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A Badari Warriors SciFi Romance NovelGabe Carter, Hotshot Pilot And Ex Special Forces Soldier, Is Far From His Home In The Human Sectors, Kidnapped By Alien Scientists To Be The Subject Of Horrifying Experiments Shot Down By The Enemy Over Desolate Territory Far From His Badari Allies And Gravely Injured, Gabe S Only Hope Is A Mysterious Woman On The Run Herself Keshara Has To Decide Whether To Abandon The Human To Die Of His Injuries On A Windswept Mountain Top Or Give Up Her Own Quest For Freedom And Take Him To A Place He Can Be Helped The Undeniable Spark Between Them Complicates Matters His Attraction To Her Is Off The Charts But When She Betrays Him To The Khagrish Enemy, Gabe Doesn T Know What To Believe Trapped Inside An Alien Lab Bursting With Mysteries And Lies, His Only Hope May Be To Trust Her Again Because The Renegade Alien Scientist Running Her Own Private Experiments Wants To Use Him To Accomplish Her Goals And Perpetuate The Evil, No Matter What She Has To Do To Ensure His Compliance Keshara S Life Hangs In The Balance And Gabe Has To Make A Choice This Is The Sixth Book In The Badari Warriors World And The Fifth Book In The Series And Each Novel Has A Satisfying Happy For Now Ending For The Hero And Heroine, Not A Cliffhanger Some Overarching Issues Do Remain Unresolved In Each Book Since This Is An Ongoing Series But Romance Always Wins The Day In My Novels BADARI WARRIORS Timeline AYDARR MATEER TIMTUR JADRIAN DARIK GABE

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    The fifth book in the Sectors New Allies series by Veronica Scott Gabe Carter, who was introduced in prior books of the series, is being chased by the baddies, the Khagrish, and crashes in the mountains He manages to eject before the crash but the parachute didn t deploy properly and he lands hard Meanwhile, Keshara, a female Badari, has escaped the lab where she and her sisters are being held When she find Gabe she makes the hard decision to go back to save Gabe s life But a renegade Khagrish scientist is doing experiments of her own and Gabe looks like just what she needs to proceed.For whatever reason I love Veronica Scott s work Her style of writing works for me I have enjoyed this series and love this addition and I am anxiously waiting for .

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    I ve read the other Badari Warriors books Gabe has appeared often, a warrior in his own right I am so glad Ms Scott gave him his lady love It was a surprise to discover who what Keshara was Gabe needed someone as strong minded as he was She didn t know her own strength The characters are likable I wanted them to succeed in their escape Of course that wasn t easy As the overall story of the Khagrish bad guys progresses, I expect stories about the Badaris and the Sectors warriors Can t wait.

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    I wondered how on earth Veronica Scott would give Gabe, a human male an HEA Seems she had some interesting female characters up her sleeve This adds even interest to the Badari Warriors series Gabe has always been a sightly larger than life side character and he lives up to that as he crashes near a unknown outpost There is plenty of tension as the plot takes several hard turns The romance is hot The new characters unexpected All in all great addition to the series.

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    Yeah Gabe s got a mate Have always loved Gabe Sexy human male Felt bad he was always on the outside This book did justice to his charachter Love Kashara, she is his perfect mate Now you re committed to finding mares for the Badari daughters Can t wait.

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    Surprising This book kinda threw me for a few while reading It took me on a wild ride lol Imagine my shock to discover the daughters Well done friend, well done indeed

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    A whole new level of crazyGabe crashes thanks to the Kagrish A female Badari saves him He is seriously wounded Without the evil Kagrish scientist s help He would have never made it Now she wants to experiment on him and use him as base DNA The Badari females finally realize they need to fight back They will be fighting than the Kagrish this time Loved it

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    A great addition to the series, and moving the plot forward