Destined to Witness Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany PDF

This is a story of the unexpected In 'Destined to Witness' Hans Massaquoi has crafted a beautifully rendered memoir an astonishing true tale of how he came of age as a black child in Nazi Germany The son of a prominent African and a German nurse Hans remained behind with his mother when Hitler came to power due to concerns about his fragile health after his father returned to Liberia Like other German boys Hans went to school like other German boys he swiftly fell under the Führer's spell So he was crushed to learn that as a black child he was ineligible for the Hitler Youth His path to a secondary education and an eventual profession was blocked He now lived in fear that at any moment he might hear the Gestapo banging on the door or Allied bombs falling on his home Ironic moving and deeply human Massaquoi's account of this lonely struggle for survival brims with courage and intelligence

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