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This Barnburner Novel Gets Underway With Parallel Catastrophes The Murderous Russian Invasion Of Baku InAnd The Golden Horde Of Genghis Khan That Destroyed The City InThus Begins A Fascinating Tale Of Alternating Time Planes When A Misstep In Either Might Alter Or Abolish History In Both The Authors Tease Us With Classic Time Travel Paradoxes The Butterfly Effect, The Predestination Paradox, The Nature Of Time, And Above All, The Moral Choice Tejmur Must Make To Kill Or Spare The Life Of Genghis Khan But While These Alternatives Enrich The Narrative And Open Up Possibilities Undreamed Of In Our Supposedly Linear Time, They Do Not Supplant The Prevailing Human Qualities Of Love And Loyalty The Possibility Of Time Travel Remains Unsettled, But There Is No Doubt About Its Grip On Our Imagination Parallel Hours Is One Of The Most Skillfully Crafted Work In The Genre

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    As the book opens the Russians are invading Baku, Azerbaijan in 1990 Tejmur, an engineer, has just developed a time window, yet to be tried In desperation to survive he tries the window, taking a woman, Papuza, and one of the Russian soldiers through to 1221 Unfortunately they are now in Baku just before Ghengis Khan invades, and as history reports he totally wiped out the city The window is damaged and the three are faced with surviving new dangers, trying to fix the window to get back home and dealing with the questions of wether their actions will change the future Even wether or not to kill Ghengis Khan Playing with time is only part of the story the characters are well developed and the story moves very quickly I was fascinated with the setting, moral questions and truly invested in the characters and thier stories Also on an exciting note I just took a class by the authors and they are working on a sequel