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Nancy Drew Has Been Solving Mysteries, And Delighting Fans, For Over Years Now, For The First Time, You Can Purchase All Sixty Four Classic Nancy Drew Titles In One Complete Set The Secret Of The Old Clock The Hidden Staircase The Bungalow Mystery The Mystery At Lilac Inn The Secret Of Shadow Ranch The Secret Of Red Gate Farm The Clue In The Diary Nancy S Mysterious Letter The Sign Of The Twisted Candles Password To Larkspur Lane The Clue Of The Broken Locket The Message In The Hollow Oak The Mystery Of The Ivory Charm The Whispering Statue The Haunted Bridge The Clue Of The Tapping Heels Mystery Of The Brass Bound Trunk Mystery Of The Moss Covered Mansion The Quest Of The Missing Map The Clue In The Jewel Box The Secret In The Old Attic The Clue In The Crumbling Wall Mystery Of The Tolling Bell The Clue In The Old Album The Ghost Of Blackwood Hall The Clue Of The Leaning Chimney The Secret Of The Wooden Lady The Clue Of The Black Keys Mystery At The Ski Jump The Clue Of The Velvet Mask The Ringmaster S Secret The Scarlet Slipper Mystery The Witch Tree Symbol The Hidden Window Mystery The Haunted Showboat The Secret Of The Golden Pavilion The Clue In The Old Stagecoach The Mystery Of The Fire Dragon The Clue Of The Dancing Puppet The Moonstone Castle Mystery The Clue Of The Whistling Bagpipes The Phantom Of Pine Hill The Mystery Of The Steps The Clue In The Crossword Cipher The Spider Sapphire Mystery The Invisible Intruder The Mysterious Mannequin The Crooked Banister The Secret Of Mirror Bay The Double Jinx Mystery Mystery Of The Glowing Eye The Secret Of The Forgotten City The Sky Phantom The Strange Message In The Parchment Mystery Of Crocodile Island The Thirteenth Pearl The Triple Hoax The Flying Saucer Mystery The Secret In The Old Lace The Greek Symbol Mystery The Swami S Ring The Kachina Doll Mystery The Twin Dilemma Captive Witness

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    These books are primarily responsible for the fact that as a girl I regularly stayed up way past my bedtime I d tell my mother I would go to bed as soon as I finished my chapter, but since every single chapter ended in a cliffhanger, I had no choice but to keep going late into the night

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    Kids today say that Harry Potter got them to enjoy reading For me, it was Nancy Drew.

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    As a young girl I spent so many long hot days of summer reading each and every one of the Nancy Drew books I could review each one separately, but it seemed easier to just do this Carolyn Keene was a master at keeping a young girl s attention there was just the right amount of mystery, very mild romance and innocent fun as Nancy and her pals sleuthed around solving not so gruesome mysteries and murders I assume that I love reading adult like thrillers and suspense today because of the Keene s influence so many years ago And yes, I have my collection nicely tucked away for the next generation of young detectives.

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    I read all of these when I was in my pre teens They had a tremendous impact on my reading patterns and my personal life The simple mysteries solved in each book steered me toward sophisticated mystery reading The fact that these mysteries were also read by my mother in her youth brought us closer together and made me want to know what else she had read.Nancy taught me to always be prepared for any situation and to keep a cool head and not panic when facing the unknown She also taught me that both justice AND mercy matter George taught me that it was all right to be a tomboy if one so desiredto be true to who I was Bess simply annoyed me But I guess there was a lesson there tooI learned that some people would annoy me in this world and I would have to get along with them Sometimes I yearn for those childhood years when life was much simpler and most young girls read and enjoyed these books.

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    All I can remember is the hours I spent pouring through these books One after the other I give them 5 stars because of my memory of pure happiness while I read these books.

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    I read them all between the ages of 10 14 The Nancy Drew stories got me into the love of reading While some of the stories are a bit clunky and predictable, I love that the protagonist was a smart, caring young woman who used her brain to get things done.I reread a few of these recently and I have to say that the earlier editions are MUCH better than those revised in the 1950s The 1950s version makes Nancy much meeker and domestic, a sign of the times, but she loses that fire and brainpower she once had If you read these opt for the first editions.

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    When I was 9 13 I made it my mission to read the initial 64 books in the Nancy Drew series Then when I completed those, I went on to read a couple dozen of the later editions I love this series It s probably a little dated, but I still love so much about it I love the characters I still love the fun formulaic dynamic I love the mysteries This series changed my relationship with reading, and I think it s still a great series for children especially young girls.I know there were some books I enjoyed than others, but rather than go through and rank all 64, I m going to just assign 5 glowing stars to it overall.

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    I grew up reading Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Three Investigators, etc Then a number of years back, I bought the complete series of Nancy Drew books for my daughter And guess what the genre is for most of my daughter s own books written by her as part of the Young Author s Program in her school Detective mysteries with a girl detective as the central character I believe little girls should read this series they will see Nancy as a bright, smart, kind, responsible, and courageous young woman, who was thoughtful, had good manners, was considerate, and was aware of her femininity, but let that stop her from being a terrific detective whom everyone, admired.

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    Goodreads finally listed the entire collection as a group entry, so now I can shelve these as favorites I can honestly say that no other children s book influenced me I love you, Nancy

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    Have I read all 64 Probably I read every single one I could get my hands on when I was about 10 Quite a few were originally my mothers Fond memories of curling up with Nancy drew and watching the Hardy Boys on TV