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2.5 3I didn t enjoy this book as I did the previous one It was like some kind of a bad trade One character is killed because other needs to show up I would be ok with that except the repetitive flow of trades in this particular story Pitty So was the lack of something like core of the story Kind of disappointment So sad. The Crusade armies have identified their next target the Chaos held world of Gereon Ibram Gaunt and a dozen of his best troops spent a year and a half on Gereon fighting the archenemy, and the Ghosts are in the vanguard of the liberation effort Unfortunately, as the battle for Gereon rages on an apocalyptic scale, Gaunt gradually learns there are extenuating reasons for this invasion, reasons that are related to his prior mission to the planetThe Armour of Contempt is the tenth Gaunt s Ghosts novel of the twelve currently available and the third book in the Lost arc The novel initially appears to have been written as a fan pleasing move having been through hell and back during the previous small scale, stealth mission to Gereon, Gaunt gets to return with several hundred thousand troops of the Imperial Guard, vast numbers of tanks and aircraft and several Titans skyscraper sized battlemechs with enough firepower to level a city with a single salvo to dish out some much needed retribution to the occupiers Of course, that would be far too obvious and much too boring to make for an interesting book Instead, the novel is divided into two mostly separate narratives which have different objectives.In the first, Dalin Criid undergoes Imperial Guard training Rescued from Vervunhive as a ten year old back in the third novel, Necropolis, Dalin is now eighteen and spoiling to join the ranks of the Ghosts Unfortunately, as a trainee he is serving as part of the military reserve and when the assault on Gereon begins, he finds his reserve status activated and himself fighting as part of an ad hoc assembled military unit stuffed full of rookies, rather than with the Ghosts This gives Abnett a chance to show us what it s like as part of a full scale, combined arms offensive in the WH40K universe rather than the standard Gaunt s Ghosts narrative about smaller scaled conflicts with stealth and infiltration elements, as well as a chance to dish outinformation and background on Guard training This narrative unfolds fairly concisely with a focus on how Dalin handles the ridiculous pressures put on his shoulders and those of his unit It s entertaining, but perhaps a little too straightforward after some of theintriguing curve balls thrown our way in the last few novels.In the second narrative, Gaunt has to reacquaint himself with the Gereon resistance and the troops he left behind last time around This storyline isof a gut punch, as Gaunt discovers just how badly he s been used by both his supposed friends and by his enemies, with the people of Gereon left to pay the price This is a pretty grim story which doesn t have much of a happy ending, especially as it emphasises Gaunt s flaws an Imperial commissar really should have seen the ending coming instead of his virtues, something that is always welcome as it would be extremely easy for Abnett to allow Gaunt to become a flawless hero.The two narratives unfold reasonably well together, although the linking device is a little bit corny This book features the death of another prominent Ghost, but it is foreshadowed so much that it lacks any kind of real impact, which is a shame given the story points Abnett had set up in previous novels to support it.Despite this minor weakness, The Armour of Contempt is another strong entry in the series, with an different but effective structure to the rest of the novels The book is available now in the UK and USA as part of The Lost omnibus. The Imperial Crusade, Including Gaunt S Ghosts, Are Sent Back To The Planet Gereon To Join Forces With The Imperial Defenders And Liberate The Planet From Chaos However, The Brutality Of The Liberation Pitches Gaunt Into Opposition With His Commanders, Who Believe Victory Must Be Achieved At Any Price, No Matter How Cruel Rather disappointing I thought Bitty Not much story And the now cliched rather abrupt ending that leaves a major character dead that is becoming a hallmark of the series.First one of these for a while I ve not loved though.It just sort of ends on a pretty massive downer on all fronts. I ve been reading the Gaunt s Ghosts novels and enjoying them well enough, giving them three stars eachbut this one THIS one took my heart and stomped on it We finally get the Guard from the point of view of probably the most common dog soldier, the new recruit who gets tossed onto the battlefield with a sadistic Commissar and equally clueless comrades This story goes along beside our usual suspects fighting for the liberation of Gereon Armour of Contempt has some of Abnett s best writing, plus lots of punches to the emotional gut My favourite of the series so far. I think this was probably the best in the whole series, but probably the hardest to write a review for, because I don t want to give anything away I m not a fan of spoiler country We get character development like no other book before this And being able to see Dalin Criid is something special Being able to see what basic training is like from someone who has been through war, and his unique perspective from being raised by the Ghosts was truly spectacular.The action sequences of the novel were intense and suspenseful, and the heart behind every character is inspiring The ending of this one is Truly heartbreaking I cannot wait to jump into the next book to see what s next. This instalment leads us back towards the Ghosts I know and love Brutal, but logical, consequences Decent characterisations, solid pacing, free flowing prose, superb world building It did drag in a couple of parts, though I suspect that was less a fault of Abnett s pacing andthe fact that I m trying to cram the last few books in so that I hit my Goodreads challenge for the yearIt was also a little too heavy handed on the sledge hammer evils of the Imperium At least in comparison to how it was treated in the earlier instalments. Life in the service of the Emperor s Army is tough, even under an enlightened commander such as Gaunt What about a fresh faced recruit thrown into the meat grinder under the whip of the traditional commissar Find out as a Criid goes into battle with a cobbled together unit.Meanwhile the ghosts return to Gereon, in a long overdue promised liberation effort, only to find that chaos might have held the world too long Reunions are had. It took me 2 days to read it Unfortunately not even close to masterpieces like Traitor General. In this tenth book of the Gaunt s Ghosts series the author manages to take you back to war as if it is the first time it has been faced An incredible story.