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Never Regret If It S Good, It S Wonderful If It S Bad, It S Experience You Ve Given Everything To Love, But It All Ended In Heartbreak And While You Re Justified In Feeling Broken, You Don T Have To Wallow In It Don T Cry Over Split Milk Don T Listen To Sad Love Songs For Days On End There Is To Your Relationship Than The End, And That Simple Fact Will Help You Heal Remember The Past, But Don T Dwell On It There Is Something New And Better Out There, And You Are Ready For It In This Book, You Will Find The Secrets To Dealing With Your Broken Heart Psychology Program WithinWeeks , Overcoming That Grief, And Learning To Feel Good Again All WithinWeeks Build Your Self Esteem, Love Yourself, And Be Better Than Ever Before You Can Do It Heal Your Broken Heart Today Contents ChapterSymptoms Of A Broken Heart ChapterHow Long Does A Broken Heart Lasts ChapterAccept Responsibility For Your Emotional Well Being ChapterSteps To Healing A Broken Heart ChapterLeave The Past Behind And Move On To A Better Life Today ChapterFinding A New Love BY Dr Adale Travis