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Monkey Blue Has Many Friends And We Meet Each Of Them Along The Way From A Little Caterpillar Called Millie Pillar To A Funny Giraffe Called GeoffreyMonkey Blue And Friends Is A Funny And Adventurous Journey To The Market To Buy Breakfast For A Very Hungry MonkeyThis Will Be A Book Read Again And Again By Many Children They Will Love The Story And Each Of The Well Animated Cute CharactersThis Book Is A Beautiful Children S Story About Friendship And How A Simple Short Journey To The Market Can End Up Being Such An Adventure

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    Blue and Friends features a bold group of animals from all shapes and sizes, led by a cute as a button monkey that takes the reader on an adventurous pathway to explore the value of friendship Along the way, the animals in the book also learn about the importance of living a healthier and happier lifestyle Author Laura s Quinn s debut picture book, Monkey Blue and Friends is the first in a series of upcoming books This is truly a delightful children s story, packed full of great learning opportunities Money Blue and Friends is supported by the colourful and appealing artwork of illustrator Kevin McHugh.Inspired by her own family life, author Laura Quinn has produced a children s picture book that speaks from the heart There are some great messages and values to be taken away from the reading experience of this considerate book The mixed collection of animated characters used to narrate this tale is engaging Embarking on an adventure with the main character Monkey Blue and his mother, the reader is taken on a journey packed full of funny and memorable moments in their eventful search for a healthy breakfast Quinn ensures that she incorporates her main themes of confidence, friendship and healthy choices in her book on as many pages as she can Monkey Blue and Friends is definitely one of those books where a sense of common understanding and morals can be taken away from the simple experience of sharing this book with a young child.The prose contained in Monkey Blue and Friends has a nicely balanced beat, which came through clearly in the read aloud experiences I had with this book I am a fan of children s books with plenty of rhyme and I found Monkey Blue and Friends delivered plenty of rhyming opportunities The text choice is eye catching but not distracting and fits in nicely with the overall theme of the book The language in the book is mostly targeted at the age level, with the exception of a couple of words which I had to explain to my younger age audience What is overwhelmingly clear from reading Monkey Blue and Friends is that author Laura Quinn is passionate in writing for young children Quinn is able to use this book as a vehicle to relay some vital messages about healthy eating, exercise, positive life choices, self confidence and friendship.Quinn s text is backed by the striking artwork of Kevin McHugh The illustrations of the animals featured in Monkey Blue and Friends in their varied settings are a delight Each animal character, no matter their type or size, comes across as both lively and authentic This adds further appeal to this picture book From my own personal experience with Monkey Blue and Friends, the bananas to be discovered as an extra to this book was a highlight, adding another form of interaction with Monkey Blue and Friends for the reader While the character of the Duke the dog was a firm favourite in my household, the giraffe in pyjamas incited than one belly laugh However, it was the wonderfully illustrated antics of lead character Monkey Blue that seemed to provide the most significant positive reaction in reading this book aloud.Monkey Blue and Friends is a children s book that has wide appeal, making it the ideal choice for a young children, their parents and families to share in the reading experience of this very inviting book together It would also work well within an early childhood teaching setting, as the positive messages contained within this engaging book provide plenty of teachable moments The engaging text, varied colourful cast of animals featured and the bright illustrations make Monkey Blue and Friends a great start to a brand new children s book series I wish to thank the author, Laura Quinn and Karen McDermott from the Making Magic Happen Academy, for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.