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I Was Abducted By Aliens And Auctioned To A Positively Lovely Bleak Place Called The Underwater Pleasure Dome An Amphibious Alien With Hands Like Bug Zappers Helped Spring Me, And If You Ve Followed My Friends Adventures, You Know Dohrein And I Teamed Up Because We Re Both Equally Stellar, And Awesome Attracts Awesome This Is The Story Of What Happened After Abduction Life The Good Part The Part Where We Settle In And Build Brand New Lives On This Brand New Planet I Just Need To Have Tea With My Alien In Law And Convince Her To Set Her Pet Humans Free No Biggie Wish Me Luck NOTE Is This A Standalone Not Really A Few Brave Booksouls Who Started The Series With This Story Jumped Right In And Enjoyed, So It S Possible, But I Also Created A Cast List Recap That Will Patch You Through If You Want A Bit Of A Guide To This World Another Note You Ll Find This Is Approx K Words Of Dohrein Gracie S Story, Followed By A K Bonus Story Revealing What Happens When A Rakhii Gets Loose On Earth

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    I don t want to write this review Up until this point I have enjoyed all the books that Amanda Milo has brought out, which meant that I was insanely excited to get my mitts on the next book in the Stolen by an Alien series Sadly, and it kills me to say, but the anticipation was enjoyable than the actual book.I think the main problem I had with this book was that it didn t seem to have a plot It read like a series of scenes that Milo wrote and then tried to cobble together in a vague timeline It never felt like a put together and cohesive story it was too disjointed.It also prevented me connecting with the Gracie or Dohrein and enjoying the romance Because it didn t feel like a romance It was strange, there was no build up of their relationship, no seeing them connecting on an emotional level They just started to have sex and that was apparently that It was weird.There was a bonus short story at the end of the book which I found I enjoyed far It felt like it had a continuous story line and a flirtation between the two characters And honestly, that is what the two stars for this book are for.Unfortunately Craved by an Alien just managed to baffle me, the story and the romance were justmissing However, this is the first book of Milo s that I haven t liked so I will definitely be reading the next one, hopefully this is just a blip Reviewed by Suzanne Don t want to miss any of our posts Subscribe to our blog by email

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    If this book were human, it would be a superficial blonde I didn t really remember book one and two and I never read book three so I was this close to dnf ing but for reasons only known to God, I didn t.It was nice enough Kinda like a really extended version of an epilogue of books I don t remember but apparently loved shrugs

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    Some problems The formatting is atrociously distracting It reads like a 200 page run on sentence The level of snarky witty repartee between the H h was just too much There was little no story progression This is what happens when you introduce a dozen characters that are all living life at the same time You find out that they are together in one book and then have to wait for the backstory I personally find that method of storytelling annoying as it takes forever for the scope of the series to progress I was not a fan of the book before this one either but thought I d give the series another chance as I m intrigued with the hob storyline but I think I m done now.

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    It was ok but there wasn t really much storyThis one felt like there was only 2 scenes playing out the entire book on a constant loop Scene 1 was Gracie and Rein getting frisky and telling each other how much they love each other and Scene 2 was Gracie over acting as a popular diva with everyone else she knows Both scenes were good but having to reread them over and over again with the only thing changing each time is the location got really boring really fast Also there was no actual story being told Nothing interesting happened the entire time Literally nothing interesting other than the two scenes Character wise I loved Rein He s sexy in every way and after the monsteresque appearances of the previous 3 book s main men he was a breath of fresh air For once I was actually emotionally and physically attracted to the main guy Instead of just psychologically He just came off as a sexy fallen angel But Gracie was like hearing nails on a chalkboard and getting a tooth pulled out by pliers at the same time Other than her sexy banter with Rein she was supper annoying and completely 100% fake All she ever did was act like an over dramatic full of her self diva that everyone barely tolerated for reasons unknown I felt like the Rakhi when they were annoyed with her Rein could EASILY do better than her All in all this book read like it would have been better as a chapter of an different couple s book I only needed to read the two mentioned scenes once Not 4000 kindle pages worth of it.

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    Alien Queen does is again I enjoyed seeing Gracie s side of the story Rien is the best We know why she acts the way she does and how their relationship works The only issue I have is that I kinda felt let down in a sense The first three books it s all about the miscommunications, learning to communicate w o knowledge of each others language or culture and the chase The couple or menage in book 3 isn t already together at the beginning and they had to work for their relationship In this book, they are already a couple and there really wasn t any climax drama other then herding the aliens on Earth for the first third of the book I guess that is what fell flat for me In the other books, there was angst and drama heck, in each book there was a moment that I cried at This one didn t have any angst or such moments.I am not saying this isn t a good book It is I guess I just miss the chase and the angst that the other books had For me in that regard, the book fell flat.I am still glad that I bought the book and I will still faithfully continue the series Love me Milo s aliens.

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    I Loved This Book I was shocked to see it in my email, I immediately dropped everything and began to read it immediately.When the book became available to buy i bought it immediately, no questions asked.When it comes to Amanda s book, they are an automatic 1 Click Buy.Her books are AWESOMELY AMAZING QUITE ADDICTIVE.I ve reread this series so much, that if they were in paperback I d have to replace them XDI Patiently waited for the next book in the series and was excited to see it was Gracie Dohrein s time to shine and I was not let down at all, this book answered so many questions that left you wondering in previous books that was to be expected , but it didn t take away from the couple and LOVED the smexy scenes and humor so much Cannot wait for the next book D

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    Gracie and Dohrein We only think we know Gracie and what she has been through before this book She is definitely a strong woman with an enjoyable sarcastic wit and manner Dohrein s backstory really does show how and why he ended up where and with who and why Dohrein is quite complex.We meet several new characters in this story and learn much much about Rakhii Also, did anyone else wonder about those glimpses of the future in the other books We get a little bit of how they get there.At the end of Gracie Dohrein s story, we get Hotahn s story semi affectionately known as Akita to Gracie Wow, who wouldn t want to know about Hotahn and his human stealing self Jennifer Doc and the kids show up and steal the show Well, mostly Cricket but Levi is pretty cool too.There are so many characters that I want to know about now This book was a great story that both fulfilled my need to know Dohrein s story and teased me with MORE PEOPLE means MORE STORIES

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    Awwww, yessss Gracie and Dohrein Gracie comes across as a little hard and I don t know how to put this She wasn t unlikable, necessarily, but she wasn t the most beloved among the women who were stolen rescued But the lady had MAD loyalty for those she sided with She stands up for Callie when Callie can t stand up for herself even as she pokes and prods at the abused woman to find herself again.She s like a textbook example of tough love.She s also a little insane with her utter fearlessness in the face of the broody aliens they ve come to live with But that might just be because she s bored.In some ways, Dohrein doesn t seem like he d be perfect for her, but he is He adores Gracie and accepts all her quirks and the need she has to needle him He loves that she accepts him for who and what he is He s also sometimes detached and analytical to the extreme Well, he s detached and analytical until Gracie sidles up to him and thoroughly distracts him.MAN, I like these two together And I really really REALLY like that Dohrein is trying to help the Rakhii by understanding what triggers the bonding instinct and how some of them are able to manage it as well as they do The Rakhii seem to have gotten the short end of the stick with the Gryfala and it s about time they had someone thinking about them as than just muscle Yep, I m still loving this series HARD Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    There was very little moving forward in the story I personally don t care about hearing everyone s backstory I want the storyline to move forward and for new things to happen I hate having to relive past events from a different persons perspective Around 50ish% it kinda picked up but by that point I was bored with it This happened in the last book also As much as I enjoy this world I m not sure I can read another book in this series if this is going to happen with every couple.

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    First off this is not a standalone If you haven t read the other 3 books you will be a bit confused I loved Gracie She was smart and not TSTL with a LOT of sarcasm thrown in I had lots of LOL moments I started reading this on my lunch break at work so I got a lot of looks Dohrein was wonderful Sexy sexy alien There are a lot of backstories told and it was very revealing I am definitely going to re read this one.Thanks Ms Milo