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Costume Designer Analisa Norfolk, One Of An Elite Team Of Doubles For Rock Star Breezy, Is Called To Be A Decoy In New York City When Breezy Is Under Threat And Running For Her Life Billionaire Marco Fuentes Is A Broadway Producer, Director, And Choreographer In Desperate Need Of A Costume Designer He Is Determined To Have Analisa Through Trickery Or Negotiation, The Method Doesn T Matter To Him, Only The Result Is Their Chemistry Strong Enough To Survive Their Secrets This is a fun read, following the rocky development of the relationship between Analisa, a designer and rock star double what a combination , and Marco Fuentes, Broadway producer It s a bumpy ride, complicated by eccentric family members, the fast lane world they inhabit, and their own quirky personalities I won t spoil the fun by telling too much about the plot, but if you like reading books with lots of sexual tension, set in the glamorous world of Broadway, you ll enjoy THE DESIGNER BRIDE. The Designer BrideEach Breezy has been a hoot to read about But this one was almost the best one When she hits New York she is caught up in helping with designing costumes for a musical play Just when she thinks her love is going good she is sucked into being Breezy after the last one was injured Will she be able to pull it off and still help with the costumes And what about her man How will he behave when she disappears and Breezy is now in town Wonderful seriesI ve enjoyed this series very much After finishing one book I immediately start the next I really recommend these books.