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    Centuries after humanity destroyed the environment, a small society of genetically modified telepaths has emerged from their underground shelter and begun readapting to life on the surface Included in their efforts are searches for other possible survivors, but none of the explorers report any Three decades later, the Elite, the leader of this community, establishes psychic contact with children in a remote and primitive village No one in their community realizes Tia and Rabbit are telepathic, but they are physically different as well and thus become scapegoats When the children accidentally kill a man who is harming Tia, they must flee into the wilderness and try to find their way to the advanced community at Morrow While not on par with Hoover s later, similarly themed, This Time of Darkness, this is an impressive and imaginative first novel I particularly liked her parallel development of differing societies, and especially that while she definitely presents the high tech colony at Morrow as preferable to the abusive, sexist, might makes right system that the children escape from, it is not overly idealized She sketches in a background that includes an exploitative capitalist founder and telepathic leaders who had not always been above using their powers to bend other inhabitants to their wills This would have been a better book if it had been a little longer, allowing for exploration of these themes.

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    I read this book many years ago, whilst still at school and I still love it.Tia and Rabbit are considered odd by their primitive post apocolyptic community They share the same dreams of a far civilised community and wish to escape their home, where Tia is considered a blasphemous witch Several hundred miles away, Ashira and Varas reside, their telepathic powers recieving Tia and Rabbit s thoughts and wondering where they are After Rabbit accidently kills the head cook, they have to run Guided by Ashira and Varas, they must make their way to the sea and safety.HM Hoover has created a wonderfully absorbing tale, full of danger and wonder She paints the picture of a world completely changed by ecological disaster and presents it in a believable and engaging way The characters seize your attention and keep hold The adults are as well drawn as the children and rouse either your sympathy or hatred I finally found a copy of this tale and would love it to be re released for this generation of children.

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    It was one of the books that amazed me as a child The cult of A bomb in that far future and the elite telepaths hidden and other now well known science fiction cliches that later well used in other media, this book was a wonder for me in my childhood.Specially because when I was reading this book, it was the time of first Persian Gulf War where allies were raining fire on our neighbour Iraq and the skies of my city in Iran was full of dark black smoke infested clouds from the burning oil wells, and the rain was black and dense and greasy.With that and the never ending current of data on missiles and bombs from local TV, at that time the book seemed very much a real account of near future history to me I very much like to translate it to Persian.

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    Tia and Rabbit are different from the other children at the Base , a post apocalyptic, hunting and farming community kept in check by a strict hierarchy, with the Major at the top, men who have fathered a child just below him, and women and children at the bottom But Tia and Rabbit have dreams in which they talk to a man and woman from a far different community, one that s technologically advanced, and where everyone can do openly what Tia and Rabbit must keep secret in order to survive in their primitive world communicate telepathically.Children of Morrow is basically a rerun of John Wyndham s The Chrysalids, with its telepathically linked children living in a repressive community that would kill or banish them if it knew what they were Here, there s of an emphasis on the adventure of the escape and chase than Wyndham s which lingered on the children s discovery of their abilities, and their trying to stay hidden.Hoover s good at letting us see, through the children s at first uncomprehending eyes, the ruins of our civilisation a collapsed and overgrown city, for instance, or their first glimpse and smell of the sea She keeps the pace up and the pressure on just enough to provide a tense and satisfying conclusion.

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    I read this when I was in sixth grade, and it was the book that made me a fan of sci fi and fantasy I remember thinking that my mother was wrong when she said sci fi sucks Although I did find some Ray Bradbury tucked away on her bookshelf years later.

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    Older but probably one of my all time favorites.

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    H.M Hoover was the first scifi writer I ever read I started reading her books in middle school and absolutly loved them.

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    It s funny this should show up on my recommend feed this book has been bopping around my head for weeks now to the point I gave serious thought to joining a group just to ask for the title As I remember, it s a pretty decent story about two kids who have abilities none of the peers or other people in their village have I read this somewhere in the middle of the 1980s

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    I discovered and read many of Helen Mary Hoover s books qutie a few years ago Many of them are of the dystopian genre, years before it became popular like it is today.I found some of Hoover s books compelling than others This, part of a series of 2 I believe, tells of a future generation of people occupying our planet many years after it was devastated by nuclear war A single scientist using the company he built before the wars, devised genetically enhanced people, who could do things like read other s thoughts and similar extra powers These super people sat out the war hidden in vast underground fortresses This story is about two children who inherited the telepathic abilities of the enhanced people because of a rogue scientist s unauthorized experiement with survivors of the wars years before.

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    Remember those few books you checked out over and over from the library when you were a kid Well, this is one of themeven if it wasn t, at the time Written in the 70 s with a definite 70 s take on the future, this is a quick and entertaining read and it retroactively became one the 10 year old me loved Yes, it s pretty silly if you read it as an adult, but give it a chance The plot is thus The post apocalyptic world is made of small pockets of civilization some civilized than others In one of the less civilized settlements, a special boy and girl accidentally make contact with the outside world they were told didn t exist.It s that whole Outcast kids find out they re special and show those mean adultsshow them alllll books a la Oliver, or Harry Potter Quick, simple, fun.