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Readers Of All Ages Will Welcome The Chance To Be Reunited With Dorothy Gale And Such Beloved Characters As The Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, And Cowardly Lion, As Well As To Meet New Favorites Such As The Hungry Tiger, Whose Appetite Is Never Satisfied Princess Langwidere, Who Has Thirty Heads Billina, A Talking Chicken And Tiktok, A Mechanical ManBlown Overboard While Sailing With Her Uncle, Dorothy Finds Herself In The Fairy Realm Of Ev She Sets Out With Her Friends To Rescue The Queen Of Ev And Her Ten Children, Who Have Been Imprisoned By The Cruel Nome King But Even Ozma, The Wise Ruler Of Oz, Is No Match For The Clever King, And It S Up To Dorothy To Save Everyone From Terrible Danger But Will The Nome King S Enchantments Be Too Much Even For The Plucky Little Girl From Kansas Ozma Of Oz Has Delighted Children And Adults For Over Eighty Years, And Now New Generations Can Enjoy The Unforgettable Characters And The Surprising And Funny Story In This Deluxe Facsimile Of The Rare First Edition, Featuring Forty Two Of John R Neill S Full Color Plates And Twenty One Two Color Illustrations, As Well As A Colorful Pictorial BindingAfterword By Peter Glassman New Generations Can Enjoy This Surprising And Funny Story Of The Rescue Of The Royal Family Of Ev From The Evil Nome King In A Deluxe Facsimile Of The Rare First Edition A Books Of Wonder R Classic

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    After I finished the previous book of the series my reaction was, Where the heck is Cowardly Lion and importantly Dorothy I am an adult of twenty first century, but the reactions of kids of the early twentieth century were very similar In fact L Frank Baum admitted this in the preface for this installment And so the author had to include these in this book somehow He did, which gradually lead to overpopulation of the Land of Oz in the following books characters were introduced, but all of the ones from the previous books had to have some screen time Anyway, Dorothy accompanied her uncle on his trip to Australia Their ship ended up in a huge storm with captain ordering all the passengers to stay inside of their cabins What is the first thing Dorothy did when left alone She went outside to be promptly washed overboard Luckily for her instead of drowning she managed to reach dry land which also happened to be quite close to Oz She hoped people of Oz would help her to get back to her uncle For me this tale was a definite improvement from the previous one There were no inconsistencies and plot holes that plagued The Marvelous Land of Oz I hesitated between 3 and 4 stars as I read the book and ended up with a lower rating for two reasons.Dorothy acquired godawful accent What the heck happened She did not have one before Why oh why did she begin speaking like a hardcore hillbilly when she became a little older Everybody s favorite ruler of Oz, Ozma is plain arrogant She came to a foreign land to ask its ruler for a favor and she demanded an audience Really I guess just asking for it is below her This girl is supposed to be a model for impressionable young girls Other than these problems the book was good enough You will have interesting adventures and meet interesting characters Billina is good and so is Hungry Tiger, but Tik Tok feels like a slightly altered Tin Woodman My final verdict is the following if you like book 2, this one is worth reading.

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    The original title for this was Ozma of Oz A Record of Her Adventures with Dorothy Gale of Kansas, Billina the Yellow Hen, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, Tik Tok, the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger Besides Other Good People too Numerous to Mention Faithfully Recorded Herein.You gotta think Baum was just fucking with his readers at this point L Frank Baum Full Time Author, Part Time PrickThis time around Dorothy is on a voyage to Australia to help soothe her Uncle Henry s rattled nerves running a farm with hair brain, heartless, cowardly help will do that to you when a storm washes her overboard She ends up in a fairyland, as per usual, and from there her journey takes her on an adventure, which does not quite live up to the epic nature of the well known film, The Wizard of Oz, but is entertaining nonetheless.Along the way she meets many interesting and fun new characters like Tik Tok the wind up machine, a many headed princess, the subterranean Nome King, and my favorite, Billina the smart and sassy talking chicken As that ridiculously long subtitle suggests, Dorothy also reunites with her old pals from her previous adventures The story drags occasionally and the plot is not masterly Seldom does the action near nail biting excitement It s Baum s inventive character creations that are the real draw He s also good at sprinkling into his dialogue some clever double entendre and light gibes, though his intended victims probably barely smarting from the ineffectual attacks.Baum knew his audience was young and female, and while his stories can be enjoyed by all, there is definitely a feminine leaning The female male ratio of characters is heavily in favor of women, or specifically, girls The main character is a girl The rulers of the fairylands tend to be princesses The wizards are often women and, you may recall, the one male wizard turned out to be a fraud Quite frankly I think this is a refreshing kind of world building for its time Rating Note This feels like 3.5 stars.

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    So im reading all the Oz books plus the side books but feeling a little sick so review to come when i m feeling better

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    I like the fact that L Frank Baum wrote this book to appeal to all of his young fans who wanted to know what happened to Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion after book two in the series For those who have not read books 1 and 2, please note that some details below will contain spoilers about those books.I only gave this book 4 stars though, mainly because the character of Dorothy just bugged me throughout Also this book dragged a lot, unlike with book one and two I had a hard time just reading this one straight through This is still a really good fairy tale though some of the subject matter I thought was probably a bit too old for most kids to be reading about The story begins with Dorothy and her Uncle Henry on a trip to Australia to visit some of their relatives there I had so many thoughts here at this point One, why in the world did Aunt Em not get to come along I know that it was said that Aunt Em stayed behind to run the farm, but Kansas and Australia in the 1900s was a very long sea voyage apart So it was bewildering that Uncle Henry set off on such a journey without his wife Two, how old is Dorothy We get the idea that time has passed since book one, but I still don t think that Baum has ever said her age She s always referred to as a little girl She definitely speaks like one We eventually get to Dorothy being blown overboard and she meets Billina the Hen I actually thought that Dorothy had some nerve changing Billina s name from Bill to Billina because Bill is a boy s name Reading further along and seeing how Billina didn t suffer fools, I am surprised she didn t tell Dorothy to get over it How dreadful exclaimed Dorothy, in a shocked voice.What is dreadful asked the hen, lifting her head to gaze with one bright eye at her companion.Why, eating live things, and horrid bugs, and crawly ants You ought to be SHAMED of yourself I do love how Billina calls out Dorothy for her hypocrisy since humans eat things that were one alive and eat animals that do eat bugs I would have also asked her so you live on a farm right You have never seen hens and roosters eating bugs Did you think we survived on sunshine and air Dorothy comes across trees that contain lunch and dinner pails and seriously I want to find those trees and plant some of them in my backyard.We then have Dorothy and Billina meeting the strange people called the Wheelers and coming across Tiktok the Machine Man I think it is kind of cool that L Frank Baum pretty much describes a robot Remember that this book was written in 1907 Eventually the threesome depart and come across the niece of the late King of Ev who sold his family to the Nome King The niece is the Princess of Langwidere who has 30 heads.I don t know why but the whole thing with the Princess of Langwidere creeped me out Dorothy and her friends after being locked out are eventually rescued by the Princess of Ozma and her group and that is when the action at least starts to pick up Every time I try to picture the Princess of Oz I can t stop laughing though view spoiler Probably because in book two we find out that the Wizard of Oz hid the Princess of Oz and gave her to Mombi who changed her into a boy named Tip hide spoiler

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    I love this whole ceries.

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    Dorothy returns to Oz she wasn t in book two and meets all the new characters from the last book and catches up with all her friends from book one.I love this one and was a little scared of the Wheelers and the Nomes when I first had it read to me as a child With my adult eyes, they re not so scary Honest.I ve rated this 5 stars to stop my five year old self travelling through time to beat the poop out of me but I did have one slight problem with this book whatever happened to the Cowardly Lion s courage

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    3.5 4 stars I enjoyed book one and two of this series better.Dorothy is on a ship with her uncle, headed to Australia, when a storm hits and she ends up going overboard with a hen Billina, originally named Bill The two unlikely companions wash ashore and have an adventure together, meeting the less than ferocious Wheeler creatures, a copper man named Tik Tok , a vain Princess of the Land of Ev missing a rightful queen who wants to trade Dorothy s head with one from her sprawling collection head 17 being particularly terrible , and the cruel Nome King who enjoys turning people creatures into ornaments Old friends from previous books in the series show up too.I would have liked Ozma, she was of a secondary character.Another fun story in the series.

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    I m going to keep reading these books, just because I love the whimsical and colorful world of Oz that L Frank Baum paints on each page of his stories, but I think it s clear with this one he may have experienced a bit of writers fatigue, if you want to call it that Barely any of the story takes place in Oz it takes place in another land that I ve already forgotten the name of In this case I wish Oz had been featured again these books are the Oz books, after all Baum seems to have the strange habit of adding seven or eight new characters to his books, but also needs to include all of the previous characters from his other books Jinjur, the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, etc It makes for a story that each time feels a little weaker and dependent on the previous ones All in all though, I love the world of Oz It s tough to find another book series with a world quite like this one I can t wait to read the rest of the books and I m confident that Baum still has some good, wholesome stories hidden up his sleeve.

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    I just finished reading Ozma of Oz, third book in the Oz series by L Frank Baum There was a funny quote near the end Ozma, speaking to Dorothy, says, You see, in this country are a number of youths who do not like to work, and the college is an excellent place for them There are a number of such youths in our country today I like the Oz books quite a bit so far, although I was a little distracted by the way Dorothy spoke in this book, leaving out vowels all over the place, pronouncing words like b lieve and prob ly I do not remember her speaking this way in the first book But it s not a big deal you get used to it by the end of the book.Dorothy makes a new friend, Tik Tok, who is considered the first robot to appear in modern literature, although he s not called a robot I think he s described as a machine man But for early 1900s, I m impressed with all the technology Baum imagines up It s an example of how fantasy easily blurs with the genre of sci fi.Another funny thing in the book is the army Ozma brings with her There s 26 or so officers that are in command over one private, and Baum pokes fun at this military parody throughout the story.Overall, I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone, although I think you should read the previous Oz books first It is a book that can stand on it s own, for Baum refers to the occurances of the previous stories briefly to give the reader the background she needs I m looking forward to reading the next segment of the Oz series.

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    This is my favorite Oz book so far and would make an amazing movie It makes me a little sad that kids aren t still reading this series and that the internet isn t filled with Ozma kitch If I dressed like Ozma for Halloween, would anyone recognize me I m guessing not, and that makes me a little sad The book starts with Dorothy and a yellow hen surviving a shipwreck by riding a chicken coop to shore Upon landing, the previously ordinary yellow hen becomes enchanted and begins to talk The first thing the hungry companions encounter is the most magnificent tree in the world a lunchbox tree Among the companions, acquaintances, and foes Dorothy meet along the way are a wind up copper robot named Tiktok, a princess who likes to wear a different head for every occasion, and a Very Hungry Tiger How hungry is the tiger Very hungry indeed I laughed myself silly at the conversation Dorothy has when she first meets the Very Hungry Tiger, mainly because it is uncomfortably horrible much like the macabre story of how Nick Chopper turned into the Tin Woodsman Oh Are you hungry she asked, turning to the other beast, who was just then yawning so widely that he displayed two rows of terrible teeth and a mouth big enough to startle anyone Dreadfully hungry, answered the Tiger, snapping his jaws together with a fierce click Then why don t you eat something she asked But you eat harmless things, so it doesn t matter, replied the Tiger For my part, I m a savage beast, and have an appetite for all sorts of poor little living creatures, from a chipmonk to fat babies Fat babies Don t they sound delicious But I ve never eaten any, because my conscience tells me it is wrong If I had no conscience I would probably eat the babies and then get hungry again, which would mean that I had sacrificed the poor babies for nothing No hungry I was born, and hungry I shall die But I ll not have any cruel deeds on my conscience to be sorry for The best part of the story comes when Dorothy and friends try to release the Queen and royal children of Ev from the enchantment of the evil Nome King who has turned them all into palace ornaments Dorothy, her companions, and all the members of Ozma s small army go in one by one to try to guess which of the Nome King s ornaments were once people The one caveat is that if a person doesn t get any of the guesses correct which is the usual case , they also turn into palace ornaments Oh, I love this book I hope the rest of the series is as delightful Onward now to Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz which starts with an earthquake Now I m wondering if every book featuring Dorothy is going to start with a disaster first a tornado, then a shipwreck, then an earthquake.