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ABBY AND CONOR EACH THOUGHT LOVE WOULD NEVER AGAIN STIR THEIR HEARTS BUT THE ONE WHO KNOWS THEM BEST MAY HAVE OTHER PLANS Abigail Stanton S Whole Life Was Rooted In Her Faith, A Faith She Now Clings To Solely To Survive In The Wake Of Losing Her Husband And Young Son, Abby Sets Out Alone, Bereft And Heartsick, To Discover What God Wants Her To Do When He Leads Her To Conor MacKay S Doorstep, Though, The Very Foundation Of Her Beliefs Starts To ShiftAs The Volatile Rancher S New Housekeeper, Abby Is Supposed To Keep His Affairs And His Equally Capricious Little Girl In Order Why, Then, Does She Feel Confusion, Passion, Desire, And Anything But Order Every Time They Are Together Conor Tries To Hide His Own Seething Emotions Beneath A Cold Facade, But There Is Something About His Prim New Housekeeper That Sets Him On Edge And The Ruthlessly He Attacks Abby S Faith, The His Defenses CrackAs Abby And Conor Draw Closer To The Flame Of Their Attraction, They Must Grapple With Their Deepest Beliefs And Fears In Opening Their Hearts Again, Both Risk Even Greater Loss For A Chance At The Greatest Love Of All

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    I read this book on the recommendation of my mother in law and also because Barnes Noble was offering it for free as an ebook I m a sucker for free Yes, I am Daughter of Joy is a Christian romance I felt like the book did sexual tension pretty well as long as the hero and heroine were trying to resist each other, but once they got engaged, it kind of lost steam It could be kind of preachy, too I d probably give it 2.5 stars.On the other hand, my mother in law loved it She said she couldn t put it down I bet she d give it 4 5 stars She s clearly a better Christian than I am.

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    One of the most poorly written books I ve read, but I still have to find out what happens Yeah, the ending didn t make it worth it Not a book I would recommend.

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    Overall, I liked this book I am surprised by all the reviews that said it was, for all intents and purposes, too religious or too preachy Isn t that what Christian fiction is supposed to be about However, that is beside the point Was it the greatest book I have ever read No Did it end up being a sweet story about people trying to be good Yes, and I can definitely appreciate that I rarely read what would be considered strictly Christian fiction Probably the only other experience I have with a Christian series is the Mitford series, which i actually really loved This book is really nowhere near the charm and sweetness of Mitford, but it was still a sweet story and by the end, I liked it enough to read the next one.

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    Daughter of Joy is the typical Christian historical romance novel It will be predictable with the usual romance tropes The beauty in this one was that it tackled suffering through grief and loss It set a realistic tone of the angry hurt man who pushes away others before he is rejected and the grieving widow and mother It even tackled the issue of being unequally yoked not sure I am in agreement with what transpired but it is real experience Overall, I enjoyed this one for the themes and the community which formed rather the romance And it provided food for thought for my personal life.

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    I had a hard time rating this book because there were things that I really liked and things that I really didn t like at all To begin with the good, the characters were extremely likable Character development was strong I loved the fact that even though this is a Christian novel not any of the characters were singularly good or bad They all came off as being very human, which is refreshing to see in this genre From a faith stand point, I like that the main character struggled with her faith I love that she sometimes questioned and faltered in her belief because that is how real people work I liked the long slow route the author took in bringing about those characters that did not believe instead of the typical blinding moment of clarity found in many Christian novels Now for the bad I detested the overwhelming amount of introspection on the part of the main character There were quite literally pages upon pages of the main characters musings and internal conflict I found myself skimming countless pages of this trying to get back to the story If I had to judge I would say that a least a third of this book was internal dialogue For me, that was a huge turn off I do appreciate knowing what is going on in a characters thoughts but taking four pages at a time to tell about it is way too much Overall, I liked the characters, their interaction and the story line but I don t know that I would read another novel from this author.

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    I enjoy reading historical fiction and I am prepared to read about faith and Christianity, but this story doesn t read like historical fiction, it reads like a sermon, and a bad one at that Instead of the religion being a part of the character development and the plotting, the author seems to be hell bent, pardon the pun, on beating the reader over the head with heavy handed sermonizing that drags down the story and makes it hard to wade through Her ideas about Christianity are suited to folks who would be shocked by all the fighting of urges that goes on in this book Her conclusions and statements at times were insulting It was the fault of the woman, who was told by her doctor she could die if she got pregnant, that her husband turned to a prostitute Because she asks him to abstain from sex that could lead to a pregnancy that could kill her The writer has her conclude it was her fault he strays The heroine even asks her why she can t take female preventatives and the woman blames her Catholicism Really What female preventatives were available in the early to mid 1800 s I finished this from sheer stubbornness, but it wasn t an enjoyable book I would not recommend this book to anyone, even my worst enemy I only really read it because it was the e version was free on , but please don t let them fool you

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    This is a kindle freebie and worth the price an enjoyable read with likable characters but not a very original plot It moved along fast and easy and was completed in a night It follows the generic Christian Romance format where good girl and bad boy fall in love and she has to hang on to her principles until bad boy meets her standards Sarah, Plain and Tall meets Prodigal son and Jane Eyre but full of thoughtful Christian messages and life lessons primarily about forgiveness and maturity The typos and publishing errors do not make me lower a book rating getting to expect that with Kindle freeies.

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    After reading Child of the Mist her other book I thought I would love this But sadly I didn t as much The whole focus of this story was coming to know God better and giving up everything for Him I just wanted a fun romance like the other book and this was very heavy The romance is the back story So not really what I was expecting The characters were great well rounded and interesting The story line was fun too, but all the heavy talk of God just wasn t what I was looking for This is an adult read It deals with adult issues and there is a lot of talk of marital relations.

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    Wow, I was so excited about finding a new christian author When I initially began the book I found the charachters interesting and I wanted to learn about them However the book quickly looses credibility when one shocking occurrence after another takes place By the end, I have rolled my eyes so much that I should have not been able to see Also, I understand that Abigail seems to be almost God incarnate and knows how Conor should react to each new shocking occurrence in his life but if she is as all knowing as she is portrayed how is she the ONLY person comfortable with the choices she is forcing on everyone else At one point she invited a prostitute to live on the farm where young impressionable children are I m sorry say what you will, while I may want to help this person she would not be welcome around my daughters or sons Prostitutes seems to be a recurring theme in romantic relationships in some recent romance novels, that I have read, I always avoid those as I don t find this a theme that I can embrace I would not want my son or daughter to chose to enter such a relationship That is not why I hated this novel it is just that I felt preached to and manipulated just as I feel Conor the hero had to feel and finally as I have already stated for a novel thar began with such promise, it just turned into a mishmash of unbelievable occurrences Started well went downhill fast.We TOTALLY lose sight of the romance between Conor and Abagail.

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    I honestly don t know where to begin There are books that are bad, and there are books that are so bad that they transcend bad and become enjoyable almost This book is so over the top The storylines are numerous, too numerous, in fact to keep track of Case in point, why did our heroine write to her former sister in law We were already given access to her inner thoughts, and the letters did nothing to further the story Plus the letters are so sporatic that they serve as an afterthought The actions of the characters are awkward and the characters themselves don t really make sense Conor is adamant that Abby not speak of God, but he quickly backs down on the issue Abby is adamant that she cannot marry a non christian, but quickly back tracks on that, too.The worst part is the awkwardness Highlights include the inner monologues about how character a is one denomination, character b is another, but they attend church c Then there is the dreadfully awkward bits about Abby mourning a husband that she professes time and again not to have loved, and of her friend confessing that she no longer has sex with her husband Said husband then visits the prostitutes, but it is kind of okay with the wife, because she brought it on herself This book was a lot of fun, but not as the author intended.