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Logan Moore Hates Everyone Dad Dr Craig Westerly, Who Left Step Dad Bob, Who Wants Control Kids Like Too Good Devon Except Jack A Mangy Pup Who Only Likes LoganA New Disease Turns Dogs Vicious In Days, Spreads To Humans Logan Runs With Jack When Nobody Believes She Is Immune Meanwhile, Portland U Begs Reclusive Craig Back For Old Prion Disease Work

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    The Last Dog on Earth is book I remember well I d ordered it from a book order catalogue through my elementary school back in 2007 now I feel old time flies too fast and it was a widely talked about novel among most of the other students in my class It combines two things very well the dystopian genre, which was gaining popularity around that time period, and the classic character duo of a boy and his dog The plot itself is slow burning and full of a lot of teen angst nobody understands me stuff, but it s still definitely a moving and powerful story, and the plot is plausible to some degree Rereading it now, I found that Logan s own problematic family life was interesting than the plot of a disease infecting dogs I think The Last Dog on Earth is of a character driven book, and this adds depth to it than many other books in its genre It got a little slow and repetitive over time, but I can see it still being popular among younger readers today again, this is making me feel old , although I m not sure many adult readers would get as much out of it.

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    Everyone s dogs are getting sick they stumble, they become almost comatose and in the last stage they attack everyone around them And the people who are bitten are getting sick too Logan s on the run ha His dog Jack isn t sick and he wants to protect her from the people who are determined to shoot all dogs on sight But is Jack just not infected yet, or could she possibly be immune to the disease This was a great read I m an animal lover in general, and a dog lover in particular, so it was heart wrenching to read the scenes with dog owners seeing their beloved animals get sick and knowing what would happen and then it was terrifying to read about the attacks dog against owner, dogs against dogs, people beating and killing dogs, and the sick people trying to kill other people Logan is a great and sympathetic character, who doesn t even WANT a dog in the beginning, but who forms a strong bond with Jack There was also really interesting stuff about surviving off the land I really enjoy books where there lots of details about surviving So dogs survival dystopia a very good book Very suspenseful book, thrilling conclusion, heartwarming

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    The Last Dog on Earth Inspirational Pleasing Moving Daniel Ehrenhaft s story is truly beautiful He writes about how love has no boundaries between a boy and his dog This fiction novel is amazing It had many things that would capture all of the perfect moments while also showing the hardships of Logan and his shelter dog, Jack They seem to be made for each other What was once a timid, shy, feral dog turned out to be Logan s best friend Ehrenhaft also writes about the problems that Logan has to face at home with his step father constantly nagging, a mother that doesn t seem to care, and a father that isn t there But, little does everybody know, there is a silent predator stalking dogs and humans alike Now, the race is on to try to save as many dogs and humans as possible before even die The only way they can cure this disease is to find an human or dog that is immune to this sickness Follow Logan and Jack s story in The Last Dog on Earth.

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    Logan Moore is a boy who hates everyone.The father who abandoned him,the stepfather who wants to control him,and the kids who get in his face all the time.Logan only likes Jack.A mangy mutt that nobody wants or cares about.Jack has already bitten three workers but Logan dosent care.A mysterious disease is sweeping across the country and Jack isnt infected but Logan wants to keep her safe incase something happens.The disease is already truning dogs into vicious ranging preditors.Logans parents are trying to give Jack to the athorities.They are shooting dogs on sight.Now Logan is run from the one thing hes scared of the most..giving up Jack.I recommend this book to all that like excitment.

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    I read this book because my son recommended it to me and he doesn t often recommend books This book s writing was ok The characters were believable but the story line felt like it was plodding along Despite that, by the end of the book I really did like the story overall It s not a happy ending book though Be warned

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    Great story, albeit sad A crashed collarbone in a dog It is such a small round bone that I can t imagine how that can be done but then again I never knew a human spatula can be broken until a person I know broke his don t ask me how he managed, I still have no idea

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    I found this book lying around at my house and thought why not I absolutely loved it The story was exciting and I felt the characters come to life while I was reading I loved how everyone thought Logan was a bad kid, but he had real problems to deal with It gave me perspective about bad kids at school and how we really don t understand what they ve been through.Of course, my least favorite part of the book was the end I rarely cry but I was close to tears Should have known though, there s a dog on the cover I kind of like how the author doesn t tell you what happens after Logan gets out of the hospital so I could imagine what happened next for myself Over all, this was a book that belongs on my Top Ten Favorite Books List I loved it I can t wait to see if Daniel Ehrenhaft has written other books.

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    this book was excellent some of the science was a little fuzzy, but the important part of the book, the loyalty to one s pet was beautiful i also had a problem at the end of the book where the dog was kept alive so that Logan could say goodbye i thought that this undermined the plot a little keeping a dog alive just to say goodbye is incredibly selfish however, despite this, i really liked the characters and the book overall i appreciated the character of Logan s stepfather, who truly didn t understand, but instead tried to live vicariously through Logan and was disappointed when Logan wasn t grateful enough i thought the characters were complex on multiple levels, and aside from the ending the book was a good one i would recommend it.

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    I read this book for Battle of the Books in 5th grade, and I absolutely loved it In fact,once I finished it, I just picked it up and read it again The Last Dog on Earth is a hear wrenching and intelligent story that I would recommend to everybody.

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    Okay the author that wrote No More Dead Dogs is right any novel with a dog on the cover, the dog is doomed.