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The beginning of this book is written in a style which I wasn t particularly familiar, in the form of journal entries and letters to the main characters therapist It is also written in first person point of view which I am not keen on but actually worked in this case by giving a a unique insight into his grief and anger at the loss of his wife during a terrorist attack on a train. Firstly I would like to thank the people at Atlantic Books and Readers First for sending me a copy of this book Although I was provided this book in exchange for a review, all the opinions and views discussed below are entirely my own Michael lost his wife in a terrorist attack on a London train Since then he has been seeing a therapist to try and come to terms with his grief and anger, and help him move forward But Michael can t move forward, and maybe he just doesn t want to Michael believes in an eye for an eye, and he s not sure he can rest until he enacts his revenge I was honestly so excited about this book based upon the premise because it sounded really interesting, but honestly I found myself quite disappointed with this book I just really struggled to enjoy the book, and the main character is such an awful person that I could not connect to him in anyway.The plot honestly feels like it drags on we get pages and pages of the same thing, and I honestly think you could just cut out 100 random pages and it wouldn t change the plot in the slightest The main plot itself of Michael s views on who deserves to pay for his wife s death was actually interesting, you could really see him unraveling as the story went on, and you can see him just emerge into a bit of a psychosis It brings out real ethical and moral questions which is good, but it takes so long to actually get to the end and that made it really hard to care about this book I think one of my main problems is that I did not like the main character of Michael in any way There are no redeeming qualities about him and I feel mean saying that considering his wife has been taken from him, but the we learn about him the disturbed and angry I became This is a man who abuses his power in every single way He physically assaults his students at school, including burning one with acid WHAT THE HELL Are we meant to still feel sorry for this man when half of them time we are reading about him dragging young boys around, burning them, and threatening them I just completely baffled And the way he treats his daughter as well the assault on her early on in the book really upset me, and the way he just ignores her grief and loss for the rest of the book I m pretty sure at one point he tells her that he loves the parts of her that are like her mother as in he doesn t love her as a person, only the bits that represent his wife What a delightful thing to tell your grieving child If this character was likeable it would have greatly helped the book, but he just angered me so much and I had to put this book down many a time and just walk away to scream into nothingness I will admit that I do like the format of the book with the diary style of the book BUT I HATED THAT THERE WERE NO PAGE NUMBERS GIVE ME PAGE NUMBERS Honestly overall I just did not like this book and I wouldn t recommend it I would give this book a warning to people who have recently lost someone or are grieving I would recommend giving this book a wide berth. Provocative And Compelling, It Is A Spectacular Debut Daily Mail Is Murder Ever Morally Right And Is A Murderer Necessarily BadThese Two Questions Waltz Through The Maddening Mind Of Michael, The Brilliant, Terrifying, Fiendishly Smart Creation At The Centre Of This Winking Dark Gem Of A Literary Thriller Michael Lost His Wife In A Terrorist Attack On A London Train Since Then, He Has Been Seeing A Therapist To Help Him Come To Terms With His Grief And His Anger He Can T Get Over The Fact That The Man He Holds Responsible Has Seemingly Got Away Scot Free He Doesn T Blame The Bombers, Who He Considers Only As The Logical Conclusion To A Long Chain Of Events No, To Michael S Mind, The Ultimate Cause Is The Politician Whose Cynical Policies Have Had Such Deadly Impact Abroad His Therapist Suggests That He Write His Feelings Down To Help Him Forgive And Move On, But As A Retired Headteacher, Michael Believes That For Every Crime There Should Be A Fitting Punishment And So In The Pages Of His Diary He Begins To Set Out The Case For, And Set About Committing, Murder Waltzing Through The Darkling Journal Of A Brilliant Mind Put To Serious Misuse, Kill Redactedis A Powerful And Provocative Exploration Of The Contours Of Grief And The Limits Of Moral Justice, And A Blazing Condemnation Of All Those Who Hold, And Abuse, Power ONE OF THE BEST DEBUT NOVELS Of The I books without page numbers are frustrating, pass it onso yes with the exception of having entirely no clue of how far I was into this book, this was a really intriguing read A really interesting look into motivations of revenge, as well as psychology etc Plus I really loved the format with all the redacted parts.,But on the flip side, like I said, the format meant there was no page numbers and that really did not help with the feeling of repetition that parts had, and I started to feel a bit lost within the book I did actually skip large sections go to the end, which is why I feel I can t give this a star rating either Maybe I ll give it another go in the future when I m in a suitable mood Intense and authentic Kill redacted took my breath away with its intensity and authenticity It is hard to believe that it is a debut novel the prose is confident and accomplished and the plot is cleverly drawn, using several storylines that subtly shift between time frames and carefully come together to create a powerful and poignant ending The main character, Michael, is complex and compelling and his emotionally charged intellectual musings and personal interactions are dark and disturbing This book is unlike anything I have read before and it has certainly left a lasting impression on me I am very much looking forward to the author s next book, although I feel Kill redacted is going to be a hard act to follow I won a copy of this book in a Readers First giveaway. Man understandably overwhelmed with grief and plans to murder the person who he has calculated through his very logical and very ethical abacus to be responsible for the terrorist attack which destroys his life Told through personal reflections to his therapist and written justifications of his thoughts and behaviours, Kill redactedgives us an insight into the mind of a sad, slightly sociopathic ex principal who believes he s smarter than those around him especially the aforementioned therapist Can t say I cared for the redacted device, but the rest of the writing is compelling and clear and the characterisation, plot pace, and inevitable ending are pretty darn good As social commentary it s pretty good too Touching on abuse of power by politicians, terrorism, reliance on therapy psychology, changing social norms around schooling, etc I think it gives a good insight into how hard trauma is to deal with and how little society can do to help individuals dealing with it.Gets quite graphic toward the end violence wise, but would defs recommend reading listening. A really different sort of read.Michael the head teacher of a school, has lost his wife in a terrorist attack on a London underground train Full of anger and his life now in bits he tries, with the help of his therapist Angela, to come to terms with what has happened He makes plans for revenge on those who he feels are responsible for the attack and begins to put this plot into action The book is written in a bit of a mix of styles, including letters and journal entries, the ending was unexpected In some ways I found, this book, a bit eerie especially with the redacted bits, which gives the book a look of a censored document I think the author is very clever to be able to imagine what it must be like to suffer in such a way and the book takes the reader on a journey into the mind of a man who is travelling into madness I reached the end of the book and felt a bit unsure about what I felt about, it may well be that it is just so different to the usual books I read. This is a very Good book The author possesses very strong command of the language The storytelling vivid and and cruel.I found my self trying to reprogram my face while reading it Not very good read for the bed especially towards the end when you have to wake up early the next day Avoid it if you really hate someone and you are working in the IT sector. A terrorist bombing on the London Underground kills scores of people, one casualty being the wife of Michael, headteacher of an inner city comprehensive boy s school Michael is devastated, he loved his wife, idolised her But Michael does not sink into a pit of despair, though he is certainly depressed and has than his fair share of bad days Neither does he channel his energies into charity work or campaigning, as some might do Instead, Michael s mind turns to revenge It is not the terrorists or their masterminds who are the focus of his ire however, but rather the British Prime Minister whose policies Michael feels provoked the terrorist outrage.Kill Redacted is told entirely from Michael s point of view, via a diary he keeps, self reflections he writes for his counsellor, Angela, and the occasional letter he writes to others This proves a remarkably good way to tell Michael s tale, as he is an exact man, highly intelligent with a precise grasp of logic An old school disciplinarian, his writings are didactic and take the reader along threads of logical analysis and reasoning If this sounds boring, it is anything but, Michael proving to be a complex and fascinating character, if not a little chilling This feeling that he s than a little dangerous, someone you might be wise not to cross, ratchets up as the pages turn.Much of what Michael writes concerns his thoughts on his wife s loss He feels grief at her passing, at the fact that he will never hear her play the piano again, but he also feels great anger and rage towards the Prime Minister He ruminates on the nature of justice and how the scales can be balanced, but drip fed in amongst all this are the concrete steps he is taking Throughout the novel it is unclear just how decided he is on vengeance, but as he starts lifting weights at the gym, training in Muay Thai, considering how he might purchase weapons, the notion increasingly comes to dominate his thoughts Throughout the narrative we also learn of Michael s past how he met his wife just how traditional he was as a headteacher the pupil, Paul, who he came to take under his wing Sultan, another pupil, who he punished in the most brutal manner This all fleshes out Michael as a character and reinforces the impression that he is a man who might be capable of something quite frightening.Kill Redacted is a brilliant novel and one that is certain to prove controversial, not least because the unnamed Prime Minister that Michael is determined to kill is clearly meant to be Tony Blair No date is given for the events in the book, but the explosion on the tube that kills Michael s wife could well be the 7Th July bombings Equally, Michael s logic that the PM s policies have provoked terror is exactly the criticism levelled at Blair Indeed, Baroness Manningham Buller, the former Director General of MI5, stated at the Iraq Inquiry that the invasion of that country had substantially increased the threat to the UK Throughout Kill Redacted, the Prime Minister s name is redacted, blacked out like in a confidential official report One chapter of the novel is almost completely redacted, line by line, presumably the narrative making clear who the PM is supposed to be At the start of the novel there is a note from the publisher claiming that this redaction was carried out for legal reasons, though whether that is true or just a marketing ploy I cannot say Whether or not the PM is Blair and whether the redactions were for legal reasons or just a writing device, they add a certain frisson to the narrative, a sense that one is reading something prohibited, and thus add to the enjoyment Kill Redacted is a brilliant novel and highly original In fact, it is so good I think it s going to take some beating It s only February and there s another ten months to go but could this be my book of 2019 It s than a little possible. Michael, a retired headmaster grieving for his wife, the victim of a terrorist attack, asks himself the question of who is really responsible for what happened, not the bombers themselves, not the bomb makers, but the bomb triggerers , the politician enriching himself from his time in office There s much to this story than seeking vengeance the narration soon reveals about Michael s character As he recalls his career Good s skill is in the narrator considering himself as a realist struggling with difficult pupils, but coming over to the reader as a cruel authoritarian As an ex teacher of 31 years this is an admirably accurate portrayal of a Headteacher s traits I have seen all too frequently.