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From The Moment A Person Opens His Eyes To The World, God Ordains Every Event That Takes Place In His Life God Creates All In Compliance With A Plan, And For A Divine Purpose Just As He Says In A Verse Of The Qur An, Indeed All Things We Created With Predestination Surah Al QamarConsequently, All A Person Needs To Do Is To Submit Him To The Destiny Determined By His Creator, Remaining Aware That Everything Will Turn Good In The End

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    Seeing Good in All is a powerful reminder of our need to think beyond our basic comprehension It reminds readers that nothing occurs without a purpose and enables one to retrospectively ponder life s unexplainable situations.A book that questions the reality of sudden occurences and teaches one to question how coincidental coincidences really are after reading it, I learnt to smile even in the most difficult and unexplainable situations.

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    Bagus bukunya dalam gaya tulisannya, intisari langsung mengena..dan yah kita harus berpikir positif.

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    Harun Yahya Series menurutku telah berhasil tiap pembacanya kembali kepada fitrah atau hati nurani Dalam buku ini dibahas bahwa segala yang terjadi kepada kita bahkan kejadian yang menurut kita buruk sekalipun selayaknya untuk tetap kita syukuri karena disetiap kejadian selalu ada hikmah bagi orang orang yang mau bersabar dan bertawaqal Buku ini dibaca sepeninggal Bapak tercinta dan buku ini telah memberi motivasi agar aku tetap tegar.

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    This book really inspired me I really recommend this book to be read for everybody.This book contains tips how we deal with day to day problem, event almost anything Be positive and gratefull with what we have So inspired and fresh

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    Seeing good in all

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    melihat kebaikan dalam segala hal. selalu berfikir positif

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    Some of verse and hadith is actually often heard, but this book able to organized it exceptionally Good for recap