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Reading what so ever written by Shepard means going through a shortened social history of America after ww II, and up till the end of 20.century Plots are so simple and dialogues are not very much sophisticated Maybe some of works by Shepard are not as interesting as the others, but for those whom are interested in sociology, and drama as writing art, will enjoy reading or watching works by Shepard Reading simple and plain plays by Shepard gives you dare to sit and write about whatsoever plot you have in your mind Many of his plays are so easy, but honest, fluent and great as well After watching Paris, Texas by Wenders, I believe Wenders shots matches with Shepard s atmosphere and dialogues Few American playwrights have exerted as much influence on the contemporary stage as Sam Shepard His plays are performed on and off Broadway and in all the major regional American theatres They are also widely performed and studied in Europe, finding both a popular and a scholarly audience. Set Within The Netherworld Of Thoroughbred Racing, This Hair Raisingly Funny New Play By The Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Of True West Explores The Classical Themes Of Memory, Loyalty, And Restitution Simpatico Launches Readers Into Regions Where High Society Meets The Low Life, And Where, As One Of The Main Characters Observes, Someone Is Cutting Someone Else S Throat I am not at all sure what Shepard was trying to do here write a hit Write a comedy drama Show a kinder, gentler, entertaining side Say something about America Whatever it was, it does not really work Granted I have found him to be a playwright whom it is better to experience on the stage than on the page I thought Buried Child was crap when I read it, and terrific when I watched it It could be the same with this, but I doubt it.The play starts off like another True West Two men one twisted, one together, one a loser, the other a success But it turns out to be a different situation Mr Success is dependent upon Mr Loser and sends him money to keep his mouth shut about something Apparently several years ago they blackmailed a racing official with some sexual photography Mr Loser still nurses a grudge against Mr Success, because Success took his wife and ran away with her after the dirty work was done Not a bad setup, but the tone begins to vary a lot It feels as though Shepard never figured out where he really wanted to go with this.Other characters are thrown into the picture, such as a young woman who is a strange conglomeration of naivety and knowingness This girl has somehow gotten involved with Loser and then begins to pal around with Winner Loser than goes to visit his ex wife, who is Winner s current wife, and try to win her back or something By the end it is hard to understand, or to care much, about what is going on with these characters.This piece lacks the fire and tension that make the best Shepard plays into something truly special plays like The Tooth of Crime , Fool for Love , and True West and it doesn t have the inventiveness that make some of his other pieces into such wacky fun But I still want to see it, in case I have to take this all back someday. strange at least it ended carter is very naive, cowardly, stupid nobody is really likeable maybe rosie and kelly sam doesn t really write strong women, or at least i haven t read strong women in this or buried child so in terms of value towards me for finding good roleslittle value inherent value as a dramatic text still limited not really too compelling vaguely interesting enough story line that wasn t too confusing to lose me la turista but not intriguing enough buried child i suppose cowboy mouth is in my future It was ok, nothing Though I love the way the plot unravels almost at the end as always with Shepard , I did not find the characters compelling in any way Maybe Cecilia Certainly not Carter nor Vinnie nor Simms So just reading the play 2 stars I hope I will be able someday to see the play and change my review for the better. Boring play.Simpatico centers around the same mysterious identities and dying frontier metaphors that Shepard always trots out The best that can be said for the story itself is that it s not as formless as you might expect. Just finished reading this play which I ll be seeing the first Sunday in August Not entirely certain what it s all about Guess you need a certain level of maturity which I must lack Maybe seeing it performed will clear things up. Not one of his best There are some plays that keep me hooked throughout this wasn t one of them. Sam Shepard is a genius and an American treasure Not my favorite of his but I m not complaining. Not my favorite Shepard play but it was still one of the better plays I ve read lately Shepard continues to be a writer I m interested in enough to seek out the majority of his work.