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Can T Quite Get Your Creative Juices Flowing The Day Job Sucking Your Soul Fizzled Out Before You Put The Finishing Touches On Your Amazing Creation With Relentless Positivity, Full On Authenticity And A Punk Rock Thunder Spirit, Author Jeff Leisawitz Pulls Back The Curtain On The Creative Process And Reminds Us That We Are All Creative SuperStarsIt S Time To Get Off The Couch And Get On The Path It S Time To Tap Into The Cosmic Heartbeat That Thumps In Your Chest And Shines From Your Soul It S Time To Get NFA I received a copy of this book through Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.This is a distillation of various other self help and basic psychology books, with a touch of improv advice Yes andone of my absolute favorite ways to improve your life, explanation within the book It s a quick read, sound advice with cute illustrations Further explanations may be helpful, but I m also used to reading heavier psychology books than this one The formatting made me a little crazy It s a few sentences per page, with random bold or larger font for emphasis that looks like random yelling out of excitement for such great advice It works with pages with an illustration, but not as much for pages with just a few sentences and the rest is blank.