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The entire series is rushing towards a climax and I can t wait to see what happens next This installment is huge in the overall storyline Everything that happens in this one, big or small, has a huge impact Questions that I ve had since the first story get answers and new questions arise It s all coming to a head and this one leaves it all ready to explode. This is the best book of the series The story of Jacen and Annika continues.It is fast paced,exciting with betrayal, deceit, revenge andtwists and turns than a roller coaster, just when you think you figured it out it goes another way I would highly recommend this book. In A Kingdom Full Of Secrets, No One Can Be TrustedAnnika S Life Was Flipped Upside Down When She Was Kidnapped By Vampires To Become A Blood Slave In Their Hidden Kingdom Of The Vale Now, The Powerful Witch Geneva Has Disguised Her As A Vampire Princess, And Annika S Living In The Palace To Compete For Prince Jacen S Hand In Marriage But Her Quest To Become His Bride Is Just A Facade Her Real Goal Kill The Vampire Queen Laila So The Kingdom Crumbles And She Can Set The Human Blood Slaves Free When Rebellious Wolves Attack The Town, They Leave A Trail Of Vampire Corpses In Their Wake, Declaring War Upon The Vale But The Wolves Didn T Act Alone Someone On The Inside Is Helping Them, Making Everyone A Suspect And One Major Player Won T Make It Out Alive The third book in the series and just as fun and riveting as the other two Quick read, but enjoyable Loved the twist can t wait to see where that heads in the next book 3.5 These def get better so you go on Still mediocre writing but I love the fun, quick read I received an ARC for my unbiased honest review This is the third book in the series It s a quick read and you will surely finish it in one setting There is great character development and a wolf attack that will leave you reading even faster I can t wait for the next Michelle Madow is quickly becoming my new favorite author Make sure to read the first two books before diving into this one. I am officially fangirling My immediate thought upon finishing this book was Holy shit Oh my god Holy Shit Not my normal reactionbut it was great. Wow.Wowso many twists.This is Book E in the Vampire Wish Series and my favorite so far..so many things happening and so many surprises revealed.so excited for the next book Give stars is not enough Bloody hell I did not see that coming at all Like nothing from the last chapters forward Not the Annika thing, not the marigold thing not anything That was one hell of a plot twist, Michelle Madow just slapped me with it and ran away I can t wait for the next one