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A well written, easy read The only downside of this book is that the new Las Vegas it talks about is 15 years old now This book must have been published in the late 90s because the Mirage is brand new and the Venetian wasn t built yet I would have liked to know the continuing story of the Strip.Despite that, this book was very interesting Earley intersperses chapters about the rise of super casinos and the men behind them Steve Wynn and the guys behind Circus Circus with fascinating vignettes of the locals, prostitutes, bouncers, showgirls and compulsive gamblers that make Las Vegas the one of a kind city that it is Not exactly G rated how could any book about Sin City be but the adult material is handled well, and overall I enjoyed this book. I like very much the author, Pete Early, so i was pretty sure i will like the way he was going to present the story of the evolution of the Casinos in Las Vegas.And he did not disappointed me.One said that, i have to admit that sometimes he goes too deep in the analysis of the different deals among the big shots of the business.Anyhow, a very enjoyable book that reeds very easy and gives you a good knowledge of what Las Vegas is about. Okay, I m a big fan of Vegas and I have been reading many Vegas books recently This is about a 500 page book and I finished it in 5 days Let it be known I m a very slow reader so obviously this book is interesting, easy to read, and good I liked the book The Green Felt Jungle which i recently read a lot as it was written in the 60 s and went over all the mob ties and how Vegas was built Plus it was an expose on all the shady stuff Super Casino really picks up right after that book and leaves out the history which I already knew and discusses what happened when the corporations took over and got ride of all the mobsters The corporations put so much money into its remarkable and for a period of time they were extremely successful This book is extremely interesting and a definite page turner It jumps around from profiling Corporate CEO s, a hooker, a showgirl, casino security, and visitors It does a great job to show both sides of the spectrum, the winners and the losers, and so on The author obviously put his time in and it shows, there are some great stories in here and nothing is held back What is great is that the author exposes everything for what it is without censoring the details In doing so, a great book is created. That was a fascinating read It tells the story of the Circus Circus company from it s beginnings with Jay Sarno being removed from Caesar s Palace to the mid 1990s The focus is on the development and inner workings of the Luxor resort Highly recommended for those interested in reading about how modern day, corporate casinos work and how single owner casino companies have grown into the behemoths we see today Interviews with workers and patrons bring everything into perspective I found it both engaging and enlightening in terms of what I saw going on in Las Vegas as an occasional visitor through the 1990s. There are definitely than two books about the city but my summer reading s focus was Pete Earley s Super Casino and Andres Martinez 24 7 Living It Up and Doubling Down Both books are slightly dated in that they focused on the city s late 90s early 2000s boom, but with the ever changing face of Vegas they remain remarkably current.Super Casino was the book I read first and is the one that I d recommend to people as curious about Vegas history as the city s present Pete Earley was given complete access to the Luxor s staff as they were renovating it in the late 1990s However, the bigger story behind the Luxor, Excalibur, Circus Circus and the as yet built as this book s publishing, Mandalay Bay, is that of Circus Circus and the changing funding of Las Vegas.Super Casino explores Las Vegas from the days of the Midwestern Investors aka the Mob and the Rat Pack to corporate sponsors, Steve Wynn and Celine Dion A key part in both books that just made me said was Siegfried Roy at the Mirage one act I wish I d had the chance to see before Roy s injury and their subsequent permanent closure Forget the gangsters Moe Sedway, Benjamin Bugsy Siegel, Tony the Ant Spilotro Forget the Rat Pack Frank, Dino, Sammy, Peter, and Joey Forget the glamorous Sands hotel and casino where leggy showgirls suntanned alongside a swimming pool with a floating craps table built right in its center Anyone who still thinks of Las Vegas as a holiday haven for pug nosed mafiosos with bulges under their jackets and suitcases stuffed with cash, or as the scandalous desert playground of Hollywood s rich and raucous, is living in the past The legendary Dunes hotel and casino, built in the 1950s with loans from the Teamster Union s Central States Pension Fund arranged by mobsters, was imploded in 1993 before two hundred thousand onlookers chanting Blow it up Howard Hughes, the eccentric billionaire who once owned most of the big casinos in town, is now only a historical footnote Liberace s trademark candelabra sits in a museum Elvis has been gone so long that tourists often think his legions of impersonators look like the King than he did The old Las Vegas is dead A new Las Vegas has risen. A great account of a great entrepreneurial adventure. Okay but Winner Takes It All by Christina Binkley is a better book on the same subject I have enjoyed Pete Earley s other books, especially those on espionage Falcon the Snowman, Family of Spies , but this was a little disappointing This is possibly due to the fact that I recently read Binkley s book, which is much detailed Also, the book is unsure if it wants to be a detailed account of the internal workings of a major casino company or if it wants to be a street level view of the people who live work play in Vegas The author attempts to do both and often it feels like you would like a detailed review of one or the other The book is not helped by its focus on Circus Circus which feels of a smaller player in the history of the recent redevelopment of the Strip compared with Kirkorian, Harrahs, and of course Steve Wynn. If you are as fascinated by Las Vegas and the casino industry then this book is for you The first half chronicles the rise of Vegas, focusing mostly on one particular company that began as Circus Circus and went on to build some of the first super casinos on the strip The innovations of this company s president and the ways the company had to adapt in the changing Vegas marketplace are fascinating The second half of the book takes a look at the lives of some of the employees and patrons of the Luxor back when it had first opened Getting that look at the inner workings of a casino in modern Vegas was interesting as well This is one of those books that I ve read that probably doesn t appeal to many people, but to those that are interested in this kind of thing it is a must read. Great book When I started playing In This Lively And Probing Book, Award Winning Author Pete Earley Traces The Extraordinary Evolution Of Las Vegas From The Gaudy Mecca Of The Rat Pack Era To One Of The Country S Top Family Vacation Spots He Revisits The City S Checkered History Of Moguls, Mobsters, And Entertainers, Reveals The Real Stories Of Well Known Power Brokers Like Steve Wynn And Legends Like Howard Hughes And Bugsy Siegel, And Offers A Fascinating Portrait Of The Life, Death, And Fantastic Rebirth Of The Las Vegas Strip Earley Also Documents The Gripping Tale Of The Entrepreneurs Behind The Rise And Fall And Rise Again Of One Of The Largest Gaming Corporations In The Nation, Circus Circus To Which He Was Given Unique Access In His Trademark You Are There Style, He Takes Us Behind The Scenes To Meet The Blackjack Dealers And Hookers, The Heavy Hitters And Bit Players, The Security Officers, Cabbies, And Showgirls Who Are Caught Up In The Mercurial Pace That Pulses At The Heart Of This Astounding City