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Into A Country Divided By Partisan Politics, Into A World Turn By Hatred And War, At A Time When It Seems That Everyone And No One Has A Solution To The Problems That Plague Humankind, There Suddenly Appears Someone Who Can Rise Above The Madness, Someone With Knowledge And Power, Someone With A Finely Tuned Sense Of The Ridiculous Someone, In Short, Who Can Make It Right And Thus We Finally Have An Answer To The Long Simmering Question, What Would Jesus Do Roland Merullo S Novel American Savior Posits An Inspired What If Scenario What If Jesus, Alarmed At How The Earth S Most Powerful Nation Has Lost Its Spiritual Footing And Dismayed At How His Own Teachings Have Been Distorted Used By Politicians And Religious Zealots To Turn Love Into Hatred And Faith Into A Call To Arms Returns And Announces That He Is Running For President Of The United States What If He Becomes A Third Party Candidate, Is Heralded As The Son Of God, And Not Only Threatens To Disrupt The Status Quo But Poses A Serious Threat To The Already Established Democratic And Republican Candidates What Would Happen How Would The Media React And, Important, How Would We React Narrated By A Than Slightly Cynical Young TV Reporter, American Savior Puts The Reader Inside The Campaign Waged By What Is Quickly Dubbed The Divinity Party And Follows Jesus And His Modern Day Disciples As They Travel Across The Nation Making Speeches, Reaching Out To The People, And In The Process Arousing The Ire Of Those Who Believe They Know God, And Who Know, Most Assuredly, That This Is Not He By Turns Amusing And Heartbreaking, Affirming And Disturbing, American Savior Is A Novel Sure To Createcontroversy Among Those For Whom Self Righteousness Is Its Own Religion Holding Up A Mirror To Our Society And The World In Which We Live, It Is A Passionate And Penetrating Look At The America That Is And The America That Could Be

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    Jesus Christ has come back and he is running for President of the U.S This book taught me about religion than most religion books and about politics than any book I ve read on politics And it did all this while weaving a tale that was both exciting and at times funny I knew where the author was heading in this story, but I got a bunch of delightful surprises along the way This is the perfect book to read in the midst of all our religious and political craziness.

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    Ummm an interesting read I agree with Patty who said that there were some things in the book that bugged her I felt the same way and if there were half stars on Goodreads I d give a 4 1 2 One of the criteria for me in giving a book 5 stars is whether I would want to pick it up and read it again And with this book, I would.The novel was readable, and somewhat predictable Yet, it made me expand my thinking I was initially offended at some of the personal things Jesus knew about and commented upon and yet, if He is God, He certainly would know these things Why is it that I would think anything I considered private would not be known to Him The novel made me expand my thinking on some political issues, too As someone who avidly watches local and national politics, it was a perfect time to read this story It clearly shows what s wrong with our political system and our media in a way that made me laugh out loud a time or two And yet it showed deep compassion for the things that make us people Also, between the focus on Sarah Palin s youngest child and the character of Stab in this book, I m finding I m changing my thinking about people with special needs Less pity, and acceptance from me.Still, I can t buy the premise of Jesus running for president of the U.S But it did make for an entertaining read.

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    Given the fawning coverage of Barack Obama during this election season, a story about Jesus Christ coming back to Earth and running for president seems almost redundant But American Savior is blessed with enough gentle humor to keep this novel of divine politics fresh and even a little inspiring The author, Roland Merullo, is developing something of a specialty in comic fiction with religious overtones or, if you prefer, religious fiction with comic overtones In a previous novel, Breakfast with Buddha, a publishing executive drives across America with a Mongolian monk enlightenment ensues And before that, Merullo published Golfing with God, about a golf pro in heaven trying to pull the Big Guy s game out of a slump.The set up for American Savior sounds like the answer to a satirist s prayer, but the story never rips into our political system with the kind of bitterness you might expect The narrator, Russ Thomas, is an affable TV reporter for a local station in western Massachusetts He opens the novel by telling us, My whole way of looking at life was turned upside down He knows we ll be skeptical he was skeptical at first, too , but he goes on to tell us about the man who called himself Jesus and ran for president of the United States.It all starts after Russ covers a few local miracles for the news He meets someone at a coffee shop who he assumes is a crackpot Jesus wants Russ and his girlfriend to quit their jobs and join his campaign for the presidency I m going to do things differently this time, he explains Last time I wasn t entirely happy with the way it worked out To be frank, it took hundreds of years for what I did to have much impact on the world, and by then things were so muddled Well, you people have never really recovered Look at the Middle East After considerable soul searching, Russ is convinced sort of that this man is the Son of God He joins the budding presidential campaign and brings along a ragtag group of friends and relatives, including his Roman Catholic mother and his Jewish father, who s sick and tired of all these Jesus freaks but, heck, family is family Although they know no about winning a national election than those fishermen knew about saving humanity 2,000 years ago, they have faith They ll need it November is just five months away An adviser warns Jesus You re going to be seen as a Jesus Come Lately, if you want the harsh truth Much of the light comedy here arises from Jesus s straight faced goodness amid the grimy mechanics of campaigning, polling and dealing with the media When asked about the Divine Party s platform, Jesus tells his staff, I m running on the beatitudes They ll hammer you on national defense It would not be the first time, Jesus says.If you know the Gospels, it shouldn t come as a surprise that Jesus is a pretty savvy campaigner The novel follows the broad outlines of the Greatest Story Ever Told but with TV commentary Multitudes attend Jesus s announcement rally He arrives in a black Hummer, guarded by biker gangsters You are a nation in grave spiritual danger, he tells 60,000 people voters, protesters and fanatics I cannot say I will cut your taxes and raise your salaries What I can say is that you will have a nation based on kindness and goodness The crowd goes wild Jee zus Jee zus JEE ZUS Merullo spends most of his satiric capital on the news media, including appearances by thinly disguised commentators you won t have any trouble recognizing, like Jim Wearer, Lenny Queen and a particularly vicious beauty named Anne Canter On Meet the Media, George Bill quotes from the New Testament The Democratic and Republican candidates aren t quite sure how to respond to this unusual opponent, but their minions quickly go negative The Washington Times runs a front page photo of Jesus embracing a boy with Down syndrome So called Jesus Candidate Revealed To Be Gay Former Homosexual Lover Admits to Five Month Affair Rather than deny those allegations, Jesus counters with a brilliantly staged stop at the West Edfort rodeo in New Mexico He s a man s man The next morning the Amarillo Chronicle cheers Candidate Christ Takes Bull By Horns Merullo was born and raised a Roman Catholic in Boston, but his recent novels are decidedly ecumenical, with a sparkly touch of New Age spirituality The Jesus of American Savior should be familiar to liberal Protestants who grew up thinking Jonathan Livingston Seagull was, like, really profound Guilty His theology is a brand of sweet Christian Gnosticism We are locked in a dream, he tells his campaign staff Through many lives, we learn dominion over the thought force He s hunky and hip and all about tolerance, like a Unitarian porn star And please, don t call him Lord he hates that For the record, he says, I never came to be worshipped, not the first time and not this time I came to be emulated The only people Jesus is really against, in fact, are evangelical Christians and conservative politicians, who, if they read this novel, will have to keep turning the other cheek again and again.It s fun to imagine what would happen if a noble candidate threw caution to the wind and ran on a platform of universal kindness that appealed to our higher nature Unfortunately, this Jesus s statements never strike the startling, iconoclastic note we hear in the Gospels Instead, American Savior is at its best when Russ is wrestling with his conscience, trying to fathom how the election experience changed him, blessed him Merullo knows what he s talking about Before he started writing novels, he was a carpenter.http 20

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    If Jesus were elected POTUS, WWJD I found the novel entertaining and a good read Is the Jesus he presents, Jesus as I believe Him to be or as the Orthodox Church proclaims No, but it is fun to think about how Jesus might interact with the modern political world and deal with contemporary American debates.

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    Won this as a First Reads It s so awesome to have a book with Advanced Copy Not For Sale printed on it Thanks When I first began this book, I had a hard time getting Christopher Moore s Josh Jesus character out of my head I will admit that the Jesus of American Savior didn t immediately strike me as much as the Jesus of Lamb.However, after a few chapters, I was able to put that aside and begin to enjoy this book This is a story that chronicles a presidential run by none other than Jesus Christ One reason that I liked it so much is that the politics of the book were or less politics I could agree with I imagine that there are quite a few people who would disagree with Merullo s Jesus take on abortion he had no position because abortion is neither right nor wrong I think that if the historical Jesus came back to run for President, it would be much like this book half of the country embracing him and half including the religious right eschewing him as a crazy liberal hippy.I think what this book spoke to me the most about was my desire to see a politician who 1 really wants to make things better and 2 wants to involve everyone, regardless of race, class, creed or religion in the discussion of how to do that sigh Anyway, it was a humorous book that was extremely topical Identifying the thinly veiled newscasters was a lot of fun One thing that I really appriciated was that this book wasn t preachy, Jesus wasn t constantly telling people to go to church and as a matter of fact, never even promoted Christianity as a religion The last scene between Jesus and the narrator, while predictable, I found to be very touching Oh, and in full disclosure one scene involves Jesus giving a stump speech in a pretty little college town named Kearney Kearney actually was my pretty little college town, so I got a huge kick out of that Go Lopers

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    I went back and forth between 3 and 4 stars for this novel It is the story of Jesus Christ yes, THAT Jesus Christ returning to earth in a small town in Massachusetts sometime around 2008 2012 After performing a few miracles and coming to the attention of the media, he decides to run for President of the United States He chooses his staff apostles from ordinary folks and as in the Gospels, he just tells them to leave their jobs and work for him He has a motley crew of people running his campaign, including a cynical and doubting TV anchorman along with his Jewish father, Catholic mother and brother with Down Syndrome, a psychologist, a drug using gang member, and other misfit characters Jesus runs on a platform of returning the US to a place where kindness replaces cruelty, generosity replaces greed, and truth replaces lies He talks about issues of abortion, war, healthcare, the economy everything a candidate would talk about The cheesiness and clich s come in with the media people he meets He is interviewed by Lenny Queen Larry King , and Ann Canter Ann Coulter is constantly railing about what an imposter he is There are numerous other news people and media and movie stars with similar names I won t even begin to try to remember how to spell the take off on George Stephanopoulos There were some truly funny moments in this book and some truly inspirational moments, but also some that made me groan No, Jesus did not wear sandals and robes, but he did take walks in the desert, order Indian food and then wash a few feet, and ride a bull in a rodeo In short, the book is a satire on the life of Jesus as it would be in the 2000 s.

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    6 stars they left one offwhat if Jesus ran for President a depiction of American politics, religion, and the state of mankindinterspersed with spiritual lessonsthis would be great for book clubs as a lot of thoughtful discussion should result from reading this

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    The Second Coming has occurred Jesus Christ now lives in the USand is running for president He assembles his campaign staff from a small town, including Russ, a local news network reporter and his therapist fiancee, Zelda, along with Russ s parents and brother with Down Syndrome Also joining the campaign are Russ s former boss and his wife, and families who have been touched by Christ through life saving miracles affecting their children the Simmeltons, whose daughter was saved by Jesus, and Dukey and his baby mama Ada, whose son was brought back to life following an accident.The campaign plays out in less than typical fashion, with Jesus mounting his campaign with only two weeks to go until Election Day He chooses as his running mate his Native American mother He campaigns on the basis of making America kinder, gentler, a better world leader And the tension mounts as the campaign moves closer to voting day.The story is sometimes humorous, always consistent and entertaining The characters are interesting, and I cared about all of them It follows a familiar path, and has a somewhat predictable ending All in all, though, it s a fun, uplifting tale.

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    I have enjoyed every book I have ever read by Roland Merullo His style of writing and subject matter of every day life is something with which I can identify American Savior is no exception With great imagination and forethought, he fictionalizes a world gone sour and a savior who comes to help us all out of our quagmire And in realistic fashion, as happened before, long ago, the savior is rejected and doubted by many Merullo s depiction of our modern society is so point on that I had to look to check when it was written It was 2008 Amazing, as I thought he was describing American today, 2017 I guess our unrest, divisiveness and lower moral standards have been going on longer that I realized.