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Text extracted from opening pages of book CHILDREN'S SLEEP A SERIES OF STUDIES ON THE INFLUENCE OF MOTION PICTURES; NORMAL AGE SEX AND SEASONAL VARIATIONS IN MOTILITY; EXPERIMENTAL INSOMNIA; THE EFFECTS OF COFFEE; AND THE VISUAL FLICKER LIMENS OF CHILDREN SAMUEL RENSHAW PROFESSOR OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY VEENON L MILLER INSTRUCTOR IN PSYCHOLOGY BOWDOIN COLLEGE PAYNE FUND RESEARCH FELLOW 1930 31 DOROTHY P MARUIS N R C FELLOW YALE UNIVERSITY 1931 32 PAYNE FUND RESEARCH FELLOW 1929 30 NEW YORK THE MACMILLAN COMPANY 1933 THIS SERIES OF TWELVE STUDIES OF THE INFLUENCE OF MOTION PICTURES UPON CHILDREN AND YOUTH HAS BEEN MADE BY THE COMMITTEE ON EDUCATIONAL RE SEARCH OF THE PAYNE FUND AT THE RE UEST OF THE NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR THE STUDY OF SOCIAL VALUES IN MOTION PICTURES NOW THE MOTION PICTURE RE SEARCH COUNCIL TO THE 170 BOYS AND GIKLS WHOSE CHEERFUL AND WILLING COOPERATION HAS MADE THESE STUDIES POSSIBLE CHAIRMAN'S PREFACE MOTION PICTURES are not understood by the present gen eration of adults They are new; they make an enormous appeal to children; and they present ideas and situations which parents may not like Conseuently when parents think of the welfare of their children who are exposed to these compelling situations they wonder about the effect of the pictures upon the ideals and behavior of the children Do the pictures really influence children in any direction? Are their conduct ideals and attitudes affected by the movies? Are the scenes which are objectionable to adults understood by children or at least by very young children? Do children eventually become sophisticated and grow superior to pictures? Are the emotions of children harmfully excited? In short just what effect do motion pictures have upon children of different ages? Each individual has his answer to these uestions He knows of this or that incident in his own experience and upon these he bases his conclusions Conseuently opinions differ widely No one in this country up to the present time has known in any general and impersonal manner just what effect motion pictures have upon children Meanwhile children clamor to attend the movies as often as they are allowed to go Moving pictures make a profound appeal to children of all ages In such a situation it is obvious that a comprehensive study of the influence of motion pictures upon children and youth is appropriate To measure these influences the investigators who co operated to make this series of studies analyzed the problem viii CHAIRMAN'S PREFACE to discover the most significant uestions involved They set up individual studies to ascertain the answer to the uestions and to provide a composite answer to the central uestion of the nature and extent of these influences In using this techniue the answers must inevitably be sketches without all the details filled in; but when the details are added the picture will not be changed in any essential man ner Parents educators and physicians will have little dif ficulty in fitting concrete details of their own into the out lines which these studies supply Specifically the studies were designed to form a series to answer the following uestions What sorts of scenes do the children of America see when they attend the theaters?

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