[[ Download ePUB ]] A Season of Glass (Witches and Warlocks Anonymous #2) Author J. Mullican – Multi-channel.co

Rose Is In Search Of Her Nation It Disappeared Rather Abruptly Some Time Back, And Not Under The Best Of Circumstances Something About An Empire Crazed King And Unfavorable Weather Patterns She S A Little Shaky On The Details Needless To Say, Rose And Her Compatriots Are Impatient To Find It Again Unfortunately, Tracking Down AWOL Nomadic Nations Is Not As Easy As It Once Was No, International Borders And Treaties And Not A Few Instances Of Medieval Red Tape Doggedly Hinder Their Search But They Do Not Lose Heart Nope, Not These Steadfast Adolescents At The End Of Yet Another Fruitless Trail Of Shadowed Clues And False Hopes, They Decide To Take A Different, Somewhat Creative, And Definitely Crackbrained Approach Where Better To Discover What A Maniacal Ruler Has Done With An Entire People, They Reason, Than In The Home Of Said Maniacal Ruler Rose And Her Fellows Decide To Take Up Residence With Enemy Number One Posing As A Few Servants Here, A Few Soldiers There, And Throwing In A Princess And A Couple Of Ladies For Good Luck, They Take To The Castle To Wait Wait And Watch, And Hope That They Are Somehow Able To Pull Off This Last, Desperate Attempt To Find Their Families

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