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Wouldn T It Be Wonderful If You Were Able To Predict What S Going On In The Mind Of People Around You Or To Know What The Person Next To You Is Thinking Imagine Being Able To Ascertain Exactly What Your Boss Wants At The Office To Help Increase Your Job Performance Or What Your Spouse Is Wishing To Get On Their Birthday So That You Can Surprise Them With That Exact Wish Well, I Am Sure You Must Have Seen People Do It And Wonder If They Are Magicians Or Psychics Guess What, Often Than Not, They Are Neither Magicians Nor Psychics They Have Only Taken The Time To Study Their Environment And Understand People Well, It S All About The Clues And Patterns Everyone Has Clues That They Consciously Or Unconsciously Give Off About What Is Going On In Their Mind At A Particular Period Of Time And It Requires An Astute Mind That Pays Attention To Details In Order To See These Clues Or Signs For What They Are This Book Will Show You How To Carry Out Analysis Of These Signs Which Will Enable You To Know What People Are Thinking It S Not About Some Fantasy But Rather Practical Methods Of Discovering The Thought Processes Of People Around You So, Instead Of Scratching Your Head And Wondering What People Are Thinking, Why Not Just Pick This Book Up And Read, And Then Begin To Decipher What Is Going On In The Minds Of Those Around You Contents Type Of Body Language Facial Expressions Eyes Body Language The Mouth Gestures The Arms And Legs Posture Personal Space Flirting, Courtship, Dating And Mating Sexual Body Language Female Indications Of Interest In A Men Men Interest In Females By Dr Adale Travis

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