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Even Though Other Kids Have Shown Their Elemental Gift By Now, The Normal Seeming Cooper Hides Secret Powers Only His Grandmother Can ForeseeBut Foresight Can Bring Destruction Messing With TimeFlow Spells Disaster Cooper S Best Chance At Survival, His Best Shot At A Normal Life In A Modern World, Rests On His Grandmother S Secret Keeping AbilitiesThe Fate Of The World Depends On Cooper S Natural Future And On Keeping His Mother From Bending Time To Have A Properly Gifted SonIn The Contemporary World Of Disorderly Elements Universe, Zero Power Signature Focuses On An Early Event In Cooper Anneveinen S Life, An Event That Starts Him On His Path To Become An Elementalist Of Legend And Our Planet S Hope For SurvivalContinue This Saga With LIKE A ROCK, BookOf TheDisorderly Elements Series

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    A book in the Disorderly Elements Series What an intriguing book the writing was amazing The plot was entertaining and it was steady throughout the book I found the story and characters captivating The characters were well developed and thought out Cooper Anneveinen and Olaga Anneveinen are the MC s of this book There was humor, mothers, cousins, a lake, a seer, the future seen, an orchard and in this book.Here is a quote from the book, Olga, you old hag, he laughed as he picked her up into a hug Look at your gray hair, flying around like the mists They ll take you for one of those old crones and burn you at stake, if you don t find a better disguise There is but you will need to read the book which I can highly recommend It is very short story about a time in Cooper s childhood I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book for an honest review.