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Big improvement on the first in this series You can t help feeling sorry for Sophie , her best friend her boyfriend are now off limits , Fae Vampires just don t mix her cravin constant She might be a princess but life a the moment sucks , you actually feel sorry for Sophie when she goes to pick a prom dress Her craving for blood is constant , her usual blood just doesn t satisfy her anybut then neither does Vampire blood Boys , prom , training ,blood her powers take over Sophie s life until she is forced to make a decision that could cost her dearly, faster paced book than the first that you will find very hard to put down until its finished. Book ReviewTitle Royally Cursed Vampire Princess 2 Author Cameron DrakeGenre YA Paranormal RomanceRating Review It has been a while since I read Vampire Princess, but I remember enjoying it even if I didn t totally love it, so I have decided to continue on with the series The synopsis of Royally Cursed does soundinteresting that the first book and I am eager to see how the series ends although there is another book scheduled to come out soon We know that Sophie Sasha had to break up with Dylan in the previous novel because his family are Fae, but he still loves her, and we also see that she is having serious trouble controlling her thirst as she is now drinkingblood than the other 3 vampires living with her combined However, keeping the appearance of being human means she has finals and prom to deal with on top of everything else.We see a strange love triangle developing between Dylan, Maxim and Sasha, which was interesting and while I am not overly fond on love triangles, I do enjoy them if they are done right Prom turns out to be a slight disaster as Sophie s hunger returns with a vengeance and she is almost 100% sure Dylan saw what she is but her complicated feelings for Maxim are mixed up in this especially since she drinks from him which can be seen as quite intimate It turns out that drinking from another vampire forms a bond between them that is typical reserved for lovers and while Maxim knew this Sasha did not, furious with Maxim she throws him out even knowing that his blood is the only blood that will truly satisfy her Eventually he does return and while Sasha doesn t like drinking from him because of how he feels for her and she doesn t want to return those feelings we can see something developing between them This relationship is madecomplex when Sasha has a vision of other Vampire Royals and one of them seems so familiar to her and I have a feeling that it is Maxim and he may be using Sasha to complete his own agenda As Sasha s hunger continues to grow with no signs of slowing down or stopping her powers continue to grow as well especially since she starting drinking from Maxim Together with Maxim, Bernard and Caleb she manages to create a light so strong it almost kills Maxim and a darkness that protects him Her guardians comment that they had only seen these powers in Fae who are descendants of Angels, but somehow Sasha has similar abilities and it is also said that no vampire could stand against Sasha s light unless they are like her As Sasha is chained up to protect the humans and other vampires, her hunger is getting worse and even Maxim s blood doesn t seem to stop it when Bernard and Caleb decide to bring Dylan into the situation This enrages Sasha but Dylan is very understanding and even feeds Sasha which manages to satisfy the thirst she has been feeling for days Now, the question is how is this going to affect her relationship with Maxim and how is Dylan going to cope when he learns of the bond between Maxim and Sasha With Sasha s thirst dealt with she can get on with training and being a normal teenage However, her powers are getting stronger which is seen when she turns Bernard into a daywalker or maybe even made him human again which is unclear, but it seems that Sasha is going to be the key in winning the war to come Despite this, not all is well as the rivalry between Maxim and Dylan is getting worse, but Sasha is gathering allies in other vampires and certain Fae like Karen and Dylan The ending of Royally Cursed leaves a great cliffhanger for Rogue Prince as Sasha learns of another heir to her throne and his true motivations for being close to her and I have a feeling everything is going to blow up in the supposed finale to this series. I M In Love With Two Boys, And Neither One Of Them Are Human Then Again, Who Am I To TalkIt S The Summer Before My Senior Year And I M In Trouble Besides Needing To Pass My Driver S Test, I M Cursed With An Insatiable Hunger For Blood I Have To Be Locked Up When The Urge Strikes Me, And The Thirst Is Terrible Only Drinking The Blood Of A Vampire Can Sate Me Maxim Offers Himself To Me But It Is Another S Blood I Truly Crave The Blood Of My Ex Boyfriend Dylan He Hates Me For Breaking His Heart Little Does He Know I Did It For His Own Protection And Because His Fae Family Might Kick My Butt When He Learns The Truth About Me, Nobody Expects What Will Happen But How Can I Choose Between The Two And None Of It Will Matter If I Can T Save My Kingdom But First Things First I Need A Dress For Prom This Is The Second Book In The Vampire Princess Series You Can Find The First Book Here Https Www Gp Product BXTDWWY Enjoy Xo, Cam Liked it A lot of things happened in book 2 and things are definitely getting muchinteresting now I really liked this one and can t wait to see what happens next Royally Cursed, book two in the Vampire Princess series, begins from the ending of book one As Sasha s powers begin to emergeand , and her bloodlust barely in control, she finds herself turning to Maxim since his blood seems to be the only thing that can fulfill her needs until she gets a taste of her half human, half fae, ex boyfriend Dylan Now that she finds herself being pulled towards not only one, but two hot boys, will she be able to keep her new feelings in check or will she be pulled in both directions With all her new powers, will Sasha be able to stay hidden in the small town Can t wait for the next installment to see what happens next.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. Sophie was shopping for her prom dress, but the pink ones Bernard was showing her just didn t fit with her mood As a half human, half vampire, she figured it was okay to fall into the stereotype and wear black as long as she accessorized with sparklies, it would work But with all the weight she had lost, she wasn t sure she looked good in it She stepped out of the dressing room and Bernard held up a silk dress of pale lavender embroidered with pale gold thread It was perfect But when she heard some girls laughing as they passed nearby, she had to finish her purchase and hurry out Her teeth had extended and her terrible blood thirst was increasing in both frequency and violence This book has everything I like in this type of story The story line was good, fast paced, the characters were wonderful The humor and close friendships really pulled it together And the suspense at seeing how Sophie was faced with saving her kingdom kept the reader fully invested in the story There isto Sophie than we know, and her powers are constantly increasing This is a time of discovery for her, and surprises for the reader This series is well worth getting involved in I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did This is book 2 to the Vampire Princess it s a fantastic series and I enjoyed it immensely, this is a continuation from book 1 Dylan is Fae and Sasha broke up with him for his protection but she still loves him and when her hunger strikes Maxim offers himself up but she only wants Dylan Sasha needs to be locked up when it hits or she will get violent and things will get real bloody andcshe doesn t want that After all Sasha has enough to worry about what with saving her father and now trying to pick a prom dress This is a fantastic story and I can t wait to read book 3 which I will do after this, fantastic story and I highly recommend this book it s definitely well worth the read. This book picks up right where the first one ends Sasha aka Sophie now has to deal with her broken heart from leaving Dylan along with her unexpected bond to Max Not only that but her bloodlust is outta control When Dylan shows up and offers her his blood things even out So now she is bonded to both of them Great she thinks what else could go wrongThe smart remarked, the teenage antics are back with this book but also the seriousness of the situation that she has to deal with is coming to head Great book.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I really enjoyed this book the most so far Sophie is now broken up with Dylan and her best friend has deserted her So she s spendingandtime training as she learns the endless list of new abilities she has When her bloodlust becomes insatiable drastic action must be taken Maxim can no longer quench her thirst With Bernard and Calebworried than ever they doresearch and discover her mother wasn t what she seemed and this unlocks the key to helping Sophie I really enjoyed the new parts to the book that I can t reveal as it would be considered spoilers but this book is definitely worth reading I m anxious to read the final book in this page turning trilogy I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. She is in love with two men but neither are human and neither is she She is a vampire and she has to cope with school, prom and a diving test as well One of them offers her his blood but she wants him What is going to happen The one hates her so how will it all goI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.