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On A Quest To Hunt Down Her Mother, Lexi Underestimates Just How Powerful The Vampirism In Her System Has Become Intent On Murder, She Is Instead Drawn In By False Promises And Sweet Lies Katrina Rules Her Nest Through Intimidation And Fear, But She Possesses A Talent That No Other Undead Creature Has Ever Had Before This Makes Her Far Harder To Kill Than Lexi Had Anticipated It Will Take Cunning And Ingenuity To End The Master Vampire S Life Lexi Isn T The Only One Who Is Suffering Reece Is Going Through His Own Form Of Torment The Perfect Life He D Experienced In A Succubus Induced Dream Is Just A Figment Of His Imagination Nothing Is As He D Expected Since Leaving The Shifter Squad And Joining His Pack At The Next Full Moon, Lexi Becomes Something That Has Never Existed Before Part Wolf, Part Vampire And Part Something Else, She Sets Out To Confront The Mate Who Abandoned Her Reece Garrett Is Responsible For Her Becoming An Abomination She Decides That It Is High Time He Answered For What He Did To Her Liked this one Spoiler AlertHave to admit to mixed feelings about this one On the one hand, I think Reese got off easy We went thru two and half books of Lexi s anguish I think we should have have at least had a couple of books of Reese suffering I mean, we did really hate him for a while there While I know the author can t rewrite and I don t think I would want her too , I am open to her writing a book from Reese s point of view covering timeframe from book four when he was first controlled thru end of book seven when Lexi finally forgave him It would provide a little balance on their angst and we would be able to see what he suffered Because, right now, we re only really see Lexi s suffering Besides, I feel like we re missing some really good parts of the story there I m just going to be honest and say I m really glad there was no cheating I think after all Lexi suffered thru, if there had been a physical relationship between Gloria and Reese, I just would have lost interest right there At that point, it would have been cheating just for the sake of cheating There would have been no real reason for it except to causeangst, and we already hadthan enough It also helped redeem Reese somewhat, at least in my opinion I loved, loved, loved seeing the kick butt Lexi back I also really liked that even after she got her emotions back, she was set on getting over Reese and didn t just forgive him when he said he was sorry This girl was badass and didn t care what most of them thought About time she showed up I thought she had died in book five I do think Reese could have been a stronger character in this book I think he came off as a little bit of a wimp At the start of this series, he was this uber strong alpha who had some resistance to the compulsion Lust subjected him to I personally think it would have hadimpact if he could have overcome the control, and been the one to come find Lexi and save her I really didn t care for the fact that she was, once again, the one going to find Reese I think it conflicted with her I no longer care attitude I have to admit I ve been wavering on my opinion of this series for the last couple of books But, the author has redeemed herself, at least as far as I m concerned It s not perfect, but hey, she s a fairly new author and she s trying I think she did a pretty good job She has a real talent for keeping you invested Also, creating chemistry between your characters on the written page can t be an easy thing And Reese and Lexi have it in spades I think she s truly talented, but that isn t the only reason I m so impressed with her She s one of the few authors who actually encourages her readers opinions and then listens to them I hope it s a practice she continues throughout her writing career Frankly, even if she doesn t always do exactly what I want in her books, just the fact that she considered my feelings would inspire my loyalty.There is one other important point I would like to make about this author And this is a huge deal to me YOU ONLY HAVE TO WAIT TWO MONTHS FOR HER BOOKS Also, she sticks with the series she is currently writing Nothingfrustrating than an author who grows bored with her current series and moves on to something else, leaving her readers hanging Or, is writing three different series at the same time and it takes two to three years for each book Ms Diem is committed to publishing each book on time so her fans don t have to wait and I really appreciate the commitment it takes to accomplish this It s another practice that I hope Diem continues, and will definitely keep me loyal to her The book wasn t perfect, but it did come thru I think she did a great job answering most of the questions in this book and preparing us for the next one Overall I m happy with it It was much better than I thought it would be and it managed to resolve some of my previous concerns I m back to happily awaiting the next book. Best yet LOVED it A good bookIn the last couple of books I came to hate the main male charater in this series And I wasn t high on the female charater either But it all came together in this book I was actually happy with the revenge she brought on Reese I hate lovey dovey stories where someone gets away with everything anything because their love interest is so smitten with them I was afraid this is what was going to happen here to But was I surprised I hope we get to readabout the other team members HEA This is a great series I ve bought and read every book in this series one after the other and I do recommend it I will be checking out J C Diems other series when I m finished with this one. Lexi is a woman on a mission and when that mission fails, she finds herself embracing a new one Reece will have to get lucky if he wants to avoid Lexi s wrath but when the curse of Lexi strikes again things are set to change once .If you re anything like me a romantic at heart then this is the book you ve been waiting for since the succubus messed with Reece s mind and the pair began to drift apart Reece is about to step back into our lives but things have changed for both him and Lexi, so don t expect for them to fall into one another s arms the moment they see one another or else you ll find yourself extremely disappointed Lexi is still being mentally pushed to the edge and will have to face yetrevelations about who she is and who she s becoming Honestly, I thought I felt sorry for her in the last book but this one proves itself to be just as emotionally draining If you re invested in the story which you really should be by now you ll hurt for Lexi and Reece and want to kill both of their mothers, or hoping that someone kills them for them Revenge, heartbreak and unrequited love are just some of the things we have to look forward to this time around Though to be fair we ve been through our fair share of heartbreak and unrequited love already So it s no wonder that Lexi wants to end it all Our girl is emotionally drained and can t seem to see a way out of her current situation And while things don t go as planned, Lexi is set to learn evenabout her family history I really do feel sorry for our girl But don t despair there is a ray of sunshine at the end of the extremely long, dark tunnel for Lexi And if you haven t read the Mortis Vampire Series yet which I haven t there s one hell of a spoiler coming up in this book, so if you plan to read the Mortis series, you might just want to put this book down for now and come back to it once you ve finished reading Natalie Pierce s story. Series review up to book 7This review will contain spoilers.I had a hard time pinpointing how I feel about this series Ultimately, I guess I would say disappointed It had potential but failed to deliver for me.Book 1 was interesting I liked it in that way you find someone attractive but don t want to actually date them I liked the book but I wondered if I would like the series Here is what I liked in book 1 interesting and slightly unusual main character, range of secondary characters, a male lead who is supernatural and not hundreds of years older than Lexi, sniper stuff cool , a romance that doesn t happen in 5 seconds, and the start of decent world building All that made it a decent read so I moved on to book 2.I powered through book 2 There was a lot of rehashing of things brought up in book one, it hey, it s only book 2 I continued on despite disappointment By book 3 I was skimming Not most of it, but enough I was annoyed by all the sobbing I mean seriously, at some point Lexi has to get over stuff and the use of the word noisome The characters hadn t grown at all and felt two dimensional Still, I hoped that the relationship would get the plot back on track FYI, it doesn t.Books 4 7 had the same issues Lexi cried about 10 times in 300 pages, everything she says in relation to Reece is bitter the girl is 18 If she s that bitter all the time, how has someone not shot her to shut her up And it s not like any of the causes for the bitterness are new Instead, we rehash the same stuff from book one And it s rehashed nearly every chapter In the end, the stories just became about her complaining about how much she s suffered Personally, I didn t think she had sufferedthan the others Life s tough kid wake the f up and deal with it because everyone else is And while the whole reveal of the soul mate thing was supposed to feel exciting, I just felt shocked because it was a cliche and frankly, I didn t think it needed calling out since it was obvious from book 1 Maybe if it had appeared in book 2 or 3, I would have been ok with it But book 7 I had put that to bed over a 1,000 pages ago.I am never a fan of repetition as it bores me, and these books had too much of it for me to work with Apatient person may enjoy the booksWhat also got to me was the lack of character development The secondary characters did the same stuff, laughed at the same things, made the same lame jokes and never progressed to anythingFrankly, I found Kala unlikable She was only there to pro die laughs but she fell flat In fact, she read like a demanding child rather than an adult woman Lexi was similar while independent at adult l like at first, she rapidly becomes a whiney teenager who sobs hysterically when something doesn t go her way She also refuses to listen to logic or anyone Her relationship issues are all her but she puts the blame on anyone else To me, that is a complete turnaround from the focused, controlled woman we see early in book 1 Flynn, Reece, and Mark just seem to hover in the background as clueless males The stereotyping of all of them was not something I liked and thought lessened the story.I don t intend to read farther in this series I can largely tell what will happen anyway, and I am disappointed enough not to want to continue I am sad that the series doesn t interest me further, especially with the multiple versions of Earth thing happening I may try the third tie in series I tried the first and while interesting, put it away after two books because I was interested in this shifter timeline.I would recommend this series to those who don t mind repetition, emotional characters, and want a darkish read that is lighter reading material The spin on the supernatural is certainly interesting. amazing loving this series and can t wait to start her other series and the books that entwine them all together Yes Finally Again, I cannot express my love for these characters As much as Lexi annoys me at times, she also completely intrigues me I cannot wait for the last two books Will I recommend Yes The author continues to shineThis is book seven in the series The author started where book six left off which is always nice for readers like myself I can t stand books that start off elsewhere then tries to go back and forth Lexi went through so manytrials during this novel I had some mixed feelings about how she behaved and some of the things she did when she turned but all in all it turned out I was upset at Reece during the previous novel but the author also cleared up all that mess with a reasonable explanation He was as much an innocent pawn in this whole game of fate This has been a good journey with the series and the authors ability to create an intriguing storyline I m looking forward to the next release in January