book was just too long and boring The book was written by a Christian author, so overall it was pretty clean However, these type books just take on such a serious note, and it s like the authors try and throw in all the horrible things that can go on in the world, just to eventually prove the point of God s love and forgiveness In a lot of ways it reminded me of the book Redeeming Love I did like this one a bit it wasn t as descriptive or depressing It s a nice love story although, it did become a bit repetitive of just how in love Larson is with Kathryn , and I enjoyed the times when Kathryn and Larson are actually together Overall it was an okay read some may really enjoy the nice slow pace.

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    Just when I believe that I have learned Tamera Alexander s style and can no longer be surprised at how well she writes, I read this first book in her Fountain Creek Chronicles series and was amazed Unlike most of the novels I have read by her, this one was much solidly and overtly Christian, and the themes of redemption, purification, forgiveness, and restoration were essential pieces of the plot In addition, there was a large element of mystery and suspense in this historical romance novel I loved the depth of the story and the development of the characters I so look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy, and I don t think I could ever bypass reading any future books this brilliant author publishes.

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    Phew Goodness me, what a book I don t think I was in the right mood when I picked up this one Rekindled is a beautiful and heart warming redemption story, but so difficult to read I think I was feeling too low spirited for a novel about characters who were low spirited themselves and kept encountering hardship upon hardship The first few chapters were just so sad and depressing The heroine seemed a kind hearted and strong, purposeful woman, but the hero was very tortured and bitter and it threw me off considerably However I persevered with it, and he grew on me a lot as he goes through much healing, but I could never quite take that much enjoyment with the story, so I stopped at about 60% of the way through and skimmed the rest the end is happy, thank God At least, this book made me realize a few things I dislike Two stories going on at the same time We have one chapter with Kathryn and what is going on with the ranch, then one chapter with Larson who is being attacked on Christmas Eve, then back to Kathryn, and so forth, until they finally come into the same city again Very Confusing Tons of unanswered questions thrown in at the beginning The kind of questions that the reader knows will be answered in good time, but must wait patiently through many events before they come to light One or two is fine, but in this case, it was almost at the end of every half chapter Too many hardships and sad situations Here, we have a couple whose marriage is already broken, then one disappears on Christmas Eve, is shot, fights a battle with death, while the other is poor and struggles to keep the ranch, breaks her ribs, loses her cattleAnd that is just within the first few chapters Broken marriages and or miscommunication in marriage It just annoys me Talk to each other, for heaven s sake I realize that those are purely personal issues, and so I could still recommend this book, because I have nothing to say against the writing itself, the historical accuracy or the logic of the story itself Only, to me it was not an altogether enjoyable novel, but again, I am fairly sure that my mood had a lot to do with it I still wish to give Revealed, the second in the series, a fair chance Not recommended to younger readers, as it deals with heavy themes such as prostitution and child abuse.

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    I always think of God as, among other things, the God of Second Chances Even when we make mistakes or wrong turns that diverge from God s will for our lives, God s grace and mercy intervenes, if we re faithful and seek it Rekindled is a love story It is a love story about second chances, as experienced by hero and heroine Larson and Kathryn Jennings The book seemed a bit long and detailed in its introduction, but perhaps that foundation was needed to enable the reader to fully appreciate what later transpires.A central message of the book is that we should learn to see things and people as God s sees them And we should look beyond the external and seek to see the heart and its motivation, just as we would want done to ourselves As we journey with Larson and Kathryn we get a glimpse of what this might look like the pain and joy and the importance of being rooted in faith.I appreciated that the story had a satisfying and realistic ending It was not a mushy, tied together too neatly ending, but one that made sense given the storyline This is not the first book I ve read of Tamera Alexander Nor will it be the last She is a wonderful storyteller.

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    I honestly don t know how I finished this book so I guess getting thru it deserves one star LOL at any rate I can say that I very much liked some of the characters I wanted to find out what happened to them It is the oddest mix of romance and VERY. did I mention VEERRRY preachy I enjoy me some Christian themed books but this was over the top Needless to say I won t be continuing the series I ve enjoyed other books by Tamera Alexander but don t remember any of them being this over the top in the preachy area I will say the narrator that read the book was excellent

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    I read this several years ago and fell in love with Tamera Alexander s books I have everyone on my shelf This is the book that turned me into to an avid reader of Christian Fiction I ve been a chain reader ever since

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    A meaningful read, I enjoyed it a lot This was my first book by Tamera Alexander and I see now why people say such good things There is a lot of substance to the story and God is very present in it I love when God is the center of the book, not just put into the story to make it count as Christian, and it definitely shows in this book Although it had a slow start and quite depressing first half, and it took about 2 hours of listening to the audio book for it to pick up, when it did, it was hard to stop listening I loved the characters, the way God worked on them, changed them Their love for other people and their will to do what it is God is calling them to do The story line was a bit different from what I had thought it would be If you read the summary, it really is a story of seeing if two people can fall in love again under different circumstances But the suspense part of the story was just too much for me Not in a bad way, but quite often I found myself wanting to just poke a specific character and force this person to reveal their secrets While I see why this was done, it felt like it went on a bit too long for me By the time that story line was resolved, I was getting very impatient with the secret one person was keeping Sorry for being vague, but I don t want to spoil anything I really enjoyed this story and I will be listening to book 2 in the series, following a secondary character from this one, very soon

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    I read this all in one day in two sittings Well to be honest, it s now 5 22am so just over one day If you liked Francine Rivers Redeeming Love or Tracie Peterson s Yukon Quest then you are sure to love this little novel Heartbreaking struggle from both ends of a marriage to make things work in the best of times and worst of times with a second chance is just fabulous A great read