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The Poets In This Anthology Have Been Ravished, Whacked, Illuminated, Blown Away By The Experience Of Motherhood The Thousand Experiences The Thousand Interruptions The Fact That It Is Never What We Expected, And That It Is Overwhelmingly Intense Alicia Ostriker, From The Foreword Rebecca Wolff edited this anthology. it s okay to write about babies. Pretty May rain I talkingin sort of rounded gobs American English moist tulip air lumps of throatPearly light I catch it bundle it in Alice Notley, Splashes of Yellow I ll return to these various poems Yes and happily, I will A few of the bios full of portent I may not read again. One of the best anthologies on child rearing out there An essential addition to the canon of parenthood. A really great, nuanced collection that encompasses a wide variety of forms and content, including a poem about choosing not to have children and how controversial that can be.