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I was all over this series when I was younger, but never actually finished it Since I still had the full series, I decided to finally get some closure, and read the last book I did not like it.Honestly, I think it has something to do with the fact that my taste in books has changed a lot and this was just way to young and cringeworthy for me And I really cared a lot about this series at that time.So many things bothered me 1 Everything was repeated Like EVERYTHING and all the time, and the fact that Lexi used her vampire speed , and her death magic , was just so frustrating, since it repeated over and over It s book 9 We KNOW she is a hybrid 2 The language Way too young Plus it was mentioned what everyone did ALL THE TIME Like Flynn did this, Ava did that etc etc Seemed a bit childish 3 All powerful Lexi She could do anything and she was so powerful and yet the only time she was drained of power was when she gave ghost some of her energy Like wtf She could raise THOUSANDS of zombies Not even a bit tired Nope, not Lexi Seemed to easy 4 I had mayor issues with who Major Levine ended up with BIG FAT HELL NO 5 Everyone got a happy ending Not a fan No angst.6 I did not like Kala Sorry, she bothered the shit out of me.7 Lexi had no idea what she was doing It was not thrilling to see her click everything into place, because t was simply not happening It was just battle after battle with no results in the end 8 Reece didn t seem like he unpacked the story very much Not compared to the previous books 9 I am still not okay with who Major Levine ended up with cringe and hellnah Safe to say I was not a fan At least not after reading this is 2019 Read 10 07 20191st rating 2 stars Genre sub genres YA paranormal hybrids shifters werewolves half fey quest Cover 1 starPOV Single 1st person Lexi Will I recommend If you asked me 10 years ago, then yes, but now No. With The Apocalypse Fast Approaching, Lexi Now Knows Who Her Nemesis Is, But He Isn T Going To Be Easy To Defeat She And The Shifter Squad Must Find A Way To Halt The Stone Golems And Their Minions As Well As The Hordes Of Zombies And Hell Spawn That Will Soon Overwhelm The CountryThey Won T Be Alone During The Battles Ahead They Have Gained Friends And Allies During Their Missions Who Will Come To Their Aid When Called Chosen By Fate To Save Humankind From Annihilation, Lexi Must Call On Every Skill That She Has Acquired During Her Trials Even With Her Army Behind Her, She Despairs That It Might Not Be Enough To Win A War Against The Increasing Flood Of Demons That Are Being Unleashed From Hell This is the final episode in the Shifter Squad series, needless to say if you have read the rest then you really need to read the last book Lexi is faced with total destruction at the hands of her arch nemesis Kurt.I just love Leanne saying So, he wants to destroy two races because he has Mommy issues Leanne asked incredulously Leanne is so cool when she says this sentence and fucking funny as hell I just love the ending when Fate talks to Lexi again I can t wait for the new series to come about The first book comes in May 2rd 2016 J.C Diem writes great and differently plots in each series, however it s about a champion saving her world I love this one and now I m going to the first series within today later on This was the perfect conclusion to an amazing series You must read it from the being to understand the characters and the plotline and where Lexi is going This book is a great novel and I do wish thatpeople would read and review this book. This is the final episode in the Shifter Squad series, needless to say if you have read the rest then you really need to read the last book Lexi is faced with total destruction at the hands of her arch nemesis She has to pull together all that she has learned over the past year and use every ability available to her Fate has pushed her into the role of saviour and ensured that she has all the necessary skills, but as for identifying and using the skills, it s all up to Lexi.No spoilers here, it is a must read It is a spectacular finish and I will miss Lexi and her team of PIA agents. We now know who is plotting to destroy the world and why According to Fate, Lexi apparently has the skills she needs to get the job done That can only mean that it s time for Lexi to step up and save the world.This is the battle we ve all been waiting for and it s not going to be easy Thankfully Lexi has her family at her side It s nice to see everyone working together but what I really like about this final battle, is that the team are looking to Lexi to lead Mark is still the man with the plan, the team can and do all offer their ideas, but ultimately, they all submit to what Lexi wants to do I was wondering how Reece would feel having Lexi take the lead, but he handles it really well It becomes obvious that they really are equals He s proud of his mate, as he well should be But, if you want to know if Lexi and the Shifter Squad manage to save the world, then you d better get reading Enjoy I can t believe it s over I have enjoyed every book of this series The characters have developed in their own right and each book went from strength to strength The mix of paranormal and crime was balanced and the writing very smoothly executed Even though it s aimed at the older teen audience I quickly lost myself in the books great escape Don t be put off by the first book of the series continue on as the series gets better. Great seriesI enjoyed reading this series, I would recommend it it kept me wanting to readand I read the books one after the other Review on the bundled version Lexi and her friends know that now is crunch time, they must figure out a way to defeat the demons before the world is destroyed The problem is none of them can figure out how exactly that s going to work With tensions running high, andromance blooms between members of the team Lexi is stressed to the max with the world on her shoulders But, she will do everything in her power to make sure the world will be safe no matter what the cost This book seems to be the final book in this series and I have to say it was okay, but not as great as previous books I really enjoyed getting to seeof Lexi and Reese together Though, some of the other romances were kind of odd to me But, this one was filled with a lot of action, and drama And then towards the end it just felt like it was kind of rushed and ended quickly I really liked this series a lot and I look forward to readingfrom this author. I am 17 now and I ve never truly enjoyed reading until now when I stumbled across your books j.c Diem I enjoy your shifter squad series that much to the point I read one whole book in just a few hours no stop I ended up getting into trouble with my parents because ide get so into the series where ide get nothing done around the house Now I m getting all impatient and super excited for the next book when lexi has to team up with fates other warriors Is there a way I will get a notification alert sent to my email when the next book is out